12 Best Cooking Oil Brands in India for Aromatic Recipes

The aroma of fresh food from the kitchen is what binds a family together. When food plays such an important role in every home, then there is no chance you can compromise on the ingredients you pick for your loved ones. When almost every element of your dish can be substituted, there is one thing that finds no replacement- cooking oil. From soybean oil to sunflower oil and olive oil to rice bran oil, there is a wide variety of oils in the market, and picking the right one for your family can become a task. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of the best cooking oil brands in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Cooking Oil for You?

Healthy cooking oils are essential to maintain an active lifestyle; this is why we’re here to help you with a list of the best cooking oils. In India, you can get good quality oils ranging from Rs 140 to Rs 799, depending on your need and budget. Here are some factors we considered while making this list.


If you need a cooking oil with a prolific nutritional profile, you must always go for cold-pressed oils. This method helps retain the oil in its most authentic form, rich in good fats, omega, and multivitamins.

Smoking Point

Here, we have added oils with a high smoking point so that you can easily use them for everything from cooking, baking, and frying, to drizzling your food.

Flavour and Fragrance

We have added a blend of fragrant and non-fragrant oils here, so you can pick whichever you like best. Some oils have a fruity and fresh flavour, while some, like the mustard, have a pungent smell, just how it’s supposed to be. Feel free to pick your favourite!

List of The Top 12 Cooking Oil Brands in India



There’s no doubt that Fortune is one of the largest edible oil brands in India. It is owned by the famous Adani Group, which runs several other brands in the country. It was introduced to the Indian market in 2000, and there’s been no looking back ever since. Whether you want rice bran oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, or mustard oil, you will get it all under Fortune.

Prominent Features of the Fortune Soyabean Cooking Oil:

  • Light and odourless oil that’s perfect for cooking several different recipes
  • Extracted from premium quality soybean, which is rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Enriched with Vitamins A and D to make it a healthier choice for you
  • Also helps maintain your bone health
  • Comes in a pack and weighs 1 l


  • Great taste
  • A healthy addition to your diet
  • Has no fragrance

Why We Picked the Fortune Soyabean Cooking Oil?

If you’re looking to move towards a healthier lifestyle, the Fortune Soyabean Cooking oil is the one for you. A safe and pure refined oil obtained from premium quality soybean, this oil helps make your bones stronger while improving overall health.

Enriched with omega-3 acids that help keep your heart healthy, it also contains vitamins A and D, which are integral parts of a balanced diet. Created from next-generation H.A.R.T (high absorbent refining technology), this oil lets you have the best of care and taste in every meal.



Launched in the early 1960s, Saffola is also a top player in the Indian edible cooking oil market. It gained popularity for establishing good-for-heart oils, and many brands followed its path later on. It’s owned by Marico Limited, which also owns Parachute and Mediker.

Prominent Features of the Saffola Tasty Pro Fitness Conscious Cooking Oil:

  • Healthy oil that contains a blend of rice bran oil and corn oil
  • The Dual Seed Technology offers you the goodness of two oils in one
  • Has a good balance of MUFA and PUFA, which is great for your health
  • Contains Oryzanol and Vitamins A & D
  • Comes in a pack and weighs 1 l


  • High smoke point
  • No unnecessary smell
  • Healthier choice


  • Some might find it a little overpriced

Why We Picked the Saffola Tasty Pro Fitness Conscious Cooking Oil?

Hop on to a more active way of life with the Saffola Tasty Pro Fitness Conscious Cooking Oil. With the Dual Seed Technology that gives you the goodness and taste of two oils in one, this oil helps maintain an optimum balance of MUFA and PUFA for targeted nutrition.

While oryzanol controls the level of cholesterol in your body, vitamins A and D strengthen your vision and bones, respectively. With an adequately high smoking point, this oil features a LOSORB technology and absorbs 29% lesser compared to normal oils. So, binge on your favourite Indian delicacies and enjoy the best of flavours with this health-friendly oil.



In India, everyone relies on Figaro as it remains one of the most bought olive oil brands even after decades. It was founded in 1919 and produces virgin & extra virgin olive oil. Figaro is owned by Deoleo, a Spanish olive oil manufacturer and has its headquarters in Córdoba, Spain.

Prominent Features of the Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • Extra virgin oil extracted from the most premium quality olives
  • The cold-pressed extraction ensures that you get the highest nutritional value with this oil
  • It is enriched with Vitamin A and has high MUFA
  • Comes in a bottle and tin packaging


  • Can be used for cooking, frying, or drizzling over salads or dips
  • Contains healthy fats
  • Amazing fruity flavour


  • A little pricey

Why We Picked the Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Figaro is extracted from the finest olives in the world. It is perfect for adding to your salads, dressings, and dips, such as hummus. It’s rich in antioxidants, MUFA, and PUFA that are beneficial for your health. It has a beautiful aroma that will tantalize your senses and make cooking much more delightful.


Cooking Oil

DiSano was founded in 2013 and mainly retails international cooking products such as olive oils, canola oils, pasta, and olives. The brand has been offering international quality foods for years now and has garnered a huge customer base in India. Indians love exploring international flavours, and DiSano ensures that all its products are tasty and of superb quality.

Prominent Features of the DiSano Olive Pomace Oil:

  • Healthy and tasty olive pomace oil that’s ideal for everyday cooking
  • It is extracted from premium Spanish olives that lend a fruity flavour to it
  • Has high levels of MUFA and PUFA, which is great for your health
  • You can use the oil for several types of Indian cooking styles
  • Comes in a secure bottle packaging


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Free of trans fat
  • Has no cholesterol


  • Some might not like the quality

Why We Picked the DiSano Olive Pomace Oil:

This Olive Pomace Oil by DiSano is extracted from high-quality Spanish olives. The oil doesn’t have any cholesterol and is super rich in MUFA and PUFA. It also has a high smoking point, so you can do Indian cooking in it without any doubt.



Founded in 1884, Dabur is one of the best consumer goods companies in the country. The brand relies on using Ayurvedic products to create medicines and natural ingredients to create foods and oils. It was launched by SK Burman and has its headquarters in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Prominent Features of the Dabur Mustard Oil:

  • Top-grade mustard oil extracted from premium mustard seeds
  • The cold-pressed extraction method ensures that you get the maximum nutritional value from this oil
  • Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to maintain good heart health
  • Also has mono-saturated fatty acids to keep your cholesterol levels in check
  • Has a nice and pungent fragrance which makes it perfect for Indian cooking


  • Great flavour and aroma
  • Rich in MUFA
  • Improves overall health

Why We Picked the Dabur Mustard Oil?

This Mustard Oil by Dabur is extracted from premium mustard seeds through the cold-pressed technique that helps in the maximum retention of nutrients. It has a great smell and is rich in omega fatty acids.

Regular consumption can lead to better digestive health and a reduction in sinus congestion.



Launched in 2006 by Balaram and Baba Ramdev, Patanjali is a popular consumer goods brand in India. It attracts a lot of attention due to Baba Ramdev and its affordable yet quality products. The company has its headquarters in Haridwar and an office in New Delhi as well.

Prominent Features of the Patanjali Rice Bran Oil:

  • This Rice Bran Oil by Patanjali is a highly healthy alternative to other variants available in the market today
  • It is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants that improve your heart health
  • There is no cholesterol in this oil which makes it an ideal choice for people who have heart problems or cholesterol issues
  • Comes in a bottle and weighs 1 l


  • Great quality oil
  • Has no fragrance, which makes it perfect for several kinds of dishes



Oleev was founded in 2012 and is owned by Modi Naturals which is a large oil company based out of Punjab. The brand exclusively retails olive oil that is highly nutritional and extracted with the best practices. With Oleev, you only get great taste, flavour, and quality that you will never forget.

Prominent Features of the Oleev Pomace Oil:

  • Made with a blend of rice bran oil and olive oil
  • It’s best for people who are health-conscious and want to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • The oil is rich in MUFA and can be used for frying, sauteing, and grilling
  • Since it is enriched with Vitamin E, it helps protect you from diseases and enhances your overall well-being
  • Comes in a tin, bottle, and jar packaging


  • This Pomace Oil is ideal for everyday cooking
  • Ideal for deep frying as well
  • Great taste


  • Not pure olive oil



Puvi has been a brand leading the oil market for generations now, and the quality still hasn’t been affected. It is a family-run business that retails high-quality cold-pressed oils. Cold-pressed extraction helps in optimal retention of the oil’s nutritional value and is much healthier for you. The brand has its headquarters in Tamil Nadu and a great presence in the South Indian region.

Prominent Features of the Puvi Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

  • This Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Puvi is perfect for people who like the nutty taste in their oils
  • It is completely free of any unnatural ingredients and is sold in its rawest form
  • You can either consume it as it is or cook your favourite meal in it
  • The flavour is rich and aromatic, which enhances your recipes even more
  • Comes in a sleek bottle and weighs 1 l


  • Enhances your metabolism
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Extracted using the cold-pressed method



Owned by Mother Dairy, Dhara has been one of the most trusted and reliable edible oil brands for decades. The brand produces exceptional quality oils that are healthy, aromatic, and super fresh! With headquarters in Noida, the company runs its operations smoothly across the country and has a stellar clientele today.

Prominent Features of the Dhara Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil:

  • It has a high heating point so you can cook anything that you want in it without any worries
  • The oil has a lightweight texture and is super easy to digest
  • It will enhance the flavours of your Indian curries to completely another level
  • The unique LOSORB technology will prevent the food from absorbing too much oil
  • Comes in a pack and weighs 1L


  • Tasty and fresh oil that’s perfect for Indian cooking
  • Rich in Vitamin A and D



Sundrop is a name that all of us have heard of at least once in our lives. It is one of the best-selling oils in India and remains to be a mass favourite even after decades. The brand is owned by Agro Tech Foods Ltd., which owns many other food brands in the country. If you’re looking for quality oils under an affordable range, you must check out Sundrop.

Prominent Features of the Sundrop Superlite Advanced Oil:

  • The Superlite Advanced Oil by Sundrop is enriched with Vitamins A, D, and E to help keep you healthy
  • It has a low absorb technology that doesn’t allow too much oil to get absorbed by your food
  • Its lightweight texture and delicious aroma will intensify the flavours in your food, making them much more delicious
  • Comes in a jar and bottle packaging


  • Improves eyesight
  • Keeps your skin healthy
  • Great taste



Borges was founded in 1886 by Pont Creus and is one of the largest food companies in Spain. The brand produces a wide range of olive oils, pasta, and vinegar which are authentic and made with fantastic ingredients. It currently supplies to over 120 countries across the globe and generates massive turnovers every year.

Prominent Features of the Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • This Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Borges is extracted from premium olives of Spain
  • The oil has a beautiful aroma and delicious flavour of olives
  • You can use it as a salad or dip dressing or cook your favourite curries in it without any worries
  • It has no added preservatives and can act as a healthier alternative to ghee or butter
  • Comes in a bottle and weighs 2 l


  • No added preservatives
  • Pure olive oil


  • A little pricey but worth it

Del Monte

Del Monte
Del Monte

Founded in 1886, Del Monte is a massive food production company with American roots. It has its headquarters in California and supplies its products to various regions around the world. The brand majorly retails canned veggies, fruits, oils, and readymade foods that you can heat and consume. If you’re looking for good quality oil, you must check out Del Monte.

Prominent Features of the Del Monte Pomace Olive Oil:

  • This Pomace Olive Oil by Del Monte is extracted from the best quality olives from Spain
  • It has a light flavour that doesn’t affect the taste or smell of the food at all
  • You can use it for Indian cooking, such as frying, sauteing, or just drizzling it on top of your salads or hummus
  • Comes in a bottle and weighs 1 l


  • Light and tasty oil
  • Healthy option for everyday cooking

Final Word

With the wide variety of healthy oils now available in the market, worrying about high cholesterol and health imbalance is a thing of the past. In this article, we have listed some of the best cooking oil brands in India based on their ingredients, quality, texture, and purity. While we really love the products from Saffola, Fortune, Figaro, and Borges, let us know which ones you like the best.


What are the best cooking oil brands in India?

Brands such as Fortune, Saffola, Patanjali, Sundrop, Borges, and Figaro make some of the best quality oils in India.

Which oil is the healthiest for you?

Oils that are not processed are really healthy for your body. You can olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of qualified researchers who take the time to study and try several products before curating these lists. For the cooking oil blog, we considered factors such as quality, purity, extraction methods, etc., to create a reliable list for you. Since we aim to make online shopping a hassle-free experience for our users, you will never find a subpar product/brand here.

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