Slip On shoes are extremely comfortable and the ease of putting them on makes them the perfect footwear for your on-the go lifestyle. Slip-ons come in a variety of styles – from formal to casual styles; a slip-on shoe is a versatile piece of footwear. You can wear them on random evening walks or a weekend getaway and also pair them with your favorite workwear. It is one of the most popular styles because it offers style without compromising on comfort. Here are some of the best brands of slip-on shoes available, along with their prices. 

List of 20 Top Slip-On Shoe Brands in India

1. Sparx 

best slip on shoes

Sparx has a massive collection of shoes from casual to sports in various designs and colors. Sparx is owned by Relaxo footwear, an Indian footwear brand that was founded in 1976. Their slip on shoes have very comfortable soles and the absence of laces gives them the required casual look and feel.

They are affordable at a comfortable price range of Rs 619 to 999 and they are great for a casual day at work, evening outings, or a quick lunch with friends.

2. Vans

best Vans slip on shoes

Vans is the most popular brand when it comes to making a style statement with your footwear. They have been in the market since 1966, delivering smart skateboarding shoes and classic slip on shoes.

The shoes are made from PU leather mostly but are also available in natural fiber and nylon varieties, available in a vast range of colors that will immediately transform an outfit from drab to spectacular. One can have the shoes around a price range of Rs 2,699 to Rs 8,999.

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3. Puma

best Puma slip on shoes

Puma is one of the most coveted shoe brands around the world – the ones highly recommended by celebrities as well. Its range of casual and sports shoes for both men and women is a huge hit among shoe lovers.

These fashionable slip on shoes not just make a great style statement but also pair well with almost all kinds of outfits, giving the wearer an edge. The shoes are priced around a range of Rs 2,999 to Rs 5,499.

4. Liberty

best Liberty slip ons

As a brand, Liberty has always catered to the masses and the shoes immediately grab a lot of attention because of their trendy looks and fun colors.

Liberty is a renowned name for formal, casual, party wear footwear for men. Designed with high quality material and durable outsole, these shoes are comfortable and make for a statement piece. The shoes are priced from around Rs 399 to Rs 3,999.

5. Crocs

best brands of slip on shoes

Crocs have been known to have a very good fan following and the high quality, weather resistant shoes are just what one needs on a day out. The shoes are made from natural materials that make them strong and yet breathable at the same time. You can get them from anywhere between Rs 2,995 and Rs 5,995.

6. Skechers

best slip on shoes for women

If you are looking for funky yet functional pair of casual shoes, Skechers is a real find. With a huge range of shoes that pair fashion and comfort, Skechers range of shoes includes sports, classic sneakers, casual, funky, and slip on shoes. These shoes are uber comfortable yet fashionable enough. These shoes can be availed in a price range of Rs 2,999 to Rs 6,999.

7. Reebok

best brands of slip on shoes

Stay fashion forward by getting home a pair of slip on shoes by Reebok. This American inspired global brand has come a long way from being a traditional sports brand to a fitness-focused brand.

From gym wear & gym shoes to street wear, Reebok slip-on shoes are just the right fit for your casual work days and weekend outings. These shoes come in a price range of Rs 2,799 to 4,999.

8. Adidas

best brands of slip on shoes

Adidas is one of the top names in the sports and fitness industry. Athletes and sportspersons across the globe swear by Adidas shoes for their training purposes. All their products are a result of high technology, design, and innovation.

Their casual shoes and street wear slip on shoes are made to deliver high performance, durability, and great comfort. The prices of the shoes range from Rs 3,999 to Rs 4,599.

9. United Colours of Benetton

best colourful canvas slip on shoes
United Colours of Benetton

United Colours of Benetton has to its credit a range of shoes from slip- ons, sneakers, and even unisex designs in a whole array of colours.

The Men’s Derby is one of their popular variants. The soles of UCB Shoes are extremely comfortable and the mesh design further adds to the comfort. The prices range from Rs 1,999 and can go up to Rs 3,699 approximately.

10. Bata

best Bata slip on shoes

Bata is one of the largest retailers and leading manufacturers of footwear in India with a retail network of over 1200 stores. An affordable yet stylish brand, Bata’s shoes are comfortable, and breathable.

Their slip on shoes come in both casual and formal styles that will add a refined look to your everyday ensemble. The price range for Bata shoes is anywhere from around Rs 659 to Rs 3,499.

11. U.S. Polo

best U S Polo shoes
U S Polo

From Polo shirts to sneakers, US Polo Assn. is a one-stop shop for all your apparel and footwear needs. The U.S. Polo Assn. footwear range has shoes right from sporty to casual sneakers, loafers, flip flops, non-skid flip ons, and sandals to match all your outfits. You can get these in between a range of Rs 1,799 to Rs 3,599.

12. Red Chief

best leather loafers
Red Chief

With its own tannery and manufacturing plants, Red Chief is a pioneer in high quality leather footwear. These shoes are designed in a world class studio by a dedicated research team. Their leather footwear shoes are available in a diverse range of styles from work wear to casual wear.

Made with leather and designed to perfection, Red Chief slip ons feature a durable thermoplastic sole that offers flexibility while walking. You can get them at a price of around Rs 1,949 to Rs 3,299.

13. Khadims

best brands of slip on shoes

Level up your footwear game with the affordable slip ons by Khadims. Designed and manufactured using technologically advanced processing and manufacturing methods, these shoes feature supple uppers, padded insoles, and durable soles. Their designs are apt for both casual wear, or formal wear at the office and outdoors.

You can get these comfortable yet durable shoes in a reasonable price range of Rs 749 to Rs 1,399.

14. Red Tape

best slip on shoes
Red Tape

Launched in 1996 in India, Red Tape is a global brand spread in over 17 countries. Their trendy designs are lightweight and comfortable and are an excellent choice when it comes to semi formal and casual shoes. You can get these shoes from Rs 2,595 to Rs 7,595.

15. Asian

best slip on shoes

Started in 1994, these high quality and affordable range of shoes by Asian caters to the masses. With several technologies at hand like nitro capsule, memory foam, sole flex, air cushion, Asian shoes are light, easy, and comfortable. You can get them anywhere between Rs 599 and Rs 1,498.

16. Symbol

best slip on shoes

Symbol is the in-house brand of Amazon and teams impeccable quality with comfort in their casual canvas shoes. Additionally, these shoes are quality tested to check sole bond adhesion, endurance, outsole abrasion resistance to deliver a superior product. These shoes are priced in a range of Rs 969 to Rs 1,019.

17. Campus

best Campus slip on shoes

Campus shoes are lightweight and breathable with soft foam for superior comfort. Their shoes feature a rubber out-sole that delivers responsive cushioning. You can get these everyday wear slip on shoes between Rs 799 and Rs 1,499.

18. Bourge

best slip on shoes

Bourge shoes are great for those who want the best in an affordable price range. The shoes come in a variety of soles and their slip on versions are very popular, and rightly so. The prices of the shoes range from Rs 999 onwards, and they are perfect for light running, casual walking, and strolling.

19. KazarMax

best brands of slip on shoes

These slip ons are one of a kind because of their extremely comfortable make and because of their trendy designs. The shoes are available in leather and PU leather and even natural fiber like latex and rubber, and there is something for every taste and sensibility. The shoes can be availed for a price range between Rs 999 and Rs 1,599.

20. Zapatoz

best slip on shoes

Zapatoz is a much loved brand by the youngsters especially because they lend so much in terms of both style and substance. The shoes are extremely affordable but that does not mean that they are not classy. One can buy the shoes around a price range of Rs 475 to Rs 899.


1. What are slip-on shoes called?

Slip on shoes come without the hassles of tying laces. These shoes have different names as per the style. You can find a range of slip on shoes styled in sneakers, espadrilles, loafers etc.

2. Are slip-on shoes formal?

Slip on shoes can be both formal and casual. You can get slip on loafers and formal shoes, which can be paired with your formal attire. Slip on shoes blend comfort and style together and the resulting pair is a design that stands out.

3. What slip shoes are best?

There are a handful of brands that make top class slip on shoes, from funky and functional pairs to formal shoes. You can find the best slip on shoes for every budget on Amazon. The best ones are from brands like Reebok and UCB. If you are looking for an affordable brand, you can pick Bata as your go-to choice.

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