Do you remember the days of the mortar and pestle, where all powders came from a good amount of elbow grease? Or when if you wanted butter, it had to be churned by hand and short cuts were not possible.

However, today, there are so many products available that make it all a bit easier on us. Here are some of those kitchen accessories that get the task done right.

Amiraj Polypropylene Slush Maker

Slushies are the perfect, light snack to have in the summer. Cold and refreshing, slushies are favourites for everyone. You can make it into any flavour that you like, that’s how versatile it is. Get this Slush Maker from Grofers and have a ton of fun this summer. Use Grofers Promo Codes and get cashback on your order!

Triones TGMS-001 Gas Movable Plastic 1 Pc Stand

A lot of the Indian Households have moved away from using gas cylinders and relying on those to cook. But those who do, the moms know very well how heavy the cylinder is to manoeuvre. This is a stand that is made especially for your Gas Cylinders. It makes the whole ordeal much easier. Buy it now with Grofers coupons.

Grofers Happy Home Silicone Spatula

Whilst baking, it is literally a heartbreak to see the bits of batter leftover in the bowl. Well, if you have a silicone spatula on hand, you can scrape up the sides and bottom clean. This spatula also serves many other purposes like folding and stirring. Make sure it’s a part of your kit. Buy it now using Grofers offers from CashKaro and receive cashback on your order!

Triones THC-001 Hand Super Saver Chopper

Yes, the Baby Boomers may call us lazy, but there’s no doubt that Millennials have found ways to make life so much easier. For example, get the perfect chop you want on your vegetable in minutes with the Triones Chopper. It is a must in every kitchen. Buy it now with Grofers promo codes and save big!

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