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Park Avenue is a popular men’s grooming brand that offers deodorants, soaps, shampoos, shaving systems and more. It came out with a shampoo with real Beer and it became a huge hit. Beer is well known for its conditioning properties. Add that to a soothing, cleansing shampoo and you’ve got a hit.

Today, we will be reviewing Park Avenue Beer Shampoos. These are available in two variants – Damage Repair & Anti Dandruff.

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List Of Best Park Avenue Beer Shampoos In India

Beer Shampoo – Damage Free Hair Review

Park Avenue Damage Free Beer shampoo
Park Avenue Damage Free Beer shampoo

Beer shampoo contains the goodness of real Hops and barley. Beer contains a mineral called silica, which is known to add volume to hair and make it thicker and is also commonly taken as a hair and nail supplement. It reduces hair fall due to breakage and reduces damage caused to hair. It nourishes the scalp to give you long, lustrous hair.  The beer cleans the scalp therein helping to initiate new hair growth.


  • Makes hair soft
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Helps control frizz
  • Conditions hair to make them smooth and untangled
  • Cleanses hair and scalp


  • Contains SLS



Price of Beer Shampoo – Damage Free Hair


Beer Shampoo – Anti-Dandruff Review

Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo
Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo

Beer Shampoo – Anti-Dandruff contains all the goodness of beer along with dandruff removing properties. Barley and Hops which are the constituents of beer are rich in proteins and vitamins that hydrate the hair and make it healthier. It cleanses the scalp thoroughly, which prevents dandruff from returning and it even initiates new hair growth.


  • Removes dandruff with regular usage
  • Makes hair shiny and soft
  • Stops hair fall due to dandruff
  • Conditions hair to make it smooth and shiny
  • Improves hair texture
  • Thoroughly cleanses scalp and hair


  • Contains SLS



Price of Beer Shampoo – Anti-Dandruff


In our opinion, when your hair is in dire need of some deep conditioning, this shampoo is the easiest way to do so. It conditions hair so there is no need to follow up with conditioner. It makes hair soft, smooth, shiny, soft and manageable. Plus, the fragrance is amazing. These shampoos are must-haves.

Frequently Asked Questions- (FAQs)

Q. Does Beer Shampoo help in hair growth?

Yes, Beer Shampoo aids the growth of new hair. It clears the scalp of any dirt or impurity, giving the scalp enough nourishment to initiate hair growth.

Q. Is Beer good for your hair?

Yes, Beer is good for your hair. It contains Silica, which is known to add volume to your hair. It even strengthens the hair, preventing hair breakage while reducing damage. Beer Shampoo also has amazing conditioning properties, it makes the hair shiny and helps a great deal in improving the texture of the hair.

Q. Is Beer Shampoo good for lady’s hair?

Yes, Beer Shampoo is good for use by women as well. It strengthens the hair and fuels hair growth while reducing damage. The make-up of hair for men and women both is the same. Hence, Beer Shampoo works equally well for ladies as well.

Q. What is the price of Beer Shampoo?

A 180ml bottle of Beer Shampoo – Damage Free Hair is Rs. 155. Whereas, Beer Shampoo – Anti-Dandruff is available at Rs. 135 for a 180ml bottle.

Q. Is Beer Shampoo good for thin hair?

Beer Shampoo is great for people who have thin hair. The beer in the shampoo cleanses the scalp very thoroughly, this initiates a new growth of hair on the scalp. The hair that grows as a result of the cleansing action of the Beer Shampoo, is very healthy and of very good quality.

Q. Which is the best Beer Shampoo?

All the Beer Shampoos are amazing and very effective. Be it the Anti-Dandruff Shampoo or the Anti-Hairfall Shampoo, the effects of all these products are very amazing. They don’t just solve your hair problem, but at the same time makes the hair better, shiny, smooth and clean. Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo also helps in preventing the recurrence of Dandruff.

Q. Can I leave the beer in my hair overnight?

Beer is very good for your hair but keeping it overnight might cause some damage. For best results, apply the beer on your hair and massage it in your scalp. Keep it for 20-30 minutes and wash it off.

Q. What does Beer and eggs do to your hair?

The mixture of Beer and eggs is very good to increase hair strength. The Beer content strengthens the hair cuticle while eggs provide protein to the hair making it shiny, healthy and beautiful.

Q. Can I use Beer Shampoo daily?

Yes, Beer Shampoo can be used on a daily basis.  It is good for your hair and does not cause any harmful effects. Just wash the shampoo off properly, leaving no trace of it.

Q. Does Beer Shampoo reduce dandruff?

Yes, Beer Shampoo helps a great deal in reducing dandruff. Beer cleanses the scalp, which even prevents dandruff to return. Beer works in cleaning the scalp and eliminating all the impurities from the scalp.

Q. How do you wash your hair with Beer Shampoo?

Take a small quantity of shampoo in your hand and apply it to damp hair, massaging the scalp and lathering up. Then wash off properly, leaving no traces of the shampoo.

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