Bhringraj a part of the sunflower family and is widely used as a home remedy for several ailments according to the Ayurveda Tradition. Usually used as a powder to treat ailments, Bhringraj is also a main ingredient in several shampoos and is enriched with essential vitamins & minerals that help boost hair growth and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp making it healthier. In fact, a study conducted at the Dabur Research Foundation, found that “the methanol extract of Eclipta Alba may have potential as a hair growth promoter”. Read on to find out all the benefits of bhringraj for hair growth.

Benefits of Bhringraj Powder for Hair Growth

1. Deeply nourishes hair

It acts as a natural conditioner, cleanser and deeply nourishes the hair follicles making hair softer, shinier and healthier.

2. Improves blood circulation in Scalp

Being the upper part of the body, scalp is prone to have low blood circulation level. Applying bhringraj to the scalp in a circular motion, increases blood circulation to the scalp thus stimulating hair growth. It also promotes healthy hair growth and prevents dryness and split ends.

3. Makes hair shiny and soft

The natural conditioning properties of Bhringraj ensure that the hair are shiny and soft with a natural sheen. Acting as a moisturiser to keep the hair healthy, Bhringraj is a great natural remedy to make your hair soft, smooth and silky.

4. Controls hair fall and hair loss

By increasing blood circulation to the scalp, bhringraj makes the hair healthier and less susceptible to damage and breakage. It decreases hair fall and controls hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles.

5. Prevents baldness and premature graying

By making hair stronger and healthier, bhringraj effectively prevents baldness. Containing Haritaki – a herb that helps maintain and give your hair a natural black colour, applying Bhringraj regularly is known to prevent premature greying of hair.

Ways to Use Bhringraj for hair growth

1. Bhringraj-Coconut Oil

Heat a handful of bhringraj leaves in a pan with coconut oil. Grind the leaves and strain the oil. Apply this oil to your hair twice a week.

2. Bhringraj Oil

Massage bhringraj oil on scalp and hair for approx. 10 minutes and let it seep. Wash off with sulphate free shampoo after 30 minutes.

3. Bhringraj Hair Pack

Make a hair pack using bhringraj powder, coconut oil and curd. Mix the three ingredients well in a container and apply to your scalp and hair. Use this twice a week for best results.

Expert Tips While Using Bhringraj For Hair Growth

  • Try using shampoos and conditioners infused with Bhringraj oil.
  • Ensure that your hair products are sulphate and paraben free.
  • If hair loss is uncontrollable with all home remedies, check with a health practitioner for underlying conditions.

Always consult your practitioner before including anything in your daily routine.

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