10 Best Business Card Designs That Reflect Your Personality

Your business card forms the first impression you give someone about your business. It should ideally be reflective of the business that you do and the products that you sell. If you are looking for the perfect business cards for your company, your search ends here. Read on for the best business card designs for you.

1. Coffee Card

A cup of coffee on your business card will tell people that you’re in the food and beverage industry. It is the best way to come across as robust and fresh!

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2. Fashion Card

This fashionable card is the best for people working in the clothing industry. From fashion designers to exporters, this is perfect for all.

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3. Landscape Card

A calm, serene river by the mountains are a rare sight on a visiting card. But, if you have a tourism business, it might just be perfect for you. A rare business card design to attract the right attention.

These cards are available at great prices at Printland.

4. Classy Square Card

A square card comes across as cool and different. If you own a startup that novel and one of a kind, these cards are just for you.

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5. Magnetic Visiting Card

If cutting-edge technology is what your company deals in, cool magnetic cards are just what you need to get the message across. These are available in several vibrant designs.

These must-have cards are available at Vistaprint wonderfully low prices. Take your pick from their offerings of business card designs.

6. Wildlife Themed Visiting Card

This one is for all the photographers or people working close to nature. Wildlife themed cards can display anything from forest fauna to wild animals.

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7. Health Based Cards

If you are a healthcare practitioner, a card that displays health-themed images is a must for you. Let people have an idea about what you do with just a glance.

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8. Vertical Business Card

A vertical business card is one of a kind and rarely used. Be one of a kind, just like your business idea with these amazing cards.

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9. Folded Business Card

If you would love to pass on more than just your name and number through your card, here is a great idea for you. Choose a folded business card that has a unique way of containing more information than usual cards.

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10. Glossy Cards

A new, hip and happening brand require something extra to come across as striking. These glossy, pearly cards will do just the trick.

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Sunakshi Mehta
Sunakshi Mehta

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