We all LOVE pizza! There is absolutely no denying that, because pizza is part of most of our cheat days and also the life of every party, gathering and movie nights! Whether you make it at home or order it from Pizza Hut, one way orji the other, we all are crazy about these round, cheese-filled delicacies!

Now that we are talking about pizzas, it’s time to put an end to the famous debate of “Are thin crust pizzas better than regular ones?” I happen to back those crispy thin crust pizzas that Pizza Hut has to offer, and here are some reasons to back my claim.

So order some slices using Pizza Hut coupons and read on to know why thin crust pizzas are the best:

It’s healthier!

There is no doubt about the fact that you would feel less guilty eating a thin crust pizza rather than the regular one as it has less dough and all-purpose flour and definitely way less carbs than the regular base! If you are particular about calorie intake, then with proportionate toppings, thin crust pizzas will definitely be the healthier option!

Reduces cravings

Thin crust pizzas have lesser dough and thus, it doesn’t raise your insulin levels much, thereby reducing cravings which allows you to save some for midnight snacks and enjoy the leftovers later.

More toppings!

The thin crust allows us to enjoy more nutritious toppings and also enhances the taste as one doesn’t feel like he/she is feasting on bread for most part.

Easier to bake

Thin crust pizzas take less baking time so if you are super hungry or have kids who are demanding pizza, thin crust pizzas can be life savers!

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If you are craving for some pizza now, here are some of the yummiest thin crust offerings you can order using Pizza Hut coupons and join the “Thin Crust Forever” gang!

  • Veg Exotica
  • Chicken Italiano
  • Ultimate Chicken
  • Paneer Vegorama

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