How To Book A Zoomcar?

Zoomcar is a car rental company, where they provide you with a self- drive facility. They will give you a car and you can roam anywhere till the period you have hired it. They give you free kilometres according to the time period of booking. The security money of the car is refundable, and you will get back your money when you return the vehicle. But when you complete your two times of booking, then they will not charge you any caution money. You can book your car by applying Zoomcar coupons or Zoomcar offers to avail huge discounts on your booking.

You can easily book your car through the Zoomcar app or its official website in just 5 steps :

1. Book

Search on Zoomcar’s official website or app and book your car as per your choice from its site. You can avail exclusive discounts by applying Zoomcar coupons.

2. Upload

Upload your driving license, and you have to pay a small deposit as your security money which will be refunded at the time you return their car. When you have at least two bookings for Zoomcar, then you don’t have to pay security money. They have ?5000 as a fully refundable security deposit.

3. Unlock

You can unlock it through Zoomcar’s official website or its app. They will SMS you all the details of your car, 20 minutes before the pickup. Don’t forget to check Zoomcar offers while you book your car, it can help you save your money.

4. Zoom

When you unlock your Zoomcar, you will have to fill up your start checklist in its app and take your keys from the glove box and your drive begins from there.

5. Return

This is the last step; you have to end your trip and return your car to the same location where you picked the car and you have to fill the end checklist in the app.

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