Top Stools to Have in Your Home or Office

Stools are one of the most underrated elements of furniture in our house. A stool comes in handy in more ways than one. With no armrest and backrest, they can practically be moved around with ease. It doubles up as a stepping platform, additional seat, leg rest, and a lot more. Stools are highly functional and have come a long way from their primitive form. So much has been added to them in terms of style, type, and finishes; it can take you quite some time to choose one that ticks all boxes your checklist. Fret not! We are here for the rescue. Read on to find our top picks of stools.

Top Stools to Have in Your Home or Office

1. myWoodKart Round Wooden Stool

Made with solid wood and plywood, it resembles a wooden log. The contemporary modern design will not only complement but also uplift your existing interiors. When not being used as a stool, you can use it as a side table to store delicate items. It can bear a weight of up to 100 kg.

Contemporary Design

It has a unique and contemporary design that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Editor’s Choice

2. Amaze Shoppee Wooden Beautiful Handmade Stool

This stool is made with mango wood and features a modern design. It is square in shape with all legs that have parallel horizontal slates. The top of the stool has a carved floral pattern in the centre. You can sit comfortably on the stool as it is wide enough. The height is around 35 cm, which is tall enough to help you reach areas of the house that otherwise may have been inaccessible.

Accent Design

The walnut finish and square structure give it a very timeless design. You can use it as an additional seat during get-togethers or parties.

Popular Pick

3. ABTRIX Padded Stool

This collapsible stool is the definition of easy-to-use furniture. When not in use, it can fit anywhere in the house and go unnoticed. It takes a mere minute or so to assemble whenever you want to use it. The design is hollow inside, which means it can double up as a storage unit. The top is cushioned and upholstered for a sleek and comfortable look.

Most Functional

The stool is designed in a way that you can store things in it and use it as an extra seat.

Most Elegant

4. GOCART Folding Step Stool

It is an ideal stool for every household. It is lightweight and made with durable plastic. It collapses so that there remains a handle cavity that makes it convenient to move from one place to another. The attractive design has two similar colours that give it an edgy look. You can use it in the kitchen, office, garden, or take it with you for recreational activities such as camping and fishing.


This stool is designed in a manner that it can be collapsed easily to allow for convenient portability.

Value for Money

5. Cello Classic Perfect Posture Plastic Stool

It comes from the house of Cello that has a reputation for high-quality products. This stool is probably something we all need for multiple use cases. It is a no-fuss product that comes in handy in more than one way. The use of anti-skid rubber at the base helps avoids accidental slipping.


Made with high-grade plastic and anti-skid rubber, the stool is sturdy and long-lasting.

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