The aroma of fresh food from the kitchen is what binds a family together. When food plays such an important role in every home, then there is no chance you can compromise on the ingredients you pick for your loved ones. When almost every element of your dish can be substituted, there is one thing that finds no replacement- cooking oil. 

The sort of cooking oil you use can impact the taste and texture of your dish, while also influencing your health and body patterns. So, it becomes fundamental to pick the right cooking oil for your family. Ideally, the cooking oil must be lightweight, non-sticky, should promote good cholesterol in your body, and must have basic nutrients like omega-3 and vitamins.  

From soybean oil to sunflower oil, and olive oil to rice bran oil, there is a wide variety f oils in the market, and picking the right one for your family can become a task. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of our health expert’s top recommendations, just for you. 

Top 6 Cooking Oils for a Healthier You 

1. Fortune Soyabean Oil – 1L Pouch 

Fortune Soyabean Oil – 1L Pouch
Fortune Soyabean Oil – 1L Pouch 

If you’re looking to move towards a healthier lifestyle, the Fortune Soyabean Cooking oil is the one for you. A safe and pure refined oil obtained from premium quality soyabean, this oil helps make your bones stronger while improving overall health. Enriched with omega-3 acids that help keep your heart healthy, it also contains vitamins A and D that are integral parts of a balanced diet. Created from next generation H.A.R.T (high absorbent refining technology), this oil lets you have the best of care and taste, in every meal.

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2. Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil – 1L Pouch 

Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil – 1L Pouch
Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil – 1L Pouch

Stuck between the love of traditional cooking methods and newly acquired advanced techniques? Well, the Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil will let you enjoy the best of both worlds. Enriched with natural vitamins like vitamin E, it keeps your skin as well as heart healthy. Low in saturated fats, this nutritious oil aids digestion while simultaneously fortifying your immune system. Now fry your way through your favourite dishes without feeling any guilt about unhealthy snacking with this rich, lightweight cooking oil.

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3. Nature Fresh Soyabean Oil – 1L Pouch 

Nature Fresh Soyabean Oil – 1L Pouch
Nature Fresh Soyabean Oil – 1L Pouch

Whether you’re cooking for your next diet, or just looking to indulge with a full-fledged meal over the weekend, the Nature Fresh Acti-Lite Soyabean Oil is perfect for it all. Refined through a 6-step process from the finest quality soyabeans, this oil is a smart and pure alternative for your kitchen. Rich in omerga-3, and vitamins A, D and E, it contributes to improving your overall health and fitness by balancing the level of micronutrients in your body. It also absorbs 15% lesser compared, so your food remains as healthy and light as you.

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4. Fortune Refined Soyabean Oil – 5L Jar  

Fortune Refined Soyabean Oil – 5L Jar

Best things often come in small packages. But the same is not true when it comes to India’s favourite cooking oil. Bring home the 5L family pack of Fortune Soyabean Oil, so you can enjoy non-stop cooking and eating with your family. Free from cholesterol and trans fats that cause serious diseases in the body, this oil is ideal for everyone in your family. Enriched with the goodness of natural soyabean, it also contains omega-3 acids, and vitamins A and D. The H.A.R.T used in the processing of the oil ensures that you get the best quality products for stronger bones and active heart.

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5. Saffola Tasty Pro Fitness Conscious Cooking Oil – 1L Pouch 

Saffola Tasty Pro Fitness Conscious Cooking Oil – 1L Pouch
Saffola Tasty Pro Fitness Conscious Cooking Oil – 1L Pouch 

Hop on to a more active way of life with the Saffola Tasty Pro Fitness Conscious Cooking Oil. With the Dual Seed Technology that gives you the goodness and taste of two oils in one, this oil helps maintain an optimum balance of MUFA and PUFA for targeted nutrition. While oryzanol controls the level of cholesterol in your body, vitamin A and D strengthen your vision and bones respectively. With an adequately high smoking point, this oil features a LOSORB technology and absorbs 29% lesser compared to normal oils. So, binge on your favourite Indian delicacies and enjoy the best of flavours with this health-friendly oil.

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6. Fortune Xpert Pro Sugar Conscious Edible Oil – 5L Jar 

Fortune Xpert Pro Sugar Conscious Edible Oil – 5L Jar
Fortune Xpert Pro Sugar Conscious Edible Oil – 5L Jar

Gone are the days when you could either choose between your heart’s health and a hearty meal. Make a switch to the all-new Fortune Xpert Pro Sugar Conscious Edible Oil for a healthier tomorrow. A unique blend of rice bran oil and sesame oil that help in managing your heart health and sugar levels respectively, this oil is the one-stop solution for all your family members. Clinically proven to reduce the risk of diabetes, this oil helps manage sugar levels organically, without tampering with the taste of your food. Enriched with gamma oryzanols, poly nutrients, and balanced fatty acids, this oil is a breakthrough in the field of healthy eating, especially for patients with diabetic concerns.

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With the wide variety of healthy oils now available in the market, worrying about high cholesterol and health imbalance is a thing of past. The key to good health lies in striking the right balance between regular workout and moderated eating. Forget compromising on your taste with our top cooking oils, and let your health be as perfect as your plate.

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