A lot of our time is spent in the kitchen, and cooking rotis is one of the most tiring and time-consuming tasks. A roti maker helps reduce the load big time. It is quite quick and simple to operate – all you need to do is put in the dough ball, push down the presser, and get the perfect rotis within minutes. It indeed saves both time and effort, and all that without the use of oil. Check out our list of the best roti makers to pick one that turns your kitchen into a smarter one.

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Best Chapati Makers for Home Use

1. Prestige Roti Maker

Prestige Roti Maker

Prestige is known for its kitchen utensils and has outdone itself with this best-quality roti maker. The prestige roti maker comes equipped with a temperature knob. Adjust the temperature according to your preference. New users usually take a few tries to learn to handle the temperature setting. The demo CD that comes with the roti maker simplifies and explains every detail of the roti maker.

2. Bajaj Roti Maker

Bajaj Roti Maker

Designed to save hours and labour in the kitchen, Bajaj Go-Ezzee Roti Maker features 8-inch plates that push against each other to cook light, fluffy chapatis. The plates are made with high-quality food-grade Teflon non-stick coating. One of the best chapati makers in the marker, tt is powered by a 900-Watt motor and sports a robust, shock-proof stainless-steel body. It has a durable heat-resistant handle for lifting and pressing the plates and make perfect rotis.

This roti maker can be used as a regular tawa to make khakhras, parathas, kulchas, papads, and more without oil.

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3. Sunflame Roti Maker

Sunflame Roti Maker

The Sunflame Roti Maker is one of the perfect kitchen appliances which must be present in every home. The plates of this automatic electric roti maker are coated with supreme quality food grade non-stick coating which ensures easy flow of dough without sticking, while making quick rotis or chapattis. It also equipped with heat resistant lifting handle allowing you to easily lift the top plate, while the roti or chapatti is being prepared.

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4. Divya Stainless Steel Electric Roti Maker

Divya Stainless Steel Electric Roti Maker

This automatic electric roti maker by powered with automatic cut-off feature has been engineered to make sure that the rotis that you eat are light and fluffy. It is a lightweight roti maker, easy to handle and can make many perfectly round rotis within minutes. Using this roti/chapati maker, you are also saved of the hassle of having to roll the rotis / chapattis using the roller pin (belan), as this roti/chapati maker can do so within seconds. A superior quality heavy gauge stainless steel body has been used in making the outer plates, and it is a shock-proof appliance.

The roti maker is equipped with a heat resistant lifting handle allowing you to easily lift the top plate (Tawa), while the roti /chapati is being prepared.

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5. Wonderchef Roti Maker

Wonderchef Roti Maker

A brand endorsed by India’s leading chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, Wonderchef does not disappoint with their roti makers. The great finishing and design make this among the best roti makers in the market. The cool handle lets you use the roti maker without the chance of hurting yourself. The roti maker is shock-proof and contains automatic temperature control. The food cooked in the tandoor is healthy as the process includes getting rid of all the fat and grease as soon as it is formed, by way of which all the smoke and smells are also contained. The benefits of the Wonderchef tandoor also involve an easy maintenance procedure, thus rendering it quick to clean and store. Its cooking surface is designed with a non-stick coating and is 100% food graded.

You can make Indian breads like tandoori naan, roti and kulcha or baked goods like cakes, bread, biscuits, or pizza.

6. Rylan Roti Chapati Maker

Rylan Roti Chapati Maker

Rylan Roti Maker is built with food-grade stainless steel that makes it durable and sturdy. It operates efficiently without the use of electricity and can be used to flatten rotis, pooris, papads and khakhras. The tool features an anti-skid base and a comfortable grip handle. Its handle is equipped with an anti-slip textured grip that does not lets your finger slip even when you apply pressure for flattening the dough. It boasts a large working diameter of nearly 7 inches, which is also enough to cook delicious Indian pooris.

This roti maker does not require a power input and helps in saving time and energy.

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7. iBell Nonstick Electric Roti/Chapati Maker

iBell Nonstick Electric Roti Maker

The iBell electric roti maker comes with good quality non-stick coating due to which the dough never sticks to the base of the roti maker, making the whole process of preparing rotis, easy and hassle-free. The body of this appliance is reinforced with hard plastic and stainless steel which makes the device strong and shock-proof, so you never have to worry about safety when using it. Its compact design can stand vertically with a winding power cord, thus the roti maker occupies less storage space in the kitchen.

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