The internet is a powerful resource and can be utilized to reap benefits in a multitude of ways, but only when managed right. It is no secret that hosting, managing and safeguarding essential data on the internet can be a cumbersome task especially when you are prone to handling large data loads. Bigrock’s Code Guard is a cloud back up service provided chiefly to secure your content on the internet so you can remain worry free and you business will stay protected.

Here’s how you can benefit from Bigrock’s Code Guard service.

  • As a website owner you must be aware of the risks faced in website hosting and management and Code Guard by Bigrock comes as a savior to your woes.
  • The cloud backup service allows you to recover from crashes and dataloss instantly with just a few clicks.
  • Code Guard initiates automated back- up of your data regularly while you can focus on building and developing in the fore ground.
  • The set up procedure is fast and easy owing to the cloud based installation which means you have security in a matter of minutes.
  • Check out amazing Bigrock offers on your Code Guard set up and the 30 days money back period ensures you will have enough time to assess the inner workings of your investment.
  • There are three plans provided by Bigrock . The basic plan offers backup for up to 5 web portals, 1GB Disk space, unlimited databases and 5 days automatic back up.
  • The professional plan offers backup for up to 10 web portals, 5 GB Disk space, unlimited databases and daily automatic back up.
  • The premium plan offers backup for up to 25 web portals, 10 GB Disk space, unlimited databases and daily automatic back up.
  • You can initiate the security coverage by firstly connecting your website to Code Guard. Next, the regular back up procedure will be initiated and appropriate notifications will be sent.

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