Build The Perfect Nursery With This Furniture From Firstcry

The concept of having your child sleep in a nursery is very new in India. Usually, parents have their babies sleep with them, even on the same bed. But studies say that this is potentially dangerous for the baby. That’s why we have nurseries, which is your baby’s own space so they can sleep in peace and quiet.

Here’s all the furniture that you will need in your nursery so that the baby can be safe in there. Find it all on Firstcry.


This is essential even if the child isn’t sleeping in a different room. Cribs are the safest place for a baby to be sleeping. A lot of parents let their child sleep in between, but this could cause suffocation for the child in case the covers are pulled up by mistake. Plus, cribs will give the baby ample space to move around and you can sleep with the comfort that your baby is safe. Use Firstcry coupon codes from CashKaro to buy your crib.

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Storage Space

There is no doubt that there are a lot of things to store for your baby. From clothes, diapers and other products that are required for childcare. It is easiest to keep all this in the baby’s room itself. Buy the best storage rack for your requirements using Firstcry discount coupons.

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Play Pen

As your baby grows, they’re going to want to move around and play, exactly when you won’t be able to tend to them. The perfect solution for this is to give your kid a playpen, where they will be both safe and happy. Use Firstcry offers and get cashback on your order.

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Changing Table

Babies need their diapers constantly changed. The best and most hygienic place to do this is on a changing table. This will allow clear-up to be easier and ensure that all your bedding doesn’t get messy. Buy yours now using Firstcry coupons.

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