10 Best Dumbbell Brands – Complete Guide with Price Range

10 Best Dumbbell Brands – Complete Guide with Price Range

Looking to gain some muscle but have no time to hit the gym? No problem at all! Buy dumbbells for home and start your workout from today. Now, the most important question is- which brand of dumbbells should you buy? You need to consider many things like durability, grip, how many plates one rod can bear and, obviously, the price. No need to break your head over so many factors, this is the article to simplify everything and give you a clear idea about dumbbells.

Mentioned below is the list of 10 best dumbbell brands in India

1. Best Protoner dumbbells

Dumbbells of Protoner come in sets of 25 kg. The dumbbell set is adjustable and offers many weight classes. The rods can carry 2 plates at a time. It is perfect for a beginner who has recently started lifting weights. This dumbbell set is very pocket-friendly and is available at ₹1200.

2. Best Kore dumbbells

This brand of dumbbells is for the ones who are looking to start lifting the weight. It can accommodate up to 20 kg. The durability of the product is good and the thinner plates are easy to customize. For the beginners, this is the perfect set of traditional dumbbells starting from ₹1200.

3. Best BalanceFrom BF-D358 dumbbells

3 different sets of dumbbells are manufactured by this company. The variants are 2,3,5, pounds. The compact design of the dumbbell is such that it can be stored at any place without occupying much space. The durability of this product is unquestionable as neoprene coating is applied over the cast iron to protect it from rusting and providing a better grip. Starting at ₹4000, this dumbbell is suitable for a casual workout with a maximum weight of 9.5kg.

4. Best Cap Barbell dumbbells

Dumbbells of this brand flaunt stylish plates making it easy to change weights according to the need of the customer. These dumbbells are of premium quality and don’t rust making it maintenance free. The dumbbells come with ergonomic grips so that the hands don’t slip while you are working out. Starting from ₹3469 it comes with four 2.5 plates, 2 handles, 4 collars, and a plastic storage case. Though a bit on the expensive side, this dumbbell guarantees performance.

5. Best SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

This brand manufactures 2 sets of vinyl dumbbells that are user-friendly and aim to be used on delicate floors so that in case it falls it will not do any damage on the floors. The unique feature is that not only it can be used for the gym but also by aerobic workout enthusiasts. Starting at ₹2732 it is available in many interesting colors so that the workout sessions don’t become boring.

6. Best Da Vinci dumbbells

Dumbbells with hexagonal designs of this brand are for heavy weight lifting for building curls. The design helps to have a better grip while doing an intense workout session. The neoprene coating prevents from rusting of the dumbbells. Due to its hexagonal design, it doesn’t roll on the floor. Starting at ₹565 it is a great choice if you’re working out for quite some time and now you want to shift to some intense sessions to boost your muscle shape.

7. Best j/fit dumbbells

This is dumbbell also comes in a neoprene coating to prevent it from rusting, it is designed to do light but high impact exercises. Durability is their plus point, it is available in pairs of 8 pounds, 3 pounds, 5 pounds. Starting at ₹2717 it comes with a triangular storage rack so that storing them is not a problem. This dumbbell is for the pros who know what weight they need to lift for achieving the maximum result.

8. Best Tone Fitness dumbbells

This brand of dumbbells come in an hourglass shape and can be used by both professional and a beginner. It comes in a set of two hourglass-shaped dumbbells each weighing 9 kg each. Though the dumbbells are non-adjustable they are very easy to use. Pricing at ₹1416 this is the pic of the lot.

9. Best Bowflex SelectTech1090 dumbbells

It is a single adjustable dumbbell that can only be adjusted in 2.5 kg adjustment. The plus point is that it has a flexible setting, comfortable grip, and extremely simple weight. The product also includes a DVD for the instructions of reps to do for the ultimate result. The pricing starts at ₹20744.

10. Best Marcy ECO Iron dumbbell set

It is an adjustable set of dumbbells that provide an amazing workout experience both for beginners and for experienced enthusiasts. It is the most hassle-free dumbbell of the lot. The handle is rust proof as it is chrome plated providing a good grip while doing long routines of the workout. It will not tend to slip from your hand. The product is manufactured with recycled materials, making it environment-friendly. Starting at ₹9000 it is a wise choice to start with.

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