Fitness has become an increasingly important part of a lot of people’s lives. Previously, when our daily activities used to aide in keeping ourselves fit, we’re now having to turn to other methods like lifting weights and going to the gym to keep fit. The annoying part of this is the fact that we have to lug ourselves to the actual gym.

But what if we can have our very own gym at home. You now can, with Club Factory’s extensive line of products. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Pedal Exerciser Bike

One of the best forms of exercise is cycling. The pedal bike will let you cycle right from the comforts for your own home. The pedal will accurately imitate the motions of cycling and give you an all-round workout. Use Club Factory coupon codes to get your very own.

Wheel Roller

This is one of the best ways to get your abs workout in. You simply lay the roller on the ground and move with it. It is an easy enough workout that everyone can practice it, plus, the results are marvellous. Get your wheel roller using Club Factory promo codes from CashKaro.


If your aim is to build up muscle, then the best way is to do it with weights. Club Factory has an assorted set of gym equipment that weights up to 20 Kgs. This is one of the best ways to get started. It also comes with 3 ft and 5ft rods which lets you practice multiple workouts. Use Club Factory coupons to buy yours and receive cashback on your order.

Fitness Pump Toner

This equipment is suitable for all upper-body workouts. It will have you working your core to the most extent. It is a three-piece set that is small, meaning you can easily keep it at home. Get chiselled muscles with your Pump Toner. Buy now with Club Factory Cashback via CashKaro.

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