10 Best Leather Shoes Brands - Complete Guide with Price Range

Nothing looks more elegant than leather when it comes to accessories. Leather is long lasting and it is an epitome of class when used correctly with a particular outfit. Leather shoes are the best, be it for corporate meetings, for hiking, or just for a casual day out. It is possible to achieve so many different styles with leather shoes and those who want to keep things fuss free and classic, hardly ever deviate from them. Here is a list of some of the best brands with their price range to help you pick the right shoe.

Here is the list of best brands for Leather Shoes

1. Best Kraasa Leather Shoes

Kraasa mostly uses synthetic leather in their shoes but with the innovative use of technology, they are as good as real leather and twice as durable. This is also their initiative to stop animal cruelty. The shoes can be availed at a price of Rs 2900 and Rs 4500.

2. Best Red Chief Leather Shoes

Red Chief leather shoes are one of the best in the industry for hiking and are the go- to brand for most seasoned hikers. Their shoes come in a standard brown color but have variations in cut and designs. The shoes are priced around Rs 2200 and Rs 4500.

3. Best Chevit Leather Shoes

Chevit Leather shoes are mostly dual toned in nature and come in a combination of black and brown with interesting cuts. They have high soles to withstand difficult terrain and the shoes are made extra sturdy by treating the leather in a highly innovative manner. The shoes are mostly priced around Rs 700 and Rs 2500.

4. Best Force Leather Shoes

Force leather shoes are from the brand of Liberty and they are special range for those who want to get premium leather shoes in affordable pricing. The Force 10 shoes are meant for all seasons and they are sure to make the wearer grab a lot of attention. The shoes are priced around Rs 1800 and Rs 2500.

5. Best Aurion Leather Shoes

The leather casual shoes from Aurion are one of a kind and are amongst only ones that can be worn throughout the day for a variety of occasions, like a brisk walk in the morning or to spend a day at the college grounds. The shoes are priced at about Rs 550 and Rs 3500 and are an affordable option in its segment.

6. Best Woodland Leather Shoes

Woodland shoes are immediately distinguished because of their faded leather finish and this lends a very weathered and tough look to the shoes, which is also one of the USPs of the brand. The shoes come with high soles and are suitable for trekking and hiking mostly. The shoes are mostly priced around Rs 2250 and Rs 6700.

7. Best RedfootLeather Shoes

Redfoot shoes are mostly unisex which makes them great for either gender. The Aorfeo range of shoes is among the most affordable. They mostly use synthetic leather in their shoes but they are still extremely durable and do their job pretty well. The shoes are affordably priced around Rs 499 and Rs 2000.

8. Best Afrojack Leather Shoes

Afrojack Leather shoes are made from synthetic tree leather and they are one of a kind. The shoes are mostly priced around Rs 799 and can go up to Rs 5000. There a variety of styles available and most of them are in interesting colors and patterns that are quite rare for leather shoes.

9. Best Lee Cooper Leather Shoes

The brand uses genuine leather and is one of the most sought after styles globally. The dark brown color of their shoes is very unique and is one of their specialties hardly found anywhere else. The stitch of the shoes provides a very innovating paneling that both strengthens the shoe as well as makes for a great style statement. The shoes are available at a price of Rs 2599.

10. Best Health Leather Shoes

Health Shoes uses PU Leather and they are distinguished by their sheen and gold and silver colors. Those who are not afraid of standing out in a crowd are sure to love them and the shoes are novelty in the leather shoes category. The Marathon shoes are one of a kind and a twist to the training. The shoes can be availed at a price point of Rs 2999 and Rs 4999.


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