Revel In These Traditional Handlooms From Amazon Fashion

If you go back in time a couple of decades, the only thing Indians wore were handlooms and traditional Indian clothes. Only recently has the power looms come up and due to the fast-fashion scenario, everyone seems to prefer that. But these materials are truly what make up the country and go way beyond anything power looms can offer us.

Let’s take a look some of the traditional weaves from around the country that you can find on Amazon Fashion

Jamdani – West Bengal

Jamdani is a type of weave or attachment that is added to a cotton or silk saree. It is meant to enhance the beauty of the saree. It is similar to an embroidery design which is common in sarees. Buy it now using Amazon Fashion Offers.

Sambalpuri – Odisha

This is a type of ikat saree where the strings are tie-dyed before they are woven. Since it is done before, the artisans need to be highly skilled and need to be able to visualise the end pattern beforehand. This is a technique mostly used in cotton or silk sarees.

Pochampally – Telangana

If you’re a big fan of Chevrons and big patterns, then you should buy yourself a Pochampally. It is regional to the Bhoodan Pochampally, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district in Telangana, from where it gets its name. Use Amazon Fashion coupons to buy this beautiful weave in silk or cotton.

Mangalagiri – Andhra Pradesh

Go south from Telangana and you’ll end up in the land of the gorgeous Mangalagiris. Big checks or plain sarees with contrasting borders are styles that dominate this type of weave. The borders are usually made of Zari, giving the whole look a very ethereal feel. Find Amazon Fashion Offers on CashKaro to buy them now!

Banarasi – Uttar Pradesh

Banarasi silks are one of the most popular sarees in India. It is appreciated for the gold and silver interlocking designs that Banarasi Silks feature heavily. It also showcases embroidery designs, adding to the look.

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