Best Italian Joints on UberEats Pune

Best Italian Joints on Uber Eats in Pune

If you are a fan of pizza, pasta and lasagne and let’s face it – everyone is, you always need to know the best delivery Italian places around you. Fortunately, Pune has some really authentic Italian cuisine restaurants where you can order from! Here are five places you need to have on speed dial!

Pardon My French

UberEats Rating – 3.7
This European joint has something for all your cravings. They have all the classics such as Arrabiata, Alfredo, Pesto pasta and margherita pizza. They also have some indo-fusion flavours such as chicken and paneer tikka!

Baked & Wired Pizzeria

UberEats Rating – 3.9
An all pizza place, this place has all the finest pizza offerings. Recommended pizzas include thin crust pepperoni pizza, barbeque chicken, veggie delight and the most loved five cheese pizza just like in Italy! They also have a banana Nutella dessert pizza!

Freshcliq Pizza and Pasta

UberEats Rating – 4.1
This place has something for all levels of hunger! Pizza sizes include small, medium, large and XL in all exotic flavours. Don’t forget to try the breakfast menu which includes Italian baked eggs and barbeque egg rolls!

Café Pizzerio

UberEats Rating – 3.6
A place with endless options for pizza, pasta and garlic bread – you can never go wrong with Café Pizzerio! They have good, pocket friendly combo deals to give you the best of all their food. Definitely try their chocolate chip pizza for a new type of dessert.


UberEats Rating – 3.7
This place’s Italian taste is extremely accurate. Must-try dishes include chicken fondue, Poulet A la Rex, Fungi Cream Basilica and their famous bruschettas. The garlic mushrooms make for great starters. They have also a spaghetti meatball pizza which will satisfy your pasta and pizza cravings altogether!


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