10 Best brands of Full-rim Eyeglasses: A complete guide

Surely I don’t need to say anything much about eyeglasses as we all are quite familiar with this item. Glasses could be one of the most essential things for someone’s daily life. Our eyes work like a camera, and when the vision of that camera gets weak, eyeglasses are used as support. It helps to make our eyesight sharper that helps our brain to interpret that particular image. So it is very clear that how much importance should be given before choosing a perfect eyeglass for you. There are many kinds of eyeglasses available around the market. Some are rimless, some of them are the half rim, and some comes with full rim.

List of 10 Best Brands of Full-Rim Eyeglasses

1. Salvador

The modern-day project of “make in India: made in India” inspired me to keep this brand at the top. This is an Indian brand doing their job without compromising with quality. Salvador makes high-quality frames with quite trendy, contemporary designs and styles. Their products are extremely durable and affordable as well. Metal frames of Salvador as well as very lightweight plastic frames, which gives them a stylish look.

2. Ray-Ban

Probably the name of the brand is enough to judge the quality of their product. Ray-Ban is the leader of sunglasses and maintains their dominance at the sector of eyeglasses. Their products are trendy, they come with very fashionable, contemporary design and a high build quality and most importantly the eyeglasses from Ray-Ban lasts for a long time. These all features can be a reason to consider Ray-Ban products as a one-time investment.

3. Calvin Klein

If you are looking for a worldwide popular brand with high quality and great trendy or classic design, and most importantly if the budget doesn’t matter to you, then Calvin Klein frames might be a proper pick for you. They are very famous around the world for designing trendy and classic eyeglasses and obviously for their high-end price.

4. Delite Optical

Are you in search of some retro vintage designed frames? Then Delite Optical can be a perfect choice for you. The 1980’s brand designs their product in some differently stylish way. If you are fond of a retro look after wearing eyeglasses with a good quality, this brand could be an ultimate pick for you.


Do you follow Bollywood trends? Do you follow any celeb as your style icon? If yes, then you must have a look to IDEE collections for your next eyeglasses. The brand has captured the right place in the eyeglass market within a short span of time. They usually follow the style trends of Bollywood celebrities and make them their main USP what helped them to attract the audience to their products. Besides they maintain their product quality as good and long lasting.

6. Titan Eyeplus

After entering the eyewear market at 2007, Titan has captured mostly the market of middle-class customers with their decent quality and a huge variety of eyeglasses. Titan doesn’t only make full rim eyeglasses, but they have a great collection of full-rim eyewear. They offer good quality, decent design and a moderate price in one row.

7. Burberry

If you have a bit obsession with colors, Then the brand Burberry could be the finest choice of you. They offer their products with a great variety of colors like silver, blue, black, lavenders. Burberry products also come with elegant designs and build quality especially for men.

8. Crazy Specs

If the only concern is the vision of your eye and you are looking for much affordable eyewear, then you may have a look to Crazy Specs frames collections. This brand is easier to access through wide range availability and online portal includes many offers what make the brand budget friendly. Crazy Specs doesn’t only make full-rim eyeglasses but they also offer with half-rim and rimless frames.

9. Valerie Spencer

Do you need to keep wearing your eyeglass for a long time? Then you may choose Valerie Spencer eyewear collection to have great comfort while wearing your specs. This brand offers their product with a great variety of designs, size, colour, and shape as well.

10. Fossil

Perhaps you have heard about this popular brand around India: Fossil. It is an international eyewear brand which offers a great collection of eyeglasses not only with full-rim but also with half-rim. Their products have a wide range of colors, size, and shapes and most importantly the designs are unique. You can find Fossil products in high-end eyewear stores or Fossil Exclusive stores in India.


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