Amazon Introduced 20000 Traditional Chinese Books On Kindle

E-books platform, Amazon Kindle now supports Traditional Chinese e-books. The collection includes more than 20,000 books in this language and has works from popular authors like Liu Cixin and Qiong Yao.  This decision will largely benefit readers in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan since people use Traditional Chinese language in these regions. The company has also designed multiple features to allow reading the Chinese text in a horizontal orientation. Readers will also be able to adjust a book’s text size and margin settings or seamlessly switch between the Kindle app and an e-reader. Using this development, the company will be able to tap millions of readers across the globe.

This introduction will also enable the authors to self-publish e-books written in the characters through Kindle Direct Publishing. David Naggar, Amazon’s Vice President of Books, said that ‘Bringing Traditional Chinese language books to Kindle is a step forward on our journey to provide more choice and selection to readers around the world. Our launch today makes 20,000 titles instantly available to the tens of millions of Traditional Chinese readers.’

Source: Forbes

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