Buying Furniture Is Stupid Because Renting Is Cheaper

Good furniture is as important as it is expensive. It seems like an unescapable expense life throws at us but, it doesn’t have to be! Let’s break this down and find you a solution.

Problems Of Buying Cheap Furniture

  • Poor Quality
  • Doesn’t Last Long
  • Looks Cheap
  • Poor Resale Value
  • Needs Constant Repair

Problems Of Buying Quality Furniture

  • Expensive
  • Heavy & Difficult To Move
  • Has To Be Used For The Long Term
  • Heavy Depreciation In Value
  • High Cost Of Maintenance

The Solution: Rent Furniture

You can easily rent high quality furniture these days from sites like RentoMojo, Cityfurnish, Rentickle and even earn Cashback on what you rent via CashKaro.

Benefits Of Renting Furniture

  • Great for people who shift/move frequently
  • Economical prices
  • Wide Range Of Options
  • Free Relocation
  • Free Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Change Furniture At No Extra Cost
  • Pick From Home
  • Damage Coverage

To makes things clearer, we have compiled our research in the table given below. Here we have considered the average cost of some of the top priority furniture products across different websites and compared it with the cost of renting online.

ProductCost Of BuyingCost Of Renting For 1 Year
Single Bed305001788
Double Bed430847068
Study Table20000828
Center Table63834828
Sofa Set745006828
Dining Table639179828
Maintenance Cost5000free
Total Cost34233530756

You can see from the table above that renting furniture is cheaper than buying. Let’s understand the benefits of renting in a little more detail…

Economical Prices

Low cost furniture rentals are always a better deal rather than spending heavily on each home furnishing item. For instance, buying a single bed costs you Rs. 5000-10000 but, you can rent it at Rs. 150 – Rs. 550 per month through RentoMojo.

Wide Range Of Options

Online retailers like Rentomojo, ensure the finest quality and most diverse range of home furnishings. This means you can find exactly what you want in the style that suits you. There are so many options out there, that everyone can find something for their taste.

Free Relocation

You can change your residence or even city, without worrying about your subscription of rent. You can continue with the same rent subscription in case you relocate across major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. This makes the whole process hassle-free.

Free Maintenance & Cleaning

You get free doorstep delivery with the assurance of no wear and tear in transportation. Similarly, to prevent you from the burden of maintaining and cleaning it all by yourself, it offers free maintenance services along with annual cleaning service to keep your furniture as good as new.


Are you bored of the same old furniture? Do you want to get a brand new set? That is actually possible thanks to Rentomojo’s exchange policy. So you can easily exchange your old furniture for a new one of the same or lower value. This can be done at any point of time after 18 months of your rent subscription.

Damage Waiver

Regular usage of a product leads to its wear and tear, and Rentomojo offers you the best services when it comes to maintaining your product’s quality. It provides a damage waiver which covers product damages worth up to Rs. 1,000.

Saves Time

Given the hectic schedule of most people, it becomes difficult to take time out to visit and explore the furniture market. Not to forget the stress of selecting ideal furniture after a tiring walk in the streets or at the mall. This is where online furniture renting makes life easier. You can save a lot of time by picking and choosing furniture from the comfort of your home.


  • Mini Studio which costs Rs.779/month
  • Couple Essential with a price of Rs.1449/month
  • Compact Studio costing Rs.1019/month
  • Luxury Studio with a cost of Rs.1329/month
  • Napster single bed with a cost of Rs. 149/month
  • Stowy wardrobe with a cost of Rs. 299/month
  • Felbert chest of drawers with a cost of Rs. 209/month
  • Dressing table with a cost of Rs. 179/month
  • Minion tables with a cost of Rs. 59/month
  • Single mattress with a cost of Rs. 179/month

You can get these and more jaw-dropping furniture are low prices with extra Cashback on RentoMojo only through CashKaro!

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