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No one likes a cluttered home. But not matter how much you tidy, things tend to get messed up again, or you simply forget where you put your stuff! Admit it, you have wasted a lot of your precious time looking for a missing outfit or accessory among a pile of stuff, especially when you need to rush somewhere.

One efficient solution comes in the form of organisers that make storing and finding your things a little easier. Proper storage equipment can change your home storage efficiency and save time and space as well! Club Factory has quite an innovative range of storage and organisation tools and products that can make your life easier. If you are new to the store, get exclusive Club Factory coupons for first time users from our website.

So check out the types of storage and organisation paraphernalia available on Club Factory to make your home a tidier place right away!

Hanging Organizers

Cupboards and storage shelves take up a lot of your floor space. Especially in smaller living units, use of hanging organisers can be of great advantage for saving space. Find suitable hanging bags or organisers to store away your stuff and save critical space.

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Bathroom Storage

Get a clutter free washroom with efficient storage and organisers from Club Factory. This is especially useful when you have multiple members of the house sharing a washroom. Store your personal care supplies separately with proper organisers and never mix up your stuff again.

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Cloth/Laundry Storage

Clothes take up a lot of storage space in our homes. Hence it is important to store your clothes wisely, taking up as less space as possible while keeping your clothes in good condition. Get cloth organisers, space saving hangers, storage bags and even cute laundry bags to make sure your clothes are all put away efficiently.

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Shoe Organization

Do you rush to find the other pair of your shoes in the morning? Or trip on a pair as you run out in a hurry? Then get a shoe organiser or shoe rack immediately! Footwear lying around haphazardly can be an unpleasant sight. Keep them away neatly stacked in a designated space. And do not worry if you don’t have much space to spare for it, Club Factory has very innovative and compact designs as well.

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Racks/ Movable Shelves

You definitely cannot stuff your home with cupboards and wardrobe and fill all your things into them. Some need to be on accessible racks, or temporary storages. Getting foldable shelves or convenient racks can be a great solution for flexible storage. This way you do not need to block away a portion of your room with a wardrobe and instead use a movable shelf that can be stashed away when you do not require it.

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