When we’re in a dilemma about what we want to eat, our most common saviour is packaged or ready-to-eat meals. However, the most common complaint with this packaged food is that it doesn’t taste fresh and that it is probably unhealthy. Too hungry yet too lazy to cook? It’s a good idea to keep some ready-to-eat food on hand in case of an emergency. We frequently don’t have time to make meals properly in our modern hectic lives, which is where the ready to eat food products comes in handy. They are both convenient and inexpensive. Take a look at the popular selections that you’d like to keep at home for lazy day cooking. It’s a good idea to keep ready-to-eat food products on hand so you don’t have to worry when you’re hungry and tired.

Amazon has a lot of good options for pre-packed meals that will suit all your fancies. You can find the most exotic dishes that will take hours of slaving in the kitchen. But with this, it’s all done in a jiffy. Here are some of the best ready to eat food brands in India.

List of Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

1. Haldiram’s

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Haldiram’s is an Indian snack, confectionery, and restaurant business started in 1941 by Ganga Bishan Agarwal alias Haldiram in Rajasthan’s Bikaner. The firm is based in Maharashtra and sells ready to eat food products, frozen foods, potato chips, drinks, snacks, and sweets. Haldiram’s is well-known for its restaurant chains and their chips and other snacks. 

Its ready-to-eat Indian dishes like Dal Makhani and Rajma Chawal are loved by millions of customers in India and other countries.

2. Maggi

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Maggi is a global brand of quick soups, spices, and noodles that began in Switzerland in the late 1800s. Julius Maggi founded this Swiss brand in 1884, and Nestlé purchased the Maggi business in 1947. Maggi has long been a favourite of Indian households. When it comes to ready meals in India, the brand has managed to stay at the top of the list. Everyone adores Maggi noodles, and no other noodle brand comes close to Maggi in terms of market share.

While known for its noodles, Maggi also sells a variety of ready to eat foods such as poha, instant pasta, and more.

3. ChefBoss

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
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ChefBoss is a brand by Jubiliant Foodworks that provides ready-to-cook foods, sauces, pastes, and gravies. ChefBoss is on a mission to introduce you to new culinary possibilities and fascinating products. It’s your personal collection of cooking equipment for experimenting with diverse Indian and other cuisines.

You can try delicacies like garlic cooking sauce, biryani masala paste, schezwan cooking sauce, and manchurian cooking sauce for a quick meal setup.

4. Tata Q

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
Tata Q

Tata Q is a newly introduced ready-to-eat brand from the TATA Group with the goal of easing people’s life. TATA Q dishes are ready to consume in 60 seconds or less. All you have to do is microwave the contents or soak them in boiling water. Tata Q dinners are quick, easy, and delicious.

You can try out the spicy vegetable biryani by Tata Q that brings you the authentic flavourful aroma within 60 seconds of heating it up.

5. Kellogg’s

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Kellogg’s is a worldwide food corporation located in Michigan, USA. Will Keith Kellogg established Kellogg’s in 1906. The company manufactures and sells ready to eat foods under a variety of brand names, including Pringles, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Cheez-It, and more.

Believe it or not, Kellogg’s sells pack of instant upma, alongwith its cereal products, in India. Try out this unique twist on your favourite Indian breakfast.

6. Kitchens of India

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
Kitchens of India

Kitchens of India is an ITC brand of ready to eat food products. It strives to capture the unique taste and flavours of ethnic meals from around India. The dishes offered by Kitchens of India are created using the highest quality ingredients and hand-selected spices. Kitchens of India offers a broad variety of delectable ready-to-eat culinary dishes from Indian cuisines made by ITC Hotels master chefs. Kitchens of India blends the technology of pasteurisation with ancient preservation practices to preserve food without the use of additives.

Dal Bukhara is one of the top selling ready to eat products from Kitchens of India, offering you the quintessential flavour anywhere you want.

7. Aashirvaad

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Aashirvaad is an Indian brand of essential foods and household items, owned by ITC Limited. The company sells spices, wheat, fast mixes, and other items. ITC is a leading FMCG company in packaged consumer goods, with brand names such as Sunfeast, Aashirvad, Yippee, and others.

Aashirvaad is known for its instant meals lineup which includes tasty food products including idli sambar, khatta meetha poha, suji halwa, and more.

8. MTR Foods

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
MTR Foods

MTR Foods is a Bengaluru based Indian food products firm. It offers ready-to-eat meals, breakfast mixes, snacks, masalas & spices, and drinks. MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Orkla, a Norwegian corporation. MTR Foods is a well-known brand with a 90-year history, serving authentic Indian cuisine that offers delight to every home. The classic Paneer Butter Masala lifts any meal up. The MTR pre-packed paneer butter masala has been a favourite among Indian households for time unknown. It is especially popular amongst the bachelor crowd for its easy to use recipe that is extremely tasty.

MTR’s 3 minute breakfast lineup helps you taste authentic upma and poha within 3 minutes. Heat up water, mix it with the powder, and wait few minutes to enjoy a healthy and scrumptious breakfast.

9. The Taste Company

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
The Taste Company

The Taste Company is a Quick Food Brand that offers food made with household recipes that have been picked up a Notch. In other words, the company make Ready – To – eat dishes that have already been prepared and can be enjoyed by just pouring hot water, with no more preparation necessary. The Taste Company food is created using cutting-edge technology, including a freeze-drying technique that is ultra-hygienic and ensures the conservation of natural nutrients, flavour, softness, fragrance, and texture.

An exciting combo TheTasteCompany offers is the non-veg combo which includes 3 absolutely exciting options – exotic prawn rice, pala chicken rice, and chicken curry rice.

10. Cup Noodles

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles is an instant cup noodles brand invented in 1971 and with products manufactured by Nissin Food Products Company. The brand offers single servings products in plastic, foam, or paper cups, which are ready to use by just adding boiling hot water. Nissin Cup Noodles has been filling stomachs and putting smiles on people’s faces for the past 50 years. The brand offers original instant noodles in a cup, with no added MSG.

Cup Noodles offers the best kind of noodles including flavours like spicy vegetable, spicy chunky chicken, and delicious masala. Something for everyone.

11. Slurrp

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Slurrp is a brand of ready-to-eat cuisine in India. It was founded on the idea of providing healthy, tasty, and appealing food all in one spot. For youngsters, the firm offers healthy options to chips and junk food. Slurrp Farm meals are manufactured from supergrains like millets such as jowar, ragi, bajra, amaranth, and foxtail millet, which are high in critical nutrients. The  products offered by Slurrp feel light in the stomach and taste delicious when paired with the right flavours.

Made for children, Slurrp has some super healthy and delicious meals that can be ready in a jiffy. These include millet pancake, dosa, dal khichdi, ragi cereal, and more.

12. Gits

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Gits is a Pune, Maharastra based Indian instant foods company. It has been manufacturing dessert mixes food products and snacking mix food products in Pune, Maharashtra. Gits Food has a long history in the Indian comfort ready meals segment. GITS was founded by HZ Gilani and AK Tejani with the goal of providing time-saving mixes made from natural components. The brand GITS is a combination of the founders’ surnames, ‘Gilani’ and ‘Tejani.’

The Gits instant basundi dessert mix will be an instant hit among your friends given it is a superb Indian dessert which is pure veg and healthy in its essence.

13. MOM – Meal of The Moment

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
MOM – Meal of The Moment

MOM – Meal of The Moment is a healthful, creative, and rapidly expanding ready to eat Indian cuisine company. It provides items that require just the addition of hot water in the container to prepare a hot and appetising meal in 6 to 8 minutes. The brand is offered in India on a variety of channels, including big airlines such as Go First and Indigo Airlines, large retail chains such as Hyper City, Max Hyper Spar, Reliance Retail, TATA- Tesco Star Bazar, and online platforms like as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Big Basket, and many more. The brand offers a wide range of products such as Poha, Upma,Veg Biryani, Red Thai Curry Rice, Chinese Fried Rice and more.

The weekly MOM instant nashta save bundle is a great way to enjoy a healthy breakfast and end up saving a lot of money. You get various versions of poha and upma that help spice things up.

14. Riwayat

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Riwayat is a ready to eat food company that offers a wide variety of items that are delicious and of high quality. The products offered by Riwayat are made with the highest care, adhering to stringent sanitary methods that meet international requirements. Riwayat serves classic food in a sophisticated and modern setting. It offers Indian/Pakistani sweets and meals that will leave you wanting more which is made with desi ghee and fresh dairy milk. The meal is prepared with love and enthusiasm, resulting in the greatest flavour imaginable. The brand prepares products using only fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

The ready to cook range from Riwayat helps you make complex dishes like andhra biryani, butter chicken, awadhi biryani, and lucknowi nihari within minutes using its easy to use pastes.

15. Paper Boat

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
Paper Boat

Paper Boat is a Bengaluru based Indian beverages and delicacies brand by Hector Beverages. Hector Beverages introduced Paper Boat in August 2013. Paper Boat offers a broad variety of beverages that will satisfy every individual’s taste buds such as Jaljeera, and Aam Ras. It also sells Indian cultural delicacies such as Aam Papad, Banana Chips, Bakarwadi, Gur Para, Namak Para, and Shakar Para. The brand is backed by Advent International, Trifecta Capital Advisors, A91 Partners, Hillhouse Capital Group, and more.

Not many might know this, but Paper Boat also dabbles in ready to eat food options. You can choose from ready to fry panipuri pellets and golgappa pani mix to get your golgappa fix at home within minutes!

16. Murginns

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Murginns is an Indian ready-to-eat food company that produces millet granola, delectable morning cereals, and high-nutritional-value porridge. Murginns uses whole food stuffs that may be trusted and have a delicious taste. Murginns make regular meals more enjoyable and less stressful. Convenience should not come at the expense of quality, which is why the company is continually innovating to provide cuisines that you can love without compromising quality.

The Falafel instant tikki is an instant hit as you can experience true Middle Eastern cuisine with this easy to cook chickpea kebab at home.

17. Habanero

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Habanero is an Indian brand that produces a variety of ready-to-cook pasta, sauces, salsa and tortilla wraps that are full-flavored, vegan, and gluten free, allowing consumers to choose a healthy yet flavorful decision. The unique selling point of the brand is to provide high-quality imported items at reasonable pricing. Habanero Foods was founded with the goal of introducing world cuisines and flavours to India. The organisation has operations in key Indian cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Vijayawada, and Coimbatore.

If mexican is on your list, Habanero tortilla wraps are just the ready to eat options you need to quickly set up your mexican counter. These are non GMO, ready to eat in 60 seconds, and offer a fresh and soft texture.

18. Bogatchi

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Bogatchi Chocolates is one of the growing chocolate brand in India. It provides exceptional quality as well as the traditional chocolate flavour. Bogatchi maintains the highest food and safety requirements. The brand’s chocolates are beautifully hand-crafted in various forms to provide the greatest chocolatey pleasure for real chocolate fans. Bogatchi delivers chocolates to nations such as France, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

The Quick Meals range from Bogatchi brings you authentic lemon rice that is almost like experiencing an authentic dhaba experience in your home.

19. Yu Foodlabs

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India
Yu Foodlabs

Yu Foodlabs, a Gurugram based Indian consumer food brand founded by Bharat Bhalla that makes preservative-free meal bowls. It has created a variety of delectable Instant Meal Bowls with no added additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings, or colours. Yu has built a state-of-the-art food lab and R&D facility in Gurgaon where food technologists, culinary chefs, come together to passionately design ‘clean label’ fast meal bowls for daily consumption.

For pasta bowls, look no further than Yu Foodlabs for their ready to eat options. You can choose from flavours like Peri Peri, Three Cheese Sauce, and Chunky Tomato Sauce.

20. Suhana

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India

Suhana Tastemakers is Maharashtra based Indian brand. It is one of the the largest manufacturer, processor, and distributor of spices which supplies more than 50 ground spices and spice mixes. Suhana offers Blended Spices, Pure Spices, Papads, Ready To Cook Spices, Pickles, and the Range of Instant Foods. This product line responds to the diverse preferences and needs of more than eighty million clients worldwide. Raw spices are obtained through a rigorous screening procedure of reputable sources from all around India and overseas.

Misal at home? Suhana makes that possible with the Cuppa Misal that gets you the authentic Maharashtrian dish anywhere you want. There is no added MSG, artificial flavours, or colours, so you can enjoy without much worry.

Best Ready To Eat Food Brands in India – Price List

Ready To Eat Food BrandsPrice*
Haldiram’sStarts at Rs 99
MaggiStarts at Rs 95
ChefBossStarts at Rs 183
Tata QStarts at Rs 159
Kellogg’sStarts at Rs 257
Kitchens of IndiaStarts at Rs 187
AashirvaadStarts at Rs 295
MTR FoodsStarts at Rs 110
The Taste CompanyStarts at Rs 149
Cup NoodlesStarts at Rs 50
SlurrpStarts at Rs 299
GitsStarts at Rs 260
MOM – Meal of The MomentStarts at Rs 130
RiwayatStarts at Rs 269
Paper BoatStarts at Rs 171
MurginnsStarts at Rs 245
HabaneroStarts at Rs 138
BogatchiStarts at Rs 319
Yu FoodlabsStarts at Rs 380
SuhanaStarts at Rs 355
*Prices are according to various products/packs and subject to change.


Which is the best ready to eat food brand in India?

Haldiram’s, Maggi, Tata Q, MOM, and Yu Foodlabs are some of the best ready to eat food brands in India that offer good quality products.

Is Indian ready to eat food healthy?

Yes, Indian ready to eat foods are healthy and certified by FSSAI.

What is the most sold ready to eat food in India?

According to various reports, Maggi noodles are the most sold ready to eat food in India.

Is MTR upma good for health?

MTR upma is good for health and it is both quick to prepare and delicious. It takes about 3 minutes to bring it out of the packet and ready to serve.

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