At Godaddy you can get all your web hosting needs covered from getting your own space on the World Wide Web, having your unique domain name, creating professional emails and more. Godaddy also brings you, WHOIS, a state-of-the-art website management tool which is a wholesome service provider and we’ll tell you why.

What is WHOIS database?

WHOIS domain database provided by Godaddy holds information on registered domains which can be accessed to identify and rectify issues.

Who is it run by?

WHOIS data management in the hands of the Inernet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which was launched in 1998.

Website management

Godaddy WHOIS is here to solve your website building issues with their strong database tool loading you up on all the information you need to set up, manage and build your personal niche on the web.

Name search engine

You can find out about a domains availability using WHOIS, – Godaddy’s website search engine.

Extract data

Using WHOIS search field you can get the ownership information of a particular domain.

Personal detective

WHOIS will be your detective when you’ll need information on a domains availability, creation and even expiration.

WHOIS Verification

The verification process can be used to spot spam or fraudulent domains which can be detrimental to the original website or user.

Get any domain name you want

Make a domain name yours even if it has already been taken using Godaddy broker.

Assured privacy

Your personal data is kept confidential when you add the Privacy Protection feature from Godaddy so your info is not displayed in the public WHOIS database.


Godaddy’s WHOIS is a means by which we can monitor and hold accountable those who operate online. You can solve issues of plagiarism, tracking fake users and more.

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