Fruits like Apricots, always carry a risk of allergies with them. These allergies not only can be really harmful but can also be fatal when triggered. Let us take a look at how Apricots can be really bad for you and your children.

  • If an individual has birch pollen allergy, apricots can be deadly. Apricots and birch pollen possess proteins which are common to both of them. The antibodies against birch pollen can cross-react with the proteins and this can trigger the symptoms.
  • The kernels of apricot contain an active enzyme, amygdalin. Amygdalin consists of two parts, cyanide and benzaldehyde. On consuming the kernel, Amygdalin is converted into cyanide, a poisonous substance. This can harm the body and can cause dizziness, mental confusion, liver damage and death in extreme cases. Its symptoms also include skin turning blue due to lack of oxygen.

Always check for allergies and immediately consult a doctor if you feel any symptoms after having an apricot and similar foods. The wonder fruit can be deadly if you don’t pay close attention!

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