With the advancement in technology and modern facilities, we have become habitual of the fast-paced life which never stops. But all these deadlines and workload have pushed us to a point where we no longer find time to sit back and enjoy our favourite books!

It’s time you free your weekends and find enjoy a good read so that you can relax and de-stress in a quiet and calm manner. Shoppers Stop offers you all the books out there in a single place!

So keep your Shoppers Stop coupons handy and read on to know which all genres you can find here:

Crime, Thriller and Mystery

Are you the kind of person who thrives on thrill of unsolved mysteries and spooky instances? Then Shoppers Stop has just the right kinds of books for you! From spooky books by Enid Blyton to classic thrillers by the likes of Dan Brown, Shoppers Stop has something for readers of all age groups!


After the world was struck with Covid-19, we all were suddenly turning the pages to look at the past plagues, famines and other such mishaps which shook and shaped the world to become what it is today. Shoppers Stop offers a vast variety of historical books that offer a glimpse into the past and all that has happened, nicely penned and explained by some of the brilliant minds that ever existed.

Graphic Novels

Comics and graphic novels have been a major part of our childhood as they are extremely engaging and fun to read! Shoppers Stop offers you the opportunity to live those childhood days and buy some of the best graphic novels by Marvel, DC or the evergreen Archie comics at affordable prices!

Biographies and autobiographies

When it comes to seeking inspiration, what can be better than following the ideas, principles and ways suggested by some of the greatest humans who have walked on the Earth? If you are someone who loves reading about the struggles, life and ideologies of prominent personalities then biographies and autobiographies are perfect for you!

This is just a glimpse of the vast collection that you can explore! So head over to Shoppers Stop and check out the various books you can read to have a fun weekend! Don’t forget to use Shoppers Stop offers available on CashKaro to earn cashback on every order!

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