15 Best Dumbbell Brands in India

Looking for muscle gain but don’t have time to hit the gym? Bring your gym equipment home that will fix this concern. Start your workout at home by buying from these best dumbbell brands. However, consider the dumbbell’s durability, grip, and price before getting one.

Here we have simplified the search for you. It will give you a clear idea of which dumbbell brands to invest in.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Pick the Best Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are some of the most important equipment in your regular or home gym. While there are certainly high-tech machines, nothing beats the gains and simplicity that dumbbells provide. Thus, you should definitely take into consideration several factors before making the final decision. In India, dumbbells range from Rs 500 to Rs 50,000, depending on your requirement. Here are some factors to keep in mind.


Weight is the most important factor to consider when picking yourself new dumbbells. Before buying a pair, you need to know how much weight you can lift realistically. As a general rule of thumb, beginners can go for 2.5kg dumbbells for their bicep and chest exercises, gradually moving onto 5kg, 7.5kg, and 10kg. Anything above that might require external help and isn’t recommended for a home gym.


Dumbbells usually come in two types: fixed and adjustable. The most popular ones are fixed, which can be used for only the weight mentioned at the time of purchase. Those of the adjustable kind are flexible in the sense that weight can be adjusted based on exercise or level of training. However, these are substantially more expensive too.


Dumbbells come in several material types: majorly, rubber, metal, and vinyl-coated. The solid metal ones are the most inexpensive with just the metal base in metallic or black color. Rubber dumbbells get a rubber coating on top of the metal to provide you with additional support and grip. Finally, vinyl-coated options are made of cast iron and have vinyl for the best grip and comfort.

List of Top 15 Dumbbell Brands to Invest in


Best Dumbbell Brands
Bodygrip Dumbbells

Looking for sturdy dumbbells to kick start your home gym routine? Invest in Bodygrip’s dumbbells for optimum quality at a great price.

  • Notable Features
  • The dumbbells are available in various weight options, sizes and colours.
  • They can provide you with a gym-like experience right in your happy space.
  • The brand specialises in PVC dumbbells, complete dumbbell sets, weight plates, and even kettlebells for weight training.


Strauss Dumbbells
Strauss Dumbbells

Strauss is a popular fitness and exercise brand that manufactures a range of equipment for strength training exercises.

  • Notable Features
  • You can pick from its range of dumbbells and weights including Vinyl, PVC, and sturdy disc dumbbell sets to continue your gymming at home.
  • The dumbbells are compact and can be taken on your trips too.
  • You get a comfortable grip and a smooth finish.


Cockatoo Dumbbells
Cockatoo Dumbbells

If you want to bring home a professional dumbbell set, you can trust Cockatoo blindly.

  • Notable Features
  • The brand has a range of dumbbell sets weighing anywhere between 2 kg to 20 kg for beginner to expert level workouts.
  • The equipment is made with high-grade material and is durable and sturdy enough for rigorous strength training exercises.
  • Pick one from its range of hex dumbbells or disc dumbbells set to train hard.


Aurion Dumbbells

Want to add an elegant-looking dumbbell set to your home gym? Bring home Aurion dumbbells that will make your workout regime even more engaging.

  • Notable Features
  • It has a range of dumbbell sets, including those with a solid cast, hexagonal design, rubber encasing, and vinyl plating.
  • The chrome coating adds a premium look to the pair. It is anti-slip in nature, so you don’t have to worry about grip.
  • This brand is ideal for beginners and professionals.


AmazonBasics Dumbbells
AmazonBasics Dumbbells

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s in-house brand that manufactures everything that you need. It even has a range of dumbbell sets to choose from.

  • Notable Features
  • You can pick from the variants, including neoprene-coated dumbbells, rubber encased sets, cast iron dumbbell sets, and more.
  • The hexagon style rubber ends prevent rolling on sloped grounds.
  • The chrome handles provide a secure grip.


Bowflex Dumbbells
Bowflex Dumbbells

If you’re looking for a single adjustable dumbbell set, Bowflex is your go-to brand.

  • Notable Features
  • The plus point is that it has a flexible setting and a comfortable grip.
  • The product comes in convenient packaging and can be used by men and women.
  • The compact set also eliminates the need for keeping multiple dumbbell sets by offering you numerous weight plates that can be removed as per your preference.


SPRI Dumbbells
SPRI Dumbbells

This brand manufactures vinyl dumbbells that are user-friendly and aim to be used on delicate floors. Explore the top punching bags in India, known for their quality and durability in training and workouts.

  • Notable Features
  • The dumbbells do not damage the floors.
  • You can use them as strength training equipment for home gym and aerobic workouts.
  • Pick your favorite one from the numerous interesting colors available so that the workout sessions don’t become boring.

Cap Barbell

Cap Barbell Dumbbells
Cap Barbell Dumbbells

Dumbbells of this brand flaunt stylish plates making it easy to change weights according to the need of the customer. Find the perfect chest expander for your fitness regimen from our lineup of the top choices in India, designed for a robust chest workout.

  • Notable Features
  • These dumbbells are of premium quality and won’t rust, making them maintenance-free.
  • They have an ergonomic grip, ensuring that the hands don’t slip while you are working out.
  • Though a bit on the expensive side, Cap Barbell dumbbells guarantee performance and durability.


Kore Dumbbells
Kore Dumbbells

This brand of dumbbells is for the ones who are looking to start lifting weights. Kore has built a name for itself for beginner-friendly products for your gym.

  • Notable Features
  • The brand has dumbbell sets that can hold a weight of up to 20kg as per the individual’s preference.
  • The products have impressive durability and are sturdy enough for rugged everyday use.
  • Choose from barbells and customizable dumbbell sets, and you won’t have to bother going to a gym again.


Protoner Dumbbells
Protoner Dumbbells

Protoner dumbbells are known for their impressive strength.

  • Notable Features
  • Most of its dumbbell sets are adjustable and have several weight plates to adjust the weight according to the user’s preference.
  • You can shop for customizable dumbbell sets or barbells suitable for aerobics and workouts.


BalanceFrom Dumbbells
BalanceFrom Dumbbells

BalanceFrom is a popular brand on Amazon, known for home gym equipment such as yoga mats, digital weighing scales, aerobic steppers, and more. Discover the finest stepper brands, offering a reliable and compact fitness solution for Indian exercise enthusiasts.

  • Notable Features
  • The company manufactures 3 different sets of dumbbells available in a weight of 2, 3, and 5 pounds.
  • Its dumbbells have a compact design and can be stored at any place without occupying much space.
  • The durability of its products is unquestionable as the brand boasts of reliable neoprene coating over cast iron to protect it from rust and provide a better grip.


J/Fit Dumbbells
J/Fit Dumbbells

J/Fit is a popular fitness wear brand that has top-quality gym wear as well as gym equipment that offers the best workout at home.

  • Notable Features
  • J/Fit dumbbells have a sturdy neoprene coating that prevents the equipment from rusting.
  • They are designed to do light but high-impact exercises.
  • Durability is another plus point, that convinces us to pick this brand. Its dumbbells are available in weights of 3, 5, and 8 pounds.
  • J/Fit dumbbells are perfect for pros who know what weight they need to lift for achieving the maximum result.

Tone Fitness

Tone Fitness Dumbbells
Tone Fitness Dumbbells

This brand of dumbbells manufactures gym equipment for professionals and beginners.

  • Notable Features
  • The dumbbells are available in a set of two, weighing anywhere up to 9 kg or more.
  • Though most of its equipment is non-adjustable, they are very easy to use.


Marcy Dumbbells
Marcy Dumbbells

Marcy brings you various adjustable and non-adjustable dumbbells that provide an amazing workout experience.

  • Notable Features
  • These dumbbells are suitable for beginners and experienced professionals.
  • The handles are rust-proof and chrome-plated.
  • The equipment is manufactured with recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly.

Da Vinci

DaVinci Dumbbells
DaVinci Dumbbells

Da Vinci dumbbells come in a unique design. Perfect for heavy weightlifting for building curls.

  • Notable Features
  • Their design offers a better grip while performing an intense workout.
  • The neoprene coating prevents rusting of the dumbbells.
  • Da Vinci dumbbells are a great choice if you’re working out for quite some time and want to shift to some intense sessions to boost your muscle shape.

Final Word

Dumbbells are a great step towards a fitter you. When setting up a home gym, it’s always good to research and then buy. We have curated this list of the best dumbbell brands in India based on material, type, weight, and price range. Our top picks are Cockatoo, Bodygrip, and Strauss. Go through the list and make a wise buying decision.


Which brand is best for dumbbells?

Cockatoo, Strauss, and Bodygrip are some of the best brands for dumbbells in India.

Which material is best for dumbbells?

Usually, rubber coating and vinyl coating is the best material for dumbbells, especially for your home gyms.

Which dumbbell is best for beginners?

Kore is a good brand when buying dumbbells for beginners.

Is PVC dumbbell good?

Yes, PVC provides a good grip, especially while handling heavy weights.

Is Aurion a good brand?

Yes, Aurion is a highly rated fitness brand that is known for dumbbells.

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