11 Best Leather Shoe Brands in India to Elevate Your Style

Nothing looks more elegant than leather when it comes to accessories and styling. Leather lasts for a long haul and is a classy addition to your wardrobe, be it shoes or accessories like bags, belts or wallets. Leather shoes are the best option for corporate meetings or just for a casual day out. You can create so many looks with leather shoes, and those who want to keep things fuss-free and classic hardly ever deviate from them. Here is a list of some of the best leather shoe brands with their price range to help you pick the right shoe for every outfit.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Right Leather Shoe Brands for You?

Choosing leather shoes online can be a little tricky, but you can easily do it with some help. In India, you can find good quality leather shoes ranging from anywhere between Rs 799 to Rs 7,999 or more. Here are some basic factors we considered before creating these lists.


Since we are talking about leather shoes today, we have added brands that make top-notch leather footwear. You will find shoes that are made with pure leather, synthetic leather, suede leather, etc, that are all long-lasting and look very premium.


Comfort is paramount in footwear, and we’ve made sure you experience it above anything else. Here, we have added shoes that feature a cushioned insole, soft lining, lightweight design, slip-resistant soles, and easy-to-wear designs. Check out this list below to find a product that works best for you.

List of 11 Best Leather Shoe Brands in India



Bata is the leading manufacturer of footwear in India, with a retail network of over 1200 stores. An affordable yet stylish brand, Bata shoes are breathable and are just the right pick for your formal days. Their shoes are stitched intricately and are designed to give your outfit an upgrade while keeping it comfortable. If you are looking for some chic leather shoes, you can check out their sub-brand Hush Puppies.

Prominent Features of the Bata Formal Shoes:

  • Made with synthetic leather that looks and feels as premium as pure leather
  • Has a square toe design which pairs well with formal outfits
  • Lace-up closure offers ease of wearing the shoes
  • Super soft footbed provides you with the comfort to show off your style without hurting your feet
  • Comes in solid black colour


  • Lightweight and comfortable shoes
  • Made with durable material
  • Ideal for daily use


  • Some people might not like the quality

Why We Picked the Bata Formal Shoes?

Bata is popular for its top-notch range of formal shoes that are not only premium-looking but very comfortable on your feet. These formal shoes by the brand are designed with a synthetic upper and a durable sole that keeps your feet at ease all the time. Its sleek design will make sure you look sharp when wearing formal outfits.

Red Chief

Red Chief
Red Chief

Red Chief leather shoes are one of the best in the industry and are the go-to brand for formal wear. They also have various options for sandals, sneakers, casual footwear, and slippers.

Prominent Features of the Red Chief Formal Shoes:

  • Crafted with a luxe leather upper that makes the shoes durable
  • The textured pattern on the upper adds a distinctive touch to these shoes
  • Come with a lace-up closure for ease of fastening
  • The polyurethane and EVA sole make the shoes 10x comfier to wear
  • Feature a sleek, low-top design


  • Fits you well
  • Has a nice shine to them
  • Lightweight and comfortable pair of shoes


  • It might not be very durable

Why We Picked the Red Chief Leather Shoes?

These shoes are designed in a world-class studio by a dedicated research team. Their leather footwear shoes are available in a diverse range of styles that are great for everyday wear and are priced around Rs 1,298 and Rs 4,595.


Clarks shoes

What started off with sheepskin off-cuts 200 years ago by Cyrus and James Clark has now shaped itself into a grand shoe empire called Clarks. With advanced construction techniques, technologies and contemporary materials, every shoe is a masterpiece. There is a shoe for everyone in the Clarks collection.

Prominent Features of the Clarks Men Leather Shoes:

  • Crafted with leather upper to add a touch of luxury and class
  • These dress shoes will perfectly complement your formal outfits
  • The sole is super flexible, allowing you to move and bend your feet however you like
  • Slip-resistant sole will prevent slipping or skidding on uneven terrain
  • Comes in a solid pattern and goes well with multiple ensembles


  • Premium comfort
  • Lightweight and sturdy material
  • Has a great fit


  • A bit pricey but worth the expense

Why We Picked the Clarks Leather Shoes?

Clarks is one of the most loved shoe brands in India, and these shoes speak volumes about the quality and standard the brand maintains. They are crafted with pure leather, feature a comfortable sole, and have a lightweight design which makes them perfect for everyday wear. With the quality they deliver, these leather shoes are a bit expensive and will cost you anywhere between Rs 1,499 to 14,810.



Woodland shoes are immediately distinguished because of their faded leather finish, and this lends a very weathered and tough look to the shoes, which is also one of the USPs of the brand.

Prominent Features of the Woodland Leather Sneakers:

  • Crafted with a solid leather upper to withstand wear and tear
  • The round toe design suits everyone
  • Has a sporty and rugged style that goes really well with casual clothes
  • Quick lace-up closure for easy fastening
  • TPR/rubber sole provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces


  • Long-lasting shoes
  • Super comfortable shoes that can be worn for treks as well
  • Amazing sole quality


  • The shoes might run a bit larger in size

Why We Picked the Woodland Leather Shoes?

The shoes come with high soles and are suitable for trekking and hiking mostly. The shoes are mostly priced around Rs 2,250 and Rs 6,700.

Red Tape

Red Tape
Red Tape

Launched in 1996 in India, Red Tape is a global brand, spread in over 17 countries. Their trendy designs are lightweight and comfortable and are an excellent choice when it comes to footwear. They have a huge range of formal and casual shoes for both men and women.

Prominent Features of the Red Tape Men’s Loafers:

  • Designed with a durable leather upper to make the shoes look luxe
  • The pull-on style allows you to wear them without any hassle
  • Features a PCV sole that’s solid and prevents slipping or skidding
  • Branding embossed on the left panel adds more to its aesthetic
  • Has a solid pattern which makes it a versatile style choice


  • Comes in two colour variants
  • Has premium finish
  • Comfortable shoes for everyday wear


  • It might run a size smaller

Why We Picked the Red Tape Leather Shoes?

Red Tape is a fast-growing footwear brand in India which offers a wide variety of products at an affordable range. These leather loafers are super comfortable and will go well with your formal outfits. They have a soft footbed and a rugged sole to make sure you can take every step confidently. Moreover, you get world-class designs and stitching under this brand.

Allen Cooper

Allen Cooper
Allen Cooper

Allen Cooper is the Flagship brand of Superhouse Group – a homegrown multinational company spread across 35 countries. Allen Cooper has been at the forefront of exporting and manufacturing quality leather footwear, sports shoes, fashion utility products, accessories such as belts, bags, wallets, portfolio bags, trolley bags and more.

Prominent Features of the Allen Cooper Formal Shoes:

  • The solid leather upper looks and feels super premium when worn
  • A thick cushioned insole supports your underfoot while you walk
  • Stylish oxford design gives you enough room to move your feet easily
  • The thermoplastic elastomer sole prevents you from slipping
  • Has a soft lining to prevent chafing and sweating


  • Moisture-observant lining
  • The shoes are quite roomy  
  • Comfortable insoles


  • It might not be very durable

Why We Picked the Allen Cooper Leather Shoes?

Allen Cooper has a huge variety of leather shoes that are both durable and stylish. These formal shoes are crafted with leather and feature a sleek design that makes you look even more sophisticated in formal wear. The soft cushion on the insole keeps your feet at ease while you walk or go out for a long day. All in all, a must-have for anyone looking for affordable and good-quality leather shoes.

Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper
Lee Cooper

Founded in 1908 by Morris Cooper, Lee Cooper is one of the most popular clothing and footwear brands in India. The British brand has been a prominent choice for fashion lovers in the country due to its design, style, and affordability.

Prominent Features of the Lee Cooper Leather Shoes:

  • The brand uses genuine leather and is one of the most sought-after styles globally
  • The dark brown colour of these shoes is very unique and is one of their specialities hardly found anywhere else
  • The stitch of the shoes provides a very innovative panelling that both strengthens the shoe as well as makes for a great style statement
  • Feature a lace-up closure for quick and easy fastening
  • Has a textured pattern on the upper that adds a stylish touch


  • Pure leather makes it durable
  • Oxford style looks great with formal attire
  • Value for money



Kraasa mostly uses synthetic leather in their shoes but with the innovative use of technology, they are as good as real leather and twice as durable. Their shoes are a product of quality craftsmanship with comfortable synthetic soles that can withstand load and temperature. Kraasa shoes have a practical design to increase friction and wear resistance.

Prominent Features of the Krassa Slip-On Formals:

  • Crafted with a synthetic leather upper that makes these shoes durable and luxe
  • Has a slip-on design that lets you wear them easily
  • The Flex PVC sole is soft but sturdy to prevent skidding
  • Comes in a solid pattern


  • Comfortable to wear
  • High-traction sole
  • Affordable essential for everyday formal attires


  • Stitching quality might not be that good



Force leather shoes are from the brand Liberty, and they are a special range for those who want to get premium leather shoes at affordable prices. The Force 10 shoes are meant for all seasons, and they are sure to make the wearer grab a lot of attention. The shoes are priced around Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,500.

Prominent Features of the Force Men’s Shoes:

  • Made using synthetic leather that’s affordable but feels just like real leather
  • Features lace and pull-on closure for easy and secure fastening
  • Has a low-top design that looks stylish
  • The cushioned sole provides comfort and prevents slipping on uneven terrain


  • Soft and comfortable sole
  • Has a sporty look


  • It might run a size bigger



Afrojack Leather shoes are made from synthetic tree leather and they are one of a kind. The shoes are mostly priced around Rs 799 onwards. There is a variety of styles available and most of them are in interesting colours and patterns that are quite rare for leather shoes.

Prominent Features of the Afrojack Loafers:

  • Designed with faux leather to make them look premium
  • The slip-on design allows you to wear them easily
  • Has a non-slip sole to provide enough traction on slippery surfaces
  • The Afrojack branding on top looks great
  • Comes in a solid pattern


  • Classy shoes that pair well with multiple outfits
  • Easy slip-on design


  • Some might not like the quality



The symbol is the in-house brand of Amazon and it offers impeccable quality with comfort in their versatile range of shoes. Additionally, these shoes are quality tested to check sole bond adhesion, endurance, and outsole abrasion resistance to deliver a superior product. These shoes are priced in the range of Rs 400 – 1,019.

Prominent Features of the Symbol Formal Shoes:

  • Made using leather to add a touch of class and style to these shoes
  • Has a lace-up closure to offer easy fastening
  • Features a little block heel to enhance your stature
  • Has a velvet-like suede leather on the toe cap
  • The brogue-like design looks sophisticated


  • Premium-looking shoes
  • Value for money


  • Leather has a hard texture
  • Might run a size smaller

Final Word

Owning a pair of leather shoes is quintessential today as they can transform your look quickly. In this article, we have listed some of the best leather shoe brands in India based on their leather quality, comfort, and durability. While we enjoyed wearing shoes from Bata, Clarks, and Woodland, let us know what’s your pick.


Which is the best brand for formal shoes?

With advanced construction techniques, technologies and contemporary materials, Clarks is the best brand for formal shoes. However, their shoes were a bit expensive. If you are looking for an affordable option, Bata can be your go-to brand.

What are the different styles of dress shoes?

There are different styles of shoes that can be styled with formal dressing. These include Oxfords, Derbys, Loafers, Monks, Wingtip, Brogue, Chukka, Chelsea boots, Plain toe, Cap toe and several others.

What is the price for leather shoes?

The price of leather shoes depends largely on the quality of the leather, brand and craftsmanship. You can get them for as low as Rs 500 and this price may scale upto Rs 72,000 and so on, depending on the make material and brand.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of qualified researchers who understand and study several products before creating these lists. For the leather shoe blog, we considered factors such as material, quality, comfort, and durability to make a handy list for you. Since our goal is to make online shopping a fun experience for you, you will never find a shady product/brand here.

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