20 Best Essential Oil Brands in India to Rejuvenate Your Senses

Unending stress and work pressure can make us feel overwhelmed and impact our mental well-being. Self-care is as important as taking care of your professional and personal commitments. Breaking the monotony is necessary as everyone needs some time off to rejuvenate and regroup. If you’re looking for a way to feel calm and relaxed after hustling for a long time, aromatherapy is the answer. Essential oils have become the numero uno method to revive and you must give them a try as well. They are simple, affordable, and very convenient to use. You can simply add them to your skincare routine or put a few drops in a diffuser to feel calm instantly. If you wish to experience the innumerable benefits of these oils, Here you can also best tea tree Oil for scars & essential oils for hair growth.

List of 20 Best Essential Oil Brands in India

1. Aroma Magic

Aroma Magic
Aroma Magic

Aroma Magic is a brand that fully encourages using natural ingredients to make body and skincare products. The brand was launched in 1994 by Blossom Kochhar and Lt. Col. V. Kocchar. It’s a family-owned aromatherapy company that has gained numerous fans across the country with top-notch products. Whether you want to buy a soothing face cream or a relaxing essential oil, you will find it all under Aroma Magic.

This Lavender Oil is one of the brand’s top-selling products in the market today. As per experts, regular usage of this essential oil can help you relax and treat uneven sleeping patterns. It smells incredible and can easily be mixed with bath water or diffusers. You can also use it to soothe sunburn and cold.

2. Old Tree

Old Tree
Old Tree

Over the decade, Old Tree has become one of the leading skin and hair care brands in India. The company retails naturally-sourced essential oils, body butter, massage oils, bath soaps, face serums, scrubs, etc. All of its products are free of parabens and chemicals so they are safe to use every day.

This Tea Tree Oil by Old Tree has highly beneficial properties of Australian Tea Tree. It is perfect for people who deal with oily and acne-prone skin. All you need to do is mix a few drops of this oil to some coconut oil and see your pimples fading away quickly. It comes with a dropper so that you can use it hygienically.

3. Elansa


Elansa is known for its pure and high-quality essential oils in India. The brand focuses on making sure that you get the best products at a reasonable price. All of its essential oils are steam distilled and very lightweight so you can use them conveniently.

This Lavender Oil by Elansa is one of the brand’s top-selling products and one that you must check out. It has a refreshing and delightful fragrance that lingers on for a long time. Its lightweight and non-greasy texture helps you to blend this oil with other oils or diffusers easily.

4. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials
Forest Essentials

Ayurveda and luxury go hand in hand when it comes to Forest Essentials. The brand was founded in the year 2000 by Mira Kulkarni and there has been no looking back ever since. Forest Essentials has garnered a massive clientele with its top-notch products today. From popular influencers to celebrities, everyone is going gaga behind its products.

This Jasmine Essential Oil by Forest Essentials has a mesmerizing scent that keeps you relaxed. Regular usage can help you relax and tackle stress without any side effects. All you need is a few drops of this oil in a diffuser and see the magic for yourself.

5. Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest
Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest is a cruelty-free and vegan brand making amazing organic products for your hair and skin. The brand was founded by Rahul Agarwal and holds a loyal customer base in India today. All of its products are derived from natural ingredients and no chemicals are used during the process. The brand believes in providing the best of products to every customer and you must try it.

This Rose Essential Oil by Organic Harvest is a solid mood-booster. It will help you resolve your skin concerns and ease mental health concerns as well. Regular usage can also help you reduce stress, menstrual discomfort, anxiety, and keep your mind relaxed all the time.

6. Aroma Treasures

Aroma Treasures
Aroma Treasures

Founded in 2000 by Mr Nirmal Minawala and Araadna Minawala, Aroma Treasures has become one of the best aromatherapy brands in India. You can find top-class essential oils, creams, masks, diffusers, and hair care products under this brand. The brand relies on creating all of its products using naturally-sourced ingredients. If you like natural products, you must check out this brand’s wide collection.

This Peppermint Essential Oil is the perfect product for people dealing with skin issues and need some relaxation every day. It smells amazing and is very convenient to use. You can mix a few drops in your bath water or add it to your massage oil to revive yourself after a long day at work.

7. Mesmara


Mesmara is a brand that runs on the tagline ‘From farms to table’ and has been proving it for years. The brand makes some of the best natural products in India and has become a trustworthy option for many consumers. It was founded by Aravindan Jayakumar, Ragini Ravipati, and Srikanth Ravipati and has its headquarters in Hyderabad.

Mesmara’s Lemongrass Essential Oil has rejuvenating properties and a scent that you will fall in love with instantly. It is extracted from the steam distillation procedure to make it 100% safe for you. You can simply add it to water to spray in your rooms and it will instantly help calm you down.

8. Nature’s Absolutes

Nature’s Absolutes
Nature’s Absolutes

As the name suggests, Nature’s Absolutes is a skin and hair care brand that makes authentic and natural products. It has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market for using only high-quality ingredients. The brand ensures that you get the best of all the natural ingredients with no chemical additives.

This Jasmine Essential Oil is derived purely from jasmine flowers which makes it one of the best selling products from the brand. The oil matches international standards when it comes to quality and is priced at a very reasonable rate. You can also improve your skin and hair with the help of this oil.

9. Soulflower


Soulflower was birthed with the vision of providing premium organic products to the world. The brand has a wide array of skin, hair, and personal care products that are backed by science. It uses the blend of botanical science and innovation to create something unique.

This Lavender Essential Oil helps you to fight skin and hair issues within no time. The soothing aroma helps in reviving dull skin and can be your go-to solution for anxiety and stress. You can dilute it with other oils or put a few drops in a diffuser to experience its therapeutic effects.

10. St. Botanica

St. Botanica
St. Botanica

St. Botanica is an Indian brand that is making waves in the skin and hair care industry with its revolutionary products. Its face serums and essential oils are super popular and you must give them a try. The brand strives to create high-quality products at affordable prices so that they are accessible to everyone. It also exports products to USA, UK, Singapore, and Australia.

This Geranium Essential Oil by St. Botanica is made with 100% pure and natural ingredients. It’s a multi-purpose oil that can be used to heal skin and hair concerns. You can also use it to relax your mind and body after a long day. All in all, a great choice for people dealing with stress and anxiety.

11. Khadi Naturals

Khadi Naturals
Khadi Naturals

Founded in 1963, Khadi Naturals is one of the most trusted skincare and haircare brands in India. The brand has a wide range of products such as shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, essential oils, etc. All of its products are clinically tested and cruelty-free so you can stay assured about their quality.

This Rosemary Essential Oil has wonderful stimulating properties that help reduce stress and anxiety. You can also reduce bloating and soothe menstrual cramps with the help of this oil.

12. Naturalis


Naturalis is a leading herbal care brand in India that has garnered a lot of attention for its top-notch products. All of its products are made with mild and soothing ingredients that are gentle on your hair and skin. You can find top-notch massage oils, essential oils, bath oils, salts, soaps, etc.  

This Eucalyptus Oil by Naturalis is a highly therapeutic product, best for people struggling with unending body aches. It is also used for respiratory issues. Make sure to dilute it with another oil or else the smell may feel overwhelming to some people.

13. Good Vibes

Good Vibes
Good Vibes

Good Vibes is a relatively newer brand that has gained a lot of popularity quickly. It is run under Purplle and became one of its top-selling brands. The brand creates innovative skincare, haircare, and cosmetics products that are highly effective and affordable. You get premium face creams, washes, essential oils, and face masks under this brand.

This Rosemary Essential Oil by Good Vibes can help tone your skin and soften your hair with regular usage. You can also put a few drops in your diffusers to get control the cortisol hormone and control your stress levels. It comes in a dark blue glass bottle to avoid sun exposure and maintain the integrity of the oil.

14. Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda
Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is a premium Ayurveda brand based out of New Delhi, India. The brand was founded by Vivek Sahni in 2002 and has been going strong ever since. With a booming business in India, the brand also exports to countries in the USA and Europe. The brand generated traction by supplying its products to luxurious hotels and slowly became one of the top contenders in the market.

Its Citronella Essential Oil has a highly captivating and relaxing fragrance that lingers on for a long time. It can be used to treat wounds and avoid parasitic infections as well. You can either apply it to the affected area or diffuse it to make your surroundings smell fantastic.

15. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry
Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is a beauty and wellness brand founded by Pritesh and Megha in the year 2014. The brand is popular for producing organic and natural products in India. From beauty influencers to celebrities, everyone loves its products. You can find a variety of oils, creams, and supplements to treat several concerns such as PCOD, skin issues, damaged hair, etc.

This Blood Orange essential oil by Juicy Chemistry is super rich in Vitamin C that can help improve the quality and elasticity of your skin. Whether you have ageing signs or hyperpigmentation, this oil can do wonders for you.

16. Nykaa


Launched by Falguni Nayar in 2012, Nykaa is one of the leading e-commerce startups in the country. Over the last few years, the brand has become a one-stop shop for skincare and makeup lovers in the country. It came up with its own line of products which included foundations, lipsticks, nail paints, essential oils, body washes, etc.

Nykaa’s Basil Essential Oil is perfect for people who are dealing with some skin and dull hair problems. It has a pleasant smell and a lightweight texture that absorbs into your skin quickly.

17. The Beauty Co.

The Beauty Co.
The Beauty Co.

Founded by Suraj Vazirani, The Beauty Co. has become one of the most esteemed brands in the country today. The brand retails natural and chemical-free products such as shampoos, face creams, oils, and serums that are made with premium quality ingredients.

This Tea Tree Oil can help you reduce acne and remove blemishes from your skin with regular usage. You can also mix it with coconut oil and apply it to your scalp to get rid of dandruff. Its relaxing scent will help you unwind and calm your senses.

18. Milagro


Milagro is a brand that is acing the beauty and skincare game in India. It was founded in 2018 with the vision of making good skincare accessible to everyone in the country. The brand is popular for making oils with gold leaves, body lotions, and face toners that are loved by thousands of people.

This gold-infused essential oil can perform wonders on your skin by adding an instant boost of radiance. It targets issues such as collagen depletion and dullness of the skin. All you need is 2-3 drops of this oil every day and you will surely see effective results within a few weeks.

19. Edens Garden

Edens Garden
Edens Garden

A family-owned company, Edens Garden has been creating some of the best essential oils in the world. It was founded by Grace Martin in 2009 and has gained a lot of popularity in India today. You can easily grab one of its essential oils from the brand’s official website or Amazon.

This Turmeric Essential Oil has the most rejuvenating fragrance and its therapeutic properties will leave you wanting more. It can be used to treat skin conditions such as dryness and dullness.

20. Rouh


Rouh has been creating top-quality wellness and skincare products for quite some time now. The brand’s classic and simple packaging attracts a lot of customers and its products are to die for.

This Lavender Essential Oil by Rouh is perfect to reduce stress levels and increase tranquillity. It also has excellent hair-care properties, all you need is to put a few drops of this in your regular hair oils and see the results for yourself.

List O Best Essential Oil Brands in India With Price Comparison

Best Essential Oil Brands in IndiaPrice*
Aroma MagicStarting at Rs 230
Old TreeStarting at Rs 239
ElansaStarting at Rs 499
Forest EssentialsStarting at Rs 925
Organic HarvestStarting at Rs 310
Aroma TreasureStarting at Rs 150
MesmaraStarting at Rs 249
Nature’s AbsolutesStarting at Rs 349
SoulflowerStarting at Rs 450
St.BotanicaStarting at Rs 389
Khadi NaturalsStarting at Rs 300
NaturalisStarting at Rs 355
Good VibesStarting at Rs 135
Kama AyurvedaStarting at Rs 825
Juicy ChemistryStarting at Rs 375
NykaaStarting at Rs 315
Beauty Co.Starting at Rs 245
MilagroStarting at Rs 550
Eden GardenStarting at Rs 3,999
RouhStarting at Rs 799
*Prices are subject to change


What are the best essential oil brands in India?

Brands such as Aroma Magic, Khadi, Forest Essentials, and Kama Ayurveda make the best essential oils in India.

Which essential oil is best for stress?

You can use lavender essential to reduce stress and induce better sleeping cycles.

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