Best Selling Rabindranath Tagore Books Of All Time

One of the most influential personalities of the 19th and 20th century, Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali polymath, artist, poet, and musician. He reshaped Indian art along with Bengali music and literature with Contextual Modernism. The books written by Rabindranath Tagore have been an inspiration for people of all generations. As an ardent anti-nationalist and humanist, he advocated independence from Britain and denounced the British Raj.

Tagore’s poetic songs were seen as mercurial and spiritual. His songs, stories, novels, essays and dance-dramas catered to personal as well as political topics.

Rabindranath Tagore also became the first non-European to win a Nobel Prize in literature.

Rabindranath Tagore BooksPriceRating
Gitanjali and Other StoriesRs.694.4/5
The Kingdom of CardsRs.6904/5
The HomecomingRs.10774.6/5
The VictoryRs.6904.1/5
Chokher BaliRs.3324.8/5
The Post OfficeRs.1434.2/5
The WreckRs.2154/5
Chitra: A Play In One ActRs.604.1/5


Gitanjali offers a collection of 103 prose poems, selected and translated into English by Tagore from his Bengali writings. Even though the poems are different, the reader feels a sense of unity between them. All of the poems have a tender tone of love and are devotional towards nature. Though many of these poems are about praise and joy, some even speak about the feeling of abandonment or the writer’s longing for a beloved one.

Year Of Publication: 1910

Number Of Copies Sold: It is nearly impossible to trace the extent of copies sold because the number is extensive and huge.

Price: Rs.69/-

Awards:  The Nobel Prize in 1913

2. The Kingdom Of Cards


Long ago in the depth of the oceans, there was a kingdom of cards, which had invariable rules and a rigid hierarchy. From ancient times till date, everyone had been obeying those rules. The Kingdom Of Cards denotes how a prince and his two companions change the dynamics of these rules by disobeying them. The story unfolds into transforming a boring kingdom and blossoming it into a beautifully free one with a much-needed awakening among its people.

Year of Publication: 1941

Price: Rs.690/-

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3. Gora


Gora is among one of the most ambitious works of Rabindranath Tagore. The story unveils against the vast and dynamic backdrop of Bengal. A divided society struggling to envisage an emerging nation under British rule. It is an epic saga of India’s national awakening, seen through the eyes of an orthodox Hindu who stands against the British Colonialist culture and finds his identity through the prism of organized religion. Back in the twentieth century, Gora helped shape a revolution against the British.

Year of Publication: 1907

Price: Rs.276/-

4. The Homecoming


As the name suggests, The Homecoming is an emotional roller coaster for the storyteller. The novel is about a boy, Phatik Chakravorti and his struggles to find a home where he feels loved. He is constantly on a move when one day his mother decides to visit him with a rare display of affection. Phatik finally thinks that his run has come to an end but never did he know that running away would eventually lead to his death.

Year of Publication: 1941

Price: Rs.1077/-

5. The Victory


Tagore’s short story, The Victory, explores the theme of destiny while exposing the difference between appearance and reality, and victory and defeat. The story revolves around Shekhar, a palace poet who sings his heart out, expresses love and sadness to everyone in the kingdom including the king’s daughter. The story unfolds into a series of events when Pundarik challenges Shekhar’s position. The victory holds a strong message of never giving up.

Year of Publication: 1941

Price: Rs.690/-

6. Chokher Bali


Chokher Bali is a path-breaking novel that explores forbidden emotions unleashed when a beautiful young widow enters the world of a harmonious marriage. The arrival of the wily and seductive Binodini transforms the lives of the pampered and self-centered Mahendra, his innocent, childlike bride Asha and their staunch friend Bihari.  The story unfolds into a tangled web of relationships between the characters. This novel was also adapted as a film in 2003.

Year of Publication: 1903

Price: Rs.332/-

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7. The Post Office


The Post Office is a play that narrates the story of a young boy Amal who is confined to his adoptive uncle’s home due to an incurable illness. Amal’s imaginative mind fantasizes about receiving letters that promise hope of his cure. Amal’s creative experiences lead him on a journey of spiritual awareness, which brings him enduring happiness.

Year of Publication: 1912

Price: Rs.143/-

8. The Wreck


The Wreck is an English translation of Tagore’s early work, Naukadubi. The story is about a mistaken identity that results in the exchange of wives. Probing a rift between the reformist and progressive Brahmo Samaj and the traditional and conservative Hinduism, the novel is delightful and intersected with the beauty of nature.

Year of Publication: 1921

Price: Rs.215/-

9. Chitra: A Play In One Act


Chitra is a one-act play that adapts part of the story from Mahabharata and revolves around the character, Chitrangada. She is a female warrior who tries to draw Arjuna’s attention towards herself. This play is an interpretation of a famous episode from the epic war of India based in Kurukshetra.

Year of Publication: 1913

Price: Rs.60/-

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10. Stray Birds


Tagore’s Stray Birds is a classic collection of short poems and aphorisms. These short poems are a remarkable representation of fundamental truths of being, life, love and the marvels of the universe. The poems signify our stray thoughts that fly like birds. One of the finest pieces of Indian literature, Stray Birds will compel you to think about flowers, sun, birds, flame, river, moon, darkness and more.

Year of Publication: 1916

Price: Rs.99/-

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