Most Celebrated Shashi Tharoor Books – Price & Ratings

Shashi Tharoor is an Indian politician, writer, and a former international diplomat. Tharoor is one of the most read and debated authors of contemporary India, having authored 18 bestselling works of fiction and non-fiction since 1981. He focuses on Indian history, culture, films, politics, society, foreign policies and more to form the themes for his books.

Shashi Tharoor is the recipient of Gajika Kriplani Young Journalist Award 1976, The Federation of Indian Publishers Award 1990, The Excelsior Award 1998, The Pride Of India Award 2009 and Person of the Year Award 2013. Read on to know our

Shashi Tharoor Books: Updated Price and Reviews

Shashi Tharoor Books Price Rating
An Era Of Darkness Rs.299 4.4/5
Why Am I Hindu Rs.280 3.4/5
Riot Rs.856 4.6/5
The Great Indian Novel Rs.299 4.1/5
India: From Midnight To The Millennium Rs.364 4.2/5
Pax Indica: India And The World Of 21st Century Rs.252 4.3/5
Nehru: The Invention Of India Rs.217 4.1/5
The Five Dollar Smile Rs.284 4.5/5
Show Business Rs.299 3.6/5
India Shastra Rs.549 4.2/5

1. An Era Of Darkness


An Era of Darkness reflects upon the British rule and its rapacity and cruelty. The breathtaking pages of this novel illustrate the dark times of India when its people suffered from several man made famines, wars, racism, maladministration, deportation, economic exploitation and so much more. Tharoor also demands for a token restitution and apology from the British for all the harm they caused in his native country. This one is an exemplar of his brilliant narration and passionate arguments.

Year Of Publication: 2016

Number Of Copies Sold: Over 50,000 copies within six months

Price: Rs.299

Awards:  Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2016

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2. Why Am I Hindu


Why Am I Hindu is a two parts novel that offers a brief history of Hinduism and Tharoor’s personal identification with religion in the first part and the rise of modern Hindu nationalism in the second part. Tharoor also talks about the core tenets of the Hindu religion and its socio-cultural developments. This revelatory and original masterwork is bound to start debates now and in the future.

Year Of Publication: 2018

Price: Rs.280

3. Riot


Using merit and consideration, Tharoor writes about a young American girl who is murdered by unknown hands during the Hindi Muslim riots. Intellectually provocative and emotionally charged, this novel describes the ownership of history and the different aspects of love, hate, cultural commission, and religious fanatics.

Year Of Publication: 2001

Price: Rs.846

4. The Great Indian Novel


The Great Indian Novel is a satirical piece that recasts and resets the epic tale of Mahabharata based on current times. The novel is set in the context of Indian Independence and the first three decades post-independence. The intelligent creativity of Tharoor induces puns and allusions to famous works about India.

Year Of Publication: 1989

Price: Rs.299

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5. India: From Midnight To The Millennium


Looking back to India’s 50 years of independence, India: From Midnight to the Millennium discusses a wide range of topics including the caste system, democracy in India, Indira Gandhi, the partition of India and its transition from a social to a free market economy. The powerful analysis and hard-hitting reality imbibed in this book will make you empathize with India’s culture and its misguided policies and progress.

Year Of Publication: 1997

Price: Rs.364

6. Pax Indica: India And The World Of 21st Century


Emphasizing on Indian diplomacy, Pax Indica is a book that covers foreign policies and how they affect the common man in India. It also highlights the requirement to move from the Non-alignment of Nehru’s era to Multi-alignment in the 21st century. This transformation, he quotes, is essential to improve India’s external affairs, the parliament, and public opinions. Tharoor’s inspiring words give a portrait of India being ready to take a global position in the new millennium.

Year Of Publication: 2012

Price: Rs.252

7. Nehru: The Invention Of India


Nehru: The Invention Of India is a short biography of a great figure of the 20th-century nationalism. Weaving personal facts with historical events, the novel talks about Nehru as an aristocrat, socialist, anti-imperialist, foremost disciple of Gandhi, secularist and the first prime minister of India. It also describes how Nehru educated its people about democracy and his principles.

Year Of Publication: 2003

Price: Rs.217

8. The Five Dollar Smile


The Five Dollar Smile is a collection of stories about young love, disaffection, high spirits of adolescents and youthful traumas. The book also holds other stories that reflect the energy and passion of the youth. Sensitive, compelling and persuasive, these stories deal with subjects like death, deceit, loss, hypocrisy, and humour.

Year Of Publication: 1990

Price: Rs.284

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9. Show Business


Show Business is a wonderfully funny tale about romance and folly of cinema written to give an essence of ambition, greed, love, deception, and death. The story revolves around a Bollywood superstar, Ashok Banjara who is fighting for his life in a hospital after a critical accident while shooting. As a technicolour film playing in his head, he watches himself rise as a star and his encounters with people he used along the way.

Year Of Publication: 1992

Price: Rs.299

10. India Shastra


India Shastra: Reflections On The Nation In Our Time is a book that describes the transformation of India’s politics, foreign policies, civil rights, governance and myriad other aspects of our society. Where many of the youth see a bright future under BJP governance, issues like terrorism, violence, and poverty cannot be ignored either. What does the future hold? Is the promise of good time only a mere illusion? Tharoor’s India Shastra promises to give you an insight into all the answers.

Year Of Publication: 2015

Price: Rs.549

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