Amazon To Launch A 21st Century Mood Ring

According to reports, Amazon is creating a wearable gadget that can read human emotions. The device would be worn on the wrist and will work as a health and wellness product for the users. It would be paired with the user’s smartphone and will work with a mobile app to help the users and their devices understand emotions. The gadget is said to be based on the same technology as that of Alexa and will have a system to separate someone’s voice from background noise. It would also be equipped with a microphone to detect the user’s emotions using voice. According to Bloomberg, the microphone will ‘discern the wearer’s emotional state from the sound of his or her voice. Eventually, the technology could be able to advise the wearer how to interact more effectively with others.’ The product is currently in its testing phase and there is no confirmation on when it would be available for sale.

Source: The River 967

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