Best Chess Boards for All Ages

Chess is one of the most sought-after games for teenagers and adults. A perfect brain teaser to stimulate your mind, this family game can teach your kid strategy, management, and critical thinking. Played by gazillions of people across the world, this game can help shape your kid’s mind and can be played by two players at a time. Additionally, it also helps in developing a problem-solving approach. Bring home a chess board and watch your kids learn various skills while having fun.

Best Chess Boards for All Ages

1. StoneKraft Chess Board

Made with high-quality washable material, this chess set comes with International standard chess pieces. The board measures 17-inch in both length and width and features two extra queens. It is handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans and has clearly marked boxes for each piece. This game is ideal for kids of age 6 years and above.


This chess board is made with premium quality vinyl which can be rolled up without the hassle of breakage and tear.

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2. Jambuwala Enterprise Chess Board

This chess board is made with high-grade plastic and comes in a foldable design. It is light in weight and offers a luxury playing experience. Thanks to its magnetic properties, this board keeps the pieces stuck on to their places even if they are jerked or shook. It measures approx. 10-inch in both length and width and is suitable to be carried around anywhere in a purse or backpack. It is perfect for kids of 3 years and above.

Snap-joint Design

This chess board comes with a carrier compartment that is revealed post unlocking its snap joint design.

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3. Funskool Chess Board

This classic game board is made with premium quality cardboard that features a foldable design. The checkerboard measures 16-inch in length and breadth and is ideal for age 7 years and above. Thick and light in weight, it is sturdy enough to continue enjoying uninterrupted gameplay for years.


This chess board is made with sturdy cardboard with excellent durability and lasts longer than usual cardboard chess boards.

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4. Funskool Classic Chess Board

Featuring premium quality wooden finish, this checkerboard is ideal for kids of 6 years and above. The set features plastic moulded chess pieces and neatly designed board that prevents the pieces from tumbling down. Measuring 10-inches in length and width, this game can help you enjoy an engaging and happy day with your kids.

Fall-resist Walls

This chess board features sidewalls that prevent the chess pieces from falling on to the floor if jerked.


5. Ekta Chess Board

Designed for a perfect gaming experience, this chess board is suitable for kids of 7 to 12 years. It is made with premium quality plastic and features pieces that can firmly latch on to the board, thanks to its excellent holding properties. The board measures 9-inches in length and width.

Magnetic Board

This chess board features magnetic properties for stable play without putting in much effort to move the pieces.

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