Explore The Unexplored With Oyo Rooms

A true traveller goes to every undiscovered place on the earth and experiences everything they have to offer. Even though the accommodation and means of travel might be rare and difficult to avail, Oyo Rooms offers the best facilities even here, so you can rest assured and follow your wanderlust without any worries!

So keep your Oyo Rooms coupons handy and get ready to explore some lesser known wonders of nature around the country! Read on to know which places you can visit and boast about on Instagram!

Velas, Maharashtra

Every nature lover who loves seeing life begin in the natural environment should surely visit the Velas Turtle Festival where the people of this village come together to see little newborn turtles of a rare species make their way to the sea. You need to book your rooms in advance if you want a place closeby using Oyo Rooms coupons and avoid last minute confusion. You can also have a quiet time sitting by the water, exploring the paddy fields and visiting the ruins to make the most of your trip.

Majuli, Assam

Majuli has been somehow left out of the spotlight but it sure is a great place to visit if you want to take part in their local festivities and know a little more about Assam. It also boasts of being the world’s largest freshwater island and has a very diverse flora and fauna. The friendly tribal inhabitants will give you lots of memories to take back and you can also visit the Vishnu monastery that dates back to the 15th Century! If you love bird watching then hurry and book your stay here using Oyo Rooms offers and save some bucks while you’re at it!

Patan, Gujarat

Visit this ancient city to explore the ruins and beginnings of civilization in all its glory! Patan served as the capital of Gujarat for about 650 years and is swarmed with nearly 100 Jain temples, lakes and forts which is a treat for any archeologist in making or a history-lover! If you really want to delve into the past then this place is perfect for you as it offers a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Rani ki Vav), more than 500 sculptures, intricate carvings! Don’t forget to buy the world-famous Patola Saree which is considered as one of the world’s finest hand-woven sarees and get lost in the ruins and mysteries of the past!

Hurry and plan a quick trip to these lesser known places and get ready to know more about the lives, landscapes and cultures that are yet to be known across the world and let the traveller in you experience something new and refreshing!

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