10 Best Round Face Sunglasses Brands – Complete Guide with Price Range

There are a number of sunglasses with a wide range of options as far as the sizes and the shapes of the frames are concerned, but not all of them look good on everyone. It is very important to determine what looks best on a particular face shape and those with a round face should choose brands that can help make their face appear elongated. Here are some of the best brands in this segment and with expected price for each of them, one can get a clear idea of what they could buy according to their budget.

The Best Brands for Round Face Sunglasses

1. Best Sheomy sunglasses

Shemoy has sunglasses of various shapes- from aviators to the sports sunglasses. Those with round face should avoid wearing absolutely round shapes and Sheomy is a great brand to look for other options. They are priced around Rs 800 to Rs 1800 and are quite easy on the pockets as well.

2. Best Ray Ban sunglasses

It is hard to not find a most suited pair of sunglasses from Ray Ban because the brand virtually has sunglasses for all occasions and for every kind of face shape. One can get wayfarers or the sleek cat eye glasses which is sure to reduce the roundness of the face to a large extent. They can be had around a price range of Rs 4500 to Rs 19,450 approximately.

3. Best Idee sunglasses

Idee can help create the perfect look by helping you choose a sunglass for your round face from their extensive collection. There are the oval shapes glasses and square sunglasses among others, which help reduce the roundness of the face and are especially good for those who have chubby cheeks. They are priced from Rs 700 onwards and can go up to Rs 6400 approximately.

4. Best Vogue sunglasses

For those who want to create a style statement and want the perfect glasses for their face, nothing but the best would do. Vogue has a wide range of options and those with a round face and there the sleek frames are the best. Youngsters with round face are sure to fall in love with the other trendy shapes the brand has although they are priced upwards of Rs 2000.

5. Best Vast sunglasses

Those who want to flaunt a sleek and stylish look will have to look no further than this sleek and stylish brand. Vast is mainly known for its sporty sunglasses and the snug fit they have, and the sleek designs are sure help those with a round face. The sunglasses can be had around a price range of Rs 900.

6. Best Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses

Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses have frames of every shape imaginable and it is one of the reasons why people of every age and style choices prefer this brand. Those with round face shape are sure to find something that suits their personality as well as the shape of their face and the pricing of Rs 3500 and above means that there is no compromise of quality.

7. Best Younky sunglasses

An affordable brand committed to bringing classy sunglasses to the public, the Younky sunglasses are known for their scratch proof glasses and the shapes are sure to entice anyone. From hexagons to cat eyes, Younky has frames in both metal and plastic and they are perfect for the average user. Priced from Rs 700 onwards, they are also one of the most affordable.

8. Best Y&S sunglasses

Y&S have a wide range of options and the buyers are especially in love with the premium quality of the sunglasses. In spite of being on the affordable side, the quality of the product is at par with some of the best brands in the market. One can have them around a price point of Rs 1200 and Rs 3900.

9. Best Fastrack sunglasses

Fastrack sunglasses come with a wide range of options and there a shapes and sizes available for all face types. Those with a round face are sure to benefit from the sleek and stylish designs and they are also priced affordably around Rs 1500 and Rs 3200.

10. Best Reebok sunglasses

Reebok is one of the most coveted brands when it comes to sunglasses and their sporty designs are sure gain the wearer brownie points. They square and hexagonal frames look especially good and they are the best suited for those who have a large, roundish face. They are usually priced around Rs 3800 and Rs 7600.

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