If you’re a person who’s good with numbers and plotting them down, then Data Science could definitely be a viable option for you. You could have majored in any Profession field and still become a Data Scientist. It combines statistics, data analysis, and machine learning and comes up with a very simple way to understand and plot information.

Not many colleges will allow you to major in Data Science, though minors will be there. But one the best places to get yourself certified as on is on Eduonix. This is an e-learning platform that will allow you to become a pro in this field and take you through all the nuances of the course. It is a 136 lecture class with an Instructor Driven Project which will allow you to gain experience in the field.

Let’s see what Eduonix offers its students:

Data Science for Beginners – Ebook 

This is a premium e-book put together for beginners wanting to learn Data Science from scratch. You will have 11 lectures. Use CashKaro’s Eduonix Coupon Codes and save on your course.

Python + Data Science: Practical Guide

This course comes with python and will allow you to learn about web scraping, data analysis and visualization, machine learning and deep learning. Become a pro with Eduonix. With CashKaro’s Eduonix Offers you can avail this course at a more affordable rate.

Data Science for Business: Financial Sectors 

If business is the area of your interest, Eduonix has your back. This course is curated to teach you how to deal with the financial sector within 10 lectures. Use Eduonix Coupons to get cashback on this course.

Projects in Data Science 

This is another course that lays emphasis on python. Regression, data visualization, and decision tree are some of the things you will be learning about.

Path – Project Data Science 

Learn hands-on by learning from a live project. You will be given a complete project on building a linear regression model for predicting breast cancer. This will ensure you see the skill being put to practical use. Along with this, you will also have an instructor guiding you.

Once you have finished the course, you will be able to generate your Certificate of Accomplishment and become a certified Data Scientist.

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