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Balcony or verandah of your house.

Flower pots and plants around you.

The Sun is about to say good bye for the day.

Your mom is walking past you, with a tray and tea cups, along with that aroma of ginger.

Pretty setting, isn’t it?

But, something is missing.

What is it?


Biscuits, guys!

There is only thing that this perfect setting lacks.

Biscuits that go with that aroma and mood.

But, tea or no tea, biscuits can be a good snack too and Amazon pantry has all your favourite biscuit brands available to give you that homely vibe and feel, far away from home too.

Also, Amazon pantry offers amazing deals to help you save and cherish your favourite snack.

Parle G

Are we hitting all your sweet spots?

There is nothing basic and better in this world than dunking Parle G in the tea and having the best evening with your loved ones.

You have dunked them.

We have done that.

All of us do that.

And for many such dunking days, get Amazon grocery offers from Amazon pantry and get amazing deals to shop your favourite tea time buddy.


The dietician favourite biscuit, that is both tasty and healthy, has been the favourite healthy snack for a long time.

It is filling and doesn’t end up adding the unhealthy quotient in your body.

Well, now this healthy alternative is being made available to you at discounted prices by using Amazon grocery offer.


Used in shakes extensively these days, Oreo has been the favorite flavour of many people for many years now.

Giving you the right crunch and cream, it is such a treat for your mouth. It has various flavours, that will ensure that you have different experience with every flavour.

Now, you can get all these flavours at discounted prices by using Amazon Grocery shopping.

Dark Fantasy Choco Fill

The outside crust and oozing chocolate inside, Dark Fantasy will fill your heart with satisfaction and mouth with chocolate.

True to its name, this biscuit is best suited for days when you seek comfort in something ‘good to eat’.

With Amazon offers, this trip to the Fantasy world won’t cost you a fortune.

Now that we have told you about some of the brands available on Amazon, it is about time to fill your cart the missing piece to the evening chai picture we painted in the beginning of this post.

Happy tea time!

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