We all love cheese and why shouldn’t we? It just makes everything 10x better! Whether you’re setting up a charcuterie board to go with your favourite wine or making a gooey pizza for the weekend, cheese is the essence of it all. Apart from being delicious, cheese is also healthy for you if consumed in moderation. It’s a great source of good fat, protein, and vitamins that are beneficial for your health. If you’re yet to discover your favourite cheeses, we’ve rounded up a list of the best cheese brands in India, just for you!

List of the Best Cheese Brands in India

1. Amul


Amul is no doubt one of the largest dairies in India which continues to keep growing exponentially. The brand was founded in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel and has its headquarters in Anand, Gujarat. Apart from producing top-quality milk, Amul is also known as of the finest cheese manufacturers in India. It generated a whopping turnover of Rs 39,200 crores in the FY 2020-21.

This Processed Cheese Cube by Amul is one of its highest-selling products. It’s made using graded cow/buffalo milk and has a high nutritional profile as well. The salty taste is not too overwhelming and this cheese cube will complement a lot of your dishes such as pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

2. Britannia


Britannia is a leading processed foods company that was founded by a group of British businessmen in 1892. The brand is now owned by Wadia Group and has its headquarters in Kolkata, India. It became popular after launching its Tiger brand of biscuits and slowly expanded to other sections as well. It makes bakery products such as bread, cakes, buns, and rusk. It generated a revenue of Rs 3,607 crores in the year 2021.

This Cheese Block is made with pure cow milk that adds a natural richness and creaminess to it. It melts to a gooey texture and makes all your dishes a lot tastier. You can simply grate it on top of your pizza, pasta, or just add some slices to your sandwiches and you’re good to go! It tastes great and has a nice aroma to it as well.

3. Gowardhan

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Gowardhan is a popular dairy brand owned by Parag Milk Foods. It was launched in the year 1992 and has its headquarters based in Mumbai, India. It makes almost 10,00,000 litres of milk every day and even delivers to other international brands such as Dominos, Baskin Robbins, Barista, etc.

This Cheese Block is made of cow’s milk which is creamy and delicious. It has a blend of different cheddar cheeses and has a smooth texture. The Cheese also has a high melting point so you can make a variety of dishes in it. If you’re looking for cheese that’s versatile, tasty, and affordable, go for this one!

4. Acres Wild

Acres Wild
Acres Wild

Acres Wild is another homegrown brand that’s taken the cheese world by storm. It was started by a family from Mumbai who settled later in Coonnor and started their cheesemaking business there. The brand is pretty prominent in the South Indian region and has a good customer base in other regions as well. If you’re looking for good quality cheese made in India, check out this brand.

This Gouda Cheese is made with the best quality cow’s milk and goes through a long process in order to achieve flavour and texture. The cheese is yellow in colour and is usually sold in circular shapes. It has a salty and creamy taste which many people love here. You can also find a wide variety of other cheeses such as liquid cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, and halloumi under this brand.

5. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy
Mother Dairy

Founded in 1974 by National Dairy Development Board, Mother Dairy is one of the largest dairy and processed foods brands in India. It makes products such as milk, paneer, cheese, ice creams, curd, etc that are sold massively across North India. The brand has its headquarters in Noida and a stellar presence in the NCR region. It also retails condiments, frozen and fresh vegetables and fruits.

These Cheese Slices by Mother Dairy can be your go-to option to whip up quick sandwiches when running late for work in the morning. It’s made with high-quality milk and is rich in protein and calcium. The melty, creamy, gooey texture of the cheese is to die for and you’ll enjoy eating it every day!

6. Kraft


Kraft Foods is a multinational confectionery company that was founded in 1923 by Thomas H. McInerney and Edward E. Rieck. The brand had an American origin and its headquarters were based in Northfield, US. It exported to around 170 countries and still has a loyal customer base that prefers its products over other brands.

This Parmesan Cheese is delicious and super convenient for people who don’t like a lot of hassle while cooking. The cheese is made with part-skim milk and milk protein concentrates that add a milky richness to it. It comes grated in a box so all you need to do is sprinkle this already grated on top of your dishes and enjoy cheesy, delicious meals at home!

7. Bombay Cheese Company

Bombay Cheese Company
Bombay Cheese Company

Bombay Cheese Company is a widely renowned plant-based cheese company in India. It was founded by animal rights activist Anuradha Sawhney who was also the CEO of PETA for around a decade. It’s owned by Back To The Basics which is a vegan restaurant based out of Pune.

This Cheddar Block Cheese is made out of potato starch, rice bran oil, and salt that creates a flavour and texture which is almost similar to regular, dairy cheese that we eat always. The company’s vision to promote veganism has been appreciated by a lot of customers and even non-vegans enjoy the taste of this cheese. It will act, smell, and melt like your regular cheddar cheese so you get the taste of dairy-based cheese without having to use dairy!

8. Urban Platter

Urban Platter
Urban Platter

Founded in 2015, Urban Platter is a popular gourmet brand that makes plant-based foods in India. It retails a wide range of foods such as staples, baking products, condiments, snacks, chocolates, and spices. The brand has garnered a lot of attention as it promotes plant-based diets which are healthy and super delicious! It has headquarters in Mumbai and a thriving online presence so you can easily find its products on Amazon.

This Cheese Powder will be your best friend and elevate basic recipes to a whole another level. It’s tasty, convenient, and versatile enough to go with burgers, pizzas, pasta, noodles, and whatnot. The cheese powder is free of gluten and dairy and is completely vegan so you get the best of taste and nutrition in one jar.

9. D’lecta


D’lecta is an Indian consumer goods company that was launched in the year 2001 and has its head offices in Mumbai. The brand produces top-grade baked goods and dairy products that are highly popular in southern India. If you’re looking for a trusted cheese company from India, D’lecta can be your go-to option.

These Processed Cheese Cubes are made from 100% cow milk and are a great source of protein for your body. The cheese has been aged properly which gives it a nice texture and low melting point. If you want to add some taste and flavour to your food, add these cheese cubes and enjoy the delicious delights!

10. Flanders


Flanders is a popular cheese brand that was founded in 1982 by Sunil Bhu, who had an immense fascination with European cheese and brought it to India as well. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and has a great customer base around the globe. It produces a huge variety of cheeses such as mozzarella, goat cheese, gouda, mascarpone, etc.

This Mozzarella Cheese by Flanders will go perfectly well with Pizzas. It has a mild, delicate taste with hints of saltiness and a sour taste that is super subtle. If you like sticky, gooey, and stringy cheese on your pizzas, go for this one!

11. Happy Cow

Happy Cow
Happy Cow

Happy Cow is an Austrian cheese brand that was founded in 1889 by Johann Baptist Woerle. The brand is a widely known producer of Emmentaler cheese and has a solid clientele in Europe. It exports to over 70 countries around the world and has managed to make a mark with its great quality products.

This Processed Cheese is made with cow milk and has 50% less fat than other variants in the market. It’s a spreadable cheese and has a creamy consistency that makes your dishes super tasty instantly! The cheese is highly rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins that are essential for your health.

12. Anchor


Anchor is a cheese and butter brand that was founded in 1868 by Henry Reynolds. It is based in New Zealand and is known worldwide for its quality and taste that you will never forget. It became a part of Fonterra Capital in the year 2001 and exports to over 70 countries today.

This Cream Cheese by Anchor is made with 100% pure pasteurised whole milk. The smooth and creamy texture will not break while baking and has the traditional flavour of milky cheese. This is perfect for making cheesecakes, both baked and unbaked.

Best Cheese Brands in India – Price List

Best Cheese Brands in IndiaPrice*
AmulStarting at Rs 105
BritanniaStarting at Rs 85
GovardhanStarting at Rs 119
Acres WildNA
Mother DairyStarting at Rs 99
KraftStarting at Rs 375
Bombay Cheese CompanyStarting at Rs 199
Urban PlatterStarting at Rs 295
D’lectaStarting at Rs 260
FlandersStarting at Rs 100
Happy CowStarting at Rs 85
AnchorStarting at Rs 90
*Prices are subject to change

Best Cheese Brands in India – FAQs

What are the best selling cheese manufacturers in India?

Amul, Govardhan, and Britannia are some of the best cheese manufacturers in India.

Which cheese is good for pizzas?

Mozzarella and cheddar cheese is highly suitable to top off your pizzas.

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