10 Most Popular Books By Ruskin Bond

With over 50 years of writing experience, Ruskin Bond is one of the most popular and celebrated authors in India. Originally of British descent, Ruskin Bond has been recognized for his contribution to the growth of Indian literature. His stories, expositions, novellas, and poems are all about nature and ordinary people. He describes incidents from a first-hand account keeping his pieces of work simple, lucid and engaging.

Check out our list of the best books by Ruskin Bond. Happy Reading!

Best Ruskin Bond Books – Price and Ratings

Famous Ruskin Bond BooksPriceRating
The Room On The RoofRs.2004.6/5
Angry RiverRs.844.2/5
The Blue UmbrellaRs.954.4/5
Rusty, The Boy From The HillsRs.1804.6/5
A Flight Of PigeonsRs.1464.1/5
Road To MussoorieRs.1454.2/5
Delhi Is Not FarRs.1993.9/5
Vagrants In The ValleyRs.1904.6/5
Looking For The RainbowRs.1504.7/5
Falling In Love AgainRs.2184.3/5
Bestselling Books by Ruskin Bond

1. The Room On The Roof

The Room On The Roof

A number one on every famous Ruskin Bond books list – it’s a partial autobiography, The Room On The Roof is a novel about a seventeen-year-old boy ‘Rusty’. He is an orphaned Anglo-Indian who stays with his guardian in Dehradun. The story unfolds as Rusty running away from home with his Indian friends and exploring the Indian customs, bazaars, and diversity. Enchanted by his newfound freedom and culture, Rusty takes up the job of an English tutor in exchange for a place to stay in ‘The Room On The Roof’.

Year Of Publication: 1956

Price: Rs.200

Awards: John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in 1957

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2. Angry River

Angry River

Enriched with drama, beauty, adventure and poignancy, Angry River is a story of a young girl, Sita. She lives on a small island of immense natural beauty with her grandparents. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sita is left alone in the hut with a thunderstorm approaching. Heavy rains end up raging the river, forcing Sita to take shelter in a tree and hope for the storm to abate. Her struggles with the angry river and rescue plans form the plot of this novel. Angry River was also adapted into a comic by Amar Chitra Katha publication in 2012.

Year Of Publication: 1972

Price: Rs.84

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3. The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella Book Ruskin Bond
The Blue Umbrella

Another one of Ruskin Bond’s famous books, set in the backdrop of a small village in Himachal Pradesh, The Blue Umbrella is about a young girl who trades her lucky leopard’s claw pendant in exchange for a beautiful blue umbrella. Binya’s priced possession makes everyone envious around her and most of all, Ram, a shopkeeper who wishes to own the same blue umbrella, by all means. This story beautifully captures the essence of heroism and redemption. The Blue Umbrella was later adapted into a film that won the National Film Award For Best Children’s Film.

Year Of Publication: 1980

Price: Rs.95

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4. Rusty, The Boy From The Hills

Rusty the boy from the hills
Rusty, The Boy From The Hills

Rusty, The Boy From The Hills is a book about the adventures of Rusty, a quiet, imaginative and sensitive boy. He lives with his grandparents in their house in Dehradun where he spends time encountering a ghost in the garden and recreating his grandmother’s youthful days from an old photograph. The novel is a fascinating transformation of Rusty from his early childhood to his early teens.

Year Of Publication: 2002

Price: Rs.180

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5. A Flight Of Pigeons

A Flight Of Pigeons

Based on the time of the Indian Rebellion in 1857, A Flight Of Pigeons is a story about the twists of fate, history and the human heart. This classic tale takes shape when Ruth’s father is killed by the Indian rebels in the British magistrate’s office. This leaves her family to seek refuge with their trusted companion, Lala Ramjimal and eventually escape to their relatives in Bareilly. However, their plans are put on hold when the cunning Javed Khan, a fiery Pathan kidnaps Ruth and her mother with wrong intentions. A Flight Of Pigeons was also adapted into a film in 1978 called Junoon.

Year Of Publication: 2003

Price: Rs.146

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6. Road To Mussoorie

Road To Mussoorie
Road To Mussoorie

Road To Mussoorie is an ode to Ruskin Bond’s hometown for more than forty years. The novel is based upon the endearing affection and nostalgia of the writer for the town of Mussoorie. The story runs in a backward pace urging the reader to reach the last chapter. Ruskin describes his journey to and from Mussoorie over the years and the daily scandals surrounding his life in this not-so-sleepy hill town.

Year Of Publication: 2005

Price: Rs.145

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7. Delhi Is Not Far

Delhi Is Not Far

Ruskin Bond paints a vivid picture of a small town in India and its aspirations. Arun is a struggling detective-fiction writer who dreams of writing a blockbuster one day. Arun seeks love and solace at unusual places. He encounters Kamla, a young prostitute who is wise beyond her age and Suraj, who is an optimist despite his terrible circumstances. Their lives become a source of inspiration for Arun to form a memorable story about people’s small lives and their big dreams.

Year Of Publication: 1994

Price: Rs.199

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8. Vagrants In The Valley

Vagrants In The Valley

Regarded as a sequel of Ruskin Bond’s best selling ‘A Room On The Roof’, Vagrants In The Valley is a classic tale about friendship and personal growth. The novel takes the story of Rusky forward when he discovers that his beloved room is no longer his. He embarks upon a journey of new homes and friendships while discovering himself along the way. He wanders about the beautiful hillsides of the Himalayas looking for answers about his past, real parents, new acquaintances and more. Vagrants In The Valley is an ode to youth and its complexities.

Year Of Publication: 1956

Price: Rs.190

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9. Looking For The Rainbow: My Years With Daddy

Looking For The Rainbow
Looking For The Rainbow

Looking For The Rainbow is an endearing tale about Ruskin Bond’s time spent with his father in Delhi in the 1940s. At the age of eight, Ruskin left his jail-like boarding school in the hills to stay with his father. The two years that he spent with his father were filled with books, visits to the cinema, music, walks and endless conversations. However, this dream life of a curious and imaginative boy comes to a tragic end all too soon.

Year Of Publication: 2017

Price: Rs.150

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10. Falling In Love Again

Falling In Love Again

From ‘The Eyes Have It’ to ‘The Girl From Copenhagen’, Falling In Love Again is a series of romantic stories that feature fleeting-love, intimacy, joy and heartbreak. This novel offers an essence of warmth and passion. This book takes the reader through various aspects of romance and the emotions attached to it. Surely a book that is hard to put down!

Year Of Publication: 2017

Price: Rs.218

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