Instant Egg Boilers for a Healthy Breakfast Routine

Egg Boilers

If you love boiled eggs, you are no stranger to underboiled and overdone eggs. Thanks to egg boilers for giving us perfectly boiled eggs each time.

Eggs are a natural choice for breakfast worldwide as they are tasty, nutritious, and easy to cook. However, in the morning, when we are busy preparing for the day’s work, every second counts. In such a situation, an egg boiler is a reliable appliance. Egg boilers present a fast and hassle-free alternative way of cooking eggs. To ease your search, we have come up with a list of some of the best boilers based on features and quality.

Best Egg Boilers

1. Kent Egg Boiler

Kent Instant comes with user-friendly features like overheat protection and auto-turnoff so there are no unpleasant experiences. It can boil seven eggs in one go and has a stainless-steel body and heating plate that quickly gets the job done. It comes with a one-touch operation, which makes it super simple and convenient.

Advanced Operation

This egg boiler allows you to boil eggs in 3 different modes – soft, medium, and hard. Add the required amount of water and use as per convenience.

Best Overall

2. Timesoon

Timesoon 2-in-1 egg boiler is an excellent addition to any kitchen for its multi-functional features. It can boil up to 7 eggs together and can be used as a steamer and fryer as well. Made from high-quality, non-stick plastic, the appliance is safe and durable. It sports a compact design and an auto-shut off feature. The round design of the non-stick coated pan allows even distribution of heat required for healthy and energy saving cooking. Make tasty omelettes, dumplings, and pancakes with this egg boiler without much ado.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic plastic handle fits your palm perfectly and the transparent cover provides safety while allowing 100% visibility.

Popular Choice

3. Simxen

Simxen egg boiler sports a lightweight sleek design with high build quality and fast operation. It can boil up to 7 eggs together and can be used as a steamer as well. It takes around 10 minutes to cook eggs, and turns off heating when all the water evaporates with its auto-off function. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, the appliance is safe and durable.

Oil Free Cooking

This egg boiler allows you to cook different egg recipes that do not require oil or fat.

Value for Money

4. Soflin

This egg boiler from Soflin can hold up to 7 eggs at a time and boil them perfectly with its 360-degree circulation as per your preference. A single touch of a button is sufficient to start the boiling process. Once the egg is cooked, this smart appliance automatically switches off. You can also use it for preparing poached eggs.

Fast Action

This egg boiler is easy to use and prepares perfectly boiled eggs in 10 minutes.

Trusted Choice

5. Kent

Kent brings you this fantastic product that allows you to boil eggs 3 ways – soft, medium, and hard in just four simple steps – pour water, place eggs on the tray, close lid, and switch on the button. Once the water evaporates, the appliance shuts automatically, and the eggs are ready. The ease of one-touch operation and automatic power-off makes it a hassle-free appliance to use.

Uniform Heat Distribution

This egg boiler has a stainless-steel heating plate that offers an equal distribution of heat and perfectly boiled eggs.

Most Loved

6. Nova

The Nova egg boiler is equipped with a flat heating plate to churn out boiled eggs in a simplified way. This egg boiler lets you boil 7 eggs in 3 minutes. It comes with an inbuilt auto-shut-off feature to prevent overheating. This portable appliance consumes low power and speeds up the process of preparing your plate of protein-rich eggs. Additionally, it comes with a user manual for all the newbies out there.


This egg boiler boasts a stainless-steel body that is built for extended usage.

People’s Pick

7. Milton

This egg boiler by Milton is the right choice for getting up to seven perfectly boiled eggs in no time. It is designed with a stainless-steel heating body and plate for greater heat transfer capability and hygienic operation. The boiler takes around seven mins to cook the eggs and turns off automatically when the eggs are ready. It can boil the eggs in all three forms – hard, medium, and soft – as per your choice. Easy to operate, all you need to do is put the eggs in the appliance, add appropriate quantity of water, and select the desired mode.

Overheat Protection

The automatically shuts off once the eggs get boiled in the set mode. This prevents overheating and damage.

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