Drive Safely With These Bike Essentials From Shopclues

Did you know that India is the biggest market in the world for bikes? This means that we have the most number of bikes being driven in all of the worlds. On the flip side, India is also a country that has huge negligence for safety rules and we regularly break rules all the time. However, bike safety is of the utmost importance and must not be disregarded.

Here are some safety essentials from Shopclues that you should own if you own a bike,

Bike Gloves

This is mostly important for those who are on their bikes for extended periods of times. If you want to do a road trip on your bike, it’s a good idea to get a Bikers Glove. This will protect your hands from the cold, as well as from chaffing and getting callused. Also in the event of a fall, you’ll have at least one layer of protection. Buy yours now using Shopclues coupon codes.

What to buy: Pro bike Gloves – Biker Gloves Large

Bikers Jacket

Bikers Jackets were initially a must in a part of a Bikers outfit. Leather jackets were, in fact, invented for bikers to wear. They act as excellent insulation from the cold. And they also protect the driver from injuries if they have a minor accident or such. Plus, there’s no denying that a person looks uber cool wearing a (faux) leather jacket. Get yours on Shopclues using Shopclues offers from CashKaro and save!

What to buy: Black Plain Wolverine Faux Leather Casual Biker Jacket


The physics of it is simple, when your drive, small particles flying around you tend to get into your eyes. This is extremely dangerous as it could impair your vision as your drive and that’s a recipe for a nightmare. Another possibility is the light glare that happens due to some people driving with their high beams on. This is also a situation to be avoided. For this, you can get night vision glasses using Shopclues coupons.

What to buy: Night Vision Super Clear Helmet Glass

Bike Helmet

This is the most important thing that you should carry whether you’re a bike driver or just even a passenger. Helmets have saved lives. Though there are fines for driving without helmets all around the country, this again seems to be taken as a suggestion rather than a rule. But you do it right. Get your helmet now using Shopclues promo codes

What to buy: Combo of Helmet and Helmet Lock

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