Longer weekends means a lot of time to travel and most people prefer bus rides as they tend to be cheaper than other modes of transport. Every travel junkie must carry some important things before they leave for their trip, but do we have an exact idea of what all things we might need? Don’t worry, here’s a list of things that you will need for a perfect bus ride and some Goibibo bus tickets offers by CashKaro to make the ride pocket-friendly!

? Powerbank

Long bus rides are often boring which makes smartphones a perfect travel companion. Smartphones need to be charged every now and then which makes carrying your power bank an absolute no brainer.

? Water and Snacks

Staying hydrated and well-fed should be your utmost priority. But sometimes it is not possible to get hygienic and clean water and food. So you must carry some water and snacks with you in case of emergencies.

? Books

For entertainment, you should not rely on your electronic gadgets too much. Make sure to always carry some books to pass your time while enjoying the mesmerizing scenery on your way. You can pack some novels, magazines or some comic books anything that you love to read.

? Basic Meds

Going on a long trip then pack a small first aid kit with all the necessary meds along with  some cotton and bandage as their need might arise at any time. You can pack some meds for some minor headache, stomachache and some pouches of ORS alongwith sanitisers.

? Important Phone Numbers

There’s always a small possibility that your phone might get stolen or lost. So you must have some important phone numbers memorized or written down in case of some emergency.

? Photocopies of ID card(s)

While on a trip you must carry your ID card(s) as well as some photocopies cause they might be required on your trip and for certain activities like renting a car. So don’t forget to pack in some photocopies just in case.

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Pack all the travel essentials mentioned above along with your stuff and be ready for anything and everything! So plan your trip well and book your ride at pocket-friendly prices using Goibibo Bus ticket offers! Don’t forget to use Goibibo bus ticket coupons listed on CashKaro to earn cashback on every booking!

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