Did you know that the first magazine in the world was a German Magazine launched in 1663? It was a literary and philosophical journal, intended for the ‘educated upper-class’ to read. Today, we have magazines in every language and about so many different things. There are magazines only intended for celebrity gossip, sports magazines, history and much more.

But the problem with these magazines is availability. Your favourite magazine may be Vogue, but that may be a little hard to find in India. To take care of this, there’s Magzter. This is an online subscription website where you can read more the 5000 magazines and newspapers without having to hunt it down!

Here are some of the most popular magazines that you can find on Magzter:


Verve is a lifestyle and beauty magazine that first started in 1995. It caters mostly to Indian women and talks extensively about fashion, beauty and everything in between. Catch up about some pressing issues in the world while also getting fashion tips. Read the latest edition of Verve with Magzter Offers from CashKaro.


This is the biggest business magazine which features articles on the market, industry, investment and everything business. It is an American journal whose first issue was in 1917, ie) over a hundred years ago. Get up to date on your business facts by reading Forbes. Use CashKaro’s Magzter coupon codes to access it now for the best price!

Lonely Planet Magazine

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or just like to read about it, then Lonely Planet is sure to catch your attention. It features picturesque destinations and takes you through a culinary, cultural and historical journey of the whole place. Get transported by reading Lonely Planet using Magzter Promo Codes.

The Caravan 

This is an Indian magazine which features long narrative-type articles – the first of its kind in India. This magazine is extremely popular for its investigative pieces that they write. It covers political and cultural issues to name a few. Delve into the arena of narrative reporting with Magzter Coupon and get cashback on your subscription.

Head to CashKaro immediately for more Magzter coupons and subscribe to read all your favourite magazines!

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