5 Books That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood Days

For most of us, reading has been a big part of our childhood. From the comic books that we eagerly save up to read and the comic strips that show up on the Saturday issue of the newspaper, we’ve been hooked. There’s also the frequent library visits we make to check out our favourites and discuss it later with our besties.

If this reminds you of your childhood, then these books from Shoppers Stop will surely rekindle some memories.

Sudha Murthy – Grandma’s Bag of Stories

Sudha Murthy is definitely a part of our lives none of us can forget. This author weaves the most magnificent stories. This particular book talks about the story of 4 grandchildren arriving at their grandparent’s house in Shiggaon. Relive your past and delve into grandma’s stories. Get the book now using Shoppers Stop discount coupon.

R.K. Narayanan – Malgudi Schooldays

If you haven’t been to Malgudi, then you haven’t lived an Indian childhood. Everyone loves R.K. Narayanan’s work in Malgudi days. Travel with the protagonist, Swami as he goes on various adventures in this fictional town. Add this book to your shelf using Shoppers Stop coupon codes.

Enid Blyton – The Famous Five

Enid Blyton was everybody’s first detective – mystery book. Out of all her work, The Famous Five is evergreen and even if we pick it up today, I’m sure we’ll enjoy it just as we did in our childhood. Other famous series’ of hers include The Secret Seven and Malory Towers. Buy the whole set using Shoppers Stop coupons.

101 Animal Stores

Even if you haven’t read this exact book, I’m sure all of us have either read or at least heard tell of the famous animal stories. The Lion and the Mouse the Crow and the Pebble, all of these short stories are so close to our hearts. Read it to your own nieces and nephews. Buy the book now with Shoppers Stop offers from CashKaro and receive cashback on your order!

Dr. Seuss – Scrambled Eggs Super

The best of wordplay, there is legit no children’s book that beats Dr. Seuss. If you’re still having trouble with all the tongue twisters, then join the club. Read all of the classics and indulge in the nostalgia using Shoppers Stop coupon codes.

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