A lot of coffee lovers are very particular as to how they love their coffee. We totally understand that, especially when it comes to Coffee. There are times even we don’t know what we will end up liking or how we will like it, hence, you should always be up to try something else before judging if you really like it or not. If you are up to experiment a little with your coffee, McCafé has a few options for you. McDonald’s offers you to add four different flavors to your cappuccino or Iced Latte at McCafé.

Here is a detailed report on all the flavors available and why you must try them.

French Vanilla

The French Vanilla is a sweet but subtle flavor that will give your coffee a light aroma and a beautiful aftertaste. If you are someone who wants to experiment with your coffee just a little bit, go for French Vanilla. It won’t disappoint you. You can order it online at amazing discounts using McDonalds coupon codes.


This one has all the nice flavors from the Irish coffee. Pair it with a good dessert like Chocolate Chip Muffin or Blueberry Cheesecake and you will have a great time having a coffee that tastes so different and so good! Don’t forget to avail McDonalds promo code and get it delivered to your doorstep for free.

Roasted Hazelnut

This one doesn’t need any introduction. Everyone loves roasted hazelnuts, and the flavor goes so well with coffee. It’s like Yin and Yang. If you haven’t tried coffee with roasted hazelnut flavor yet, you must! It is nutty, musty, earthy and is almost made for coffee.

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The most known one perhaps, and the sweetest of them all, ask for a caramel flavor for that extra kick and sweetness to your cup of Joe. We would recommend something savory from McDonald’s menu to go with your caramel flavored coffee, but if you have a sweet tooth, go for a cake as well. You can avail

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