10 Best Slip On Shoes Brands

Slip On shoes are extremely comfortable and the ease of putting them on makes them the perfect footwear for those who are on the go. Slips on come in a variety of style- there are formal shoes to beach footwear that are all available in a slip—on variety. It is one of the most popular styles among the youngsters as well because it gives them great option to slip in and out of trendy footwear without compromising on comfort. Here are some of the best brands of shoes available along with their prices for the best buy.

Here is a list of the best slip- on shoes

1. Best Relaxo Slip Ons  

Walking shoes and sandals from Relaxo are very well known and they are extremely comfortable because of their Slip On option. They can be easily worn and are the best option on a casual day out. The shoes are priced around Rs 250 to Rs 550 and are one of the most affordable shoe brands out there.

2. Best Big Foot Slip Ons 

Big Foot shoes are known for their extremely comfortable shoes soles which are made from natural rubber and the shoes are made from hundred percent leather as well, that makes them light and breathable at the same time. Those who want to have them can get them around a price range of Rs 655 to Rs 700.

3. Best KazarMax Slip Ons 

These Slip Ons are one of a kind because of their extremely comfortable make and because of their trendy designs. The shoes are available in leather and PU leather and even natural fiber like latex and rubber, and there is something for every taste and sensibility. The shoes can be availed for a price range between Rs 999 and Rs 1599.

4. Best Sparx Slip Ons 

Sparx is known for its versatility and that is reflected in their Slip On variety of shoes as well. The shoes have very comfortable rubber latex soles and the absence of tie ups gives them the required casual look and feel. They are affordable at a comfortable price range of Rs 619 to 899 and they are great for a casual day at work.

5. Best Vans Slip Ons 

Vans Slip Ons are extremely popular because they can help one create quite a style statement. The shoes are made from PU leather mostly but are also available in natural fiber and nylon varieties, available in a vast range of colors that will immediately transform an outfit from drab to spectacular. One can have the shoes around a price range of Rs 1627 to Rs 2699.

6. Best Puma Slip Ons 

Puma is one of the most coveted shoe brands around the world and they are highly recommended by celebrities as well. The shoes are not just a great style statement but the unique design makes them suitable for almost all kinds of outfit, giving the wearer an edge and help them create a unique fashion statement. The shoes are priced around a range of Rs 999 to Rs 2499.

7. Best Zapatoz Slip Ons 

Zapatoz is a much loved brand by the youngsters especially because they lend so much in terms of both style and substance. The shoes are extremely affordable but that does not mean that they are not classy. They are made with a special kind of fabric and there are mesh nylon for the body and shoe sole, which makes them one of the best in their category. One can buy the shoes around a price range of Rs 475 to Rs 899.

8. Best Liberty Slip Ons 

As a brand, Liberty has always catered to the masses and the shoes immediately grab a lot of attention because of their trendy looks and fun colors. Not only do the youngsters love them, there is also something available for the working people of both genders, which make them extremely popular among all segments. The shoes are priced around Rs 399 to Rs 799.

9. Best Emosis Slip Ons 

Emosis as a brand has been known to have a great number of followers because of the affordability of the shoes and the high quality that one can get from them guaranteed. The shoes are made at par with some of the best international designs and they are crafted with care to provide the ultimate comfort. The shoes are priced around Rs 499 to Rs 999.

10. Best Crocs Slip Ons 

Crocs have been known to have a very good fan following and the high quality, weather resistant shoes are just what one needs on a day out. The shoes are made from natural materials that makes them strong and yet breathable at the same time and they are priced around Rs 3250 to Rs 5490.

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