Paulo Coelho Books That Are A Must Read with Price & Reviews

Paulo Coelho de Souza is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist who dropped out of law school to travel across South America. Paulo’s writing reflects power and presentation in his philosophical and mystical fictions. His books have been published in over 59 languages with more than 65 million copies. Paulo has won various awards and honours for his literary work.

Read on to find out what our top Paulo Coelho book selection for you is.

Bestselling Paulo Coelho Books with Price & Reviews

Paulo Coelho BooksPriceRating
The AlchemistRs.1904.6/5
Eleven MinutesRs.1694.2/5
The Winner Stands AloneRs.2984/5
The Devil And Miss PrymRs.2184.1/5
By The River Piedra, I Sat Down And WeptRs.2184.4/5
Like The Flowing RiverRs.2184.5/5
The Witch of PortobelloRs.2553.8/5
Manuscript Found In AccraRs.1864.2/5

1. The Alchemist


The Alchemist is a psychological novel that tells us the tale of a young shepherd named Santiago who discovers a treasure in the Egyptian deserts. Along his way, he realizes the importance of listening and that his Personal Legend or dream is not just his but is also a part of the soul of this universe. Paulo defines Alchemist as Alchemy, a projection in the material world of all spiritual concepts. He also teaches us the importance of personal chemistry through his inspiring words.

Year Of Publication: 1988

Number Of Copies Sold: 65 million copies (approx.)

Price: Rs.190

Awards: France’s Grand Prix Litteraire Elle in 1995, Nielsen Gold Book Award in 2004, Corine International Award For Best Fiction in 2002

2. Eleven Minutes


Eleven Minutes is a story about Maria, a young girl whose heartbreak leaves her believing that life is rather a mechanism to find suffering. Soon enough she gets an opportunity to move to Geneva in the hope of fame and fortune. However, the reality leaves her falling into prostitution, which she does with no shame. Maria’s despairing view of love and sex is put to test when she finally meets a young painter who is as lost in life as she is. The plot takes us on a path of Maria’s perusing between the darkness of sexual pleasures and risking everything to find inner light through sacred love.

Year Of Publication: 2003

Number Of Copies Sold: 50 million copies (approx.)

Price: Rs.169

Awards: Ex Libris Award in 2004

3. Zahir

Paulo Coelho-The Zahir

Zahir is a book about the pilgrimage that touches the concept of love, loss and obsession. Narrated from the first-person perspective, the plot of Zahir revolves around a bestseller novelist trying to find out what led his wife, Esther’s disappearance. Along the way, the writer abandons all his principles to give a greater meaning to his life. Paulo talks about freedom and solitude that a man can find from stability, love and spirituality.

Year Of Publication: 2005

Number Of Copies Sold: More than 30 Million copies

Price: Rs.252

Awards: Kiklop Literary Award Hit Of The Year in 2006

4. The Winner Stands Alone


Set in the backdrop of Cannes Film Festival, The Winner Stands Alone explores the shallow lives of the ‘superclass’, people with immense riches and extravagant lifestyles dipped in fame and luxury. Amidst the chaotic events of the world’s largest film festival, a successful driven entrepreneur goes to the darkest lengths to reclaim his lost love. This 24-hour tale is an epic drama and tension between different characters.

Year Of Publication: 2008

Number Of Copies Sold: More than 11 million copies

Price: Rs.298

5. The Devil And Miss Prym


The Devil And Miss Prym is about the journey of a man and his discovery of the true face of mankind. The novel is set in the village of Viscos where the community is faced by the questions of life, death, and power. Which path will they choose? Good or Evil? You’ll have to read this emotional rollercoaster to find out.

Year Of Publication: 2009

Number Of Copies Sold: More than 11 million copies

Price: Rs.218

6. Brida


Brida is a magical mix of love, passion, mystery and spirituality. The story is about a young Irish girl, Brida who is on a quest of knowledge. Her journey to find deeper mysteries of life leads her to people of great wisdom. A mage dwelling in the forest teaches her how to overcome fears and trust the goodness of this world. A magician teaches her the art of dancing to the rhythm of this universe. As Brida seeks her destiny, she struggles to find a balance between her new faith in relationships and her desire to discover different souls.

Year Of Publication: 1990

Number Of Copies Sold: 150,000 copies for a first print run

Price: Rs.263

7. By The River Piedra, I Sat Down And Wept


By The River Piedra, I Sat Down And Wept is a tale of Pilar, an independent young girl who is frustrated with her university life and sets on a journey to create greater meaning of her life. Pilar is reconnected with a childhood friend who is now a charismatic spiritual leader who joins her. The story continues in a small village near River Piedra where they ignite their love for each other.

Year Of Publication: 1994

Price: Rs.218

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8. Like The Flowing River


Like The Flowing River is Coelho’s personal reflection on various subjects ranging from archery and music to elegance, travelling and the nature of good and evil. Explaining how one can turn their dreams into reality, the book holds a collection of thoughts and different stories. Paulo shows us how life has lessons to teach us in the greatest, smallest and the most unusual experiences. The novel also touches the essence of spirituality and ethics in a philosophical manner.

Year Of Publication: 2006

Number Of Copies Sold: Over 3.5 million copies

Price: Rs.218

9. The Witch Of Portobello


The Witch of Portobello is a tale about a mysterious woman, Athena who is adopted by a rich Lebanese family. She moves to London due to a war in their country. Soon enough, she falls in love with a man at the university and marries him against the wishes of her family. However, their union does not last for long. Now a mother, Athena is broken at the thought of how one can abandon their own child. She then decides to find her biological mother but what she discovers will change her life forever. This novel is an exceptional take on love, passion, joy, and sacrifice.

Year Of Publication: 2006

Number Of Copies Sold: More than 11 Million copies worldwide

Price: Rs.255

10. Manuscript Found In Accra


Based on an ancient manuscript, Manuscript Found In Accra is a story that narrates a 700-Year old document written in Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin. The manuscript takes us back in time when Jerusalem was invaded by European crusaders. The Copt offers comfort and hopes to the locals while answering their emotional questions about love, loyalty, fear, loss, courage, anxiety, miracles, beauty, solitude, success and so much more.

Year Of Publication: 2012

Price: Rs.186

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