A device that is still very new to a lot of people, smartwatches are a new-age alternative to traditional watches, as they offer the best of a watch and smartphone right on the wrist. Most smartwatches may feel overwhelming for a first time user, but in reality the best smartwatches are one of the most easy-to-use tech devices for a convenient lifestyle.

They help provide one-touch access to fitness trackers, pop-up messages from the smartphone, and help control music streaming. With a plethora of smartwatches available in the market, choosing the right one can be a bit daunting. This handpicked list of the best smartwatches in India is here to the rescue to help you pick the one which fits your needs.

Best Smartwatches in India with Buying Guide & Reviews

1. Apple Watch Series 6 Smartwatch

best smartwatches
Apple Watch Series 6 Smartwatch

Apple’s Watch Series 6 is a water-resistant smartwatch that protects the device from sweat as well. A latest smartwatch on the block, it sports a sleek built and features a built-in GPS, an optical heart rate sensor, and Bluetooth tethering. An easy to use smartwatch, it can easily be paired with the Apple Watch app for a seamless experience. Boasting an OLED Retina display, it has a battery life of up to 18 hours on a single charge and is compatible with iOS 10 and above.

Source: Trakin Tech

What’s Good:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Scratch-resistant screen
  • Fitness tracker

What’s Bad:

  • The battery life has only marginally improved from the previous editions

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2. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch
Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 sports a stylish new design and a gorgeous 1.3″ full touch colour display. It is an easy-to-use device that boasts a strong polycarbonate case. Light as a feather upon wearing, the smartwatch features a 24×7 heart rate monitor that measures the heart rate every five minutes. It has nine sports modes to cover physical activities such as walking, running, hiking, yoga etc. This smartwatch by Noise allows mobile phone functioning such as calling, texting, and has pop-up social media notifications. A waterproof smartwatch and one of the best smartwatches for android phone, some of its most handy features include complete health tracking and menstrual cycle tracking.

Source: SB Digital

What’s Good:

  • Full touch controls
  • IPS LCD screen
  • 10-day battery life

What’s Bad:

  • None

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3. Noise ColorFit NAV Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit NAV Smartwatch
Noise ColorFit NAV Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit NAV smartwatch is the first of its kind product by Noise to feature a built-in GPS which helps maintain and track outdoor activities such as running, walking, and hiking amongst others with accuracy. It boasts a large 1.4” LCD screen with a resolution of 320×320 pixels. This smartwatch by Noise is compatible with both Android and iOS. It sports a rain-proof and sweat-proof body, and has 10 sports modes to track indoor and outdoor fitness activities whilst keeping a tab on detailed reports.

Source: Gogi Tech

What’s Good:

  • In-built running maps
  • Full-touch interface
  • Waterproof smartwatch

What’s Bad:

  • It allows quick reply only for text messages, not for calls or WhatsApp messages

4. Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch
Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Huami Amazfit GTS smartwatch boasts a 1.65” Amoled screen with high 341 PPI resolution and Corning Gorilla glass. It has a metal body that gives the smartwatch a premium and solid look. Some of the features that this smartwatch has is activity tracking, smart notifications with customized vibrations. It has a 14-day battery life to avoid frequent charging. This smartwatch by Huami has 12 different sports and is equipped with a built-in GPS.

Source: Sharmaji Technical

What’s Good:

  • 14 days of battery life
  • 5 ATM water resistance body
  • 12 sports modes

What’s Bad:

  • It does not have a microphone/speaker so cannot be used for calling

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5. Mi Band 5 Smartwatch

Mi Band 5 Smartwatch
Mi Band 5 Smartwatch

The Mi Smart Band 5 sports a large AMOLED full touch display with 11 professional sports mode to keep you fit. Its personal activity intelligence (PAI) makes it one of the best smartwatches for health freaks, featuring a heart rate tracker, sleep monitor, stress monitor, and sports mode. The weight of the Mi Smart Band 5 is less than 12g and it’s comfortable on the wrist. Apart from letting you read email and text notifications, it also lets you reject and answer calls. Now, isn’t that cool? Yes it is!

Source: Techno Ruhez

What’s Good:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Swim-stroke recognition and water resistance
  • 10 distinct fitness modes

What’s Bad:

  • The glass screen display may get damaged if not used with a screen protector

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6. Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3 has a SpO2 Monitor that automatically detects the oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream, helping you keep a track of your overall health. A trendy smartwatch for women, it boasts a 1.58-inch AMOLED full touch display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels and comes with a 455 mAh battery that lasts for up to 2 weeks on a single charge. An ultra-thin smartwatch, it features Bluetooth calling, music playback, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and fitness monitor amongst other amazing features. 

Source: Fitbit

What’s Good:

  • 50M water resistance
  • 15 goal-based fitness modes
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • 6+ days battery life

What’s Bad:

  • It requires premium Spotify membership for music control options

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7. Fossil Gen 5 Men’s Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Men’s Smartwatch
Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Men’s Smartwatch

Fossil 5th Generation men’s smartwatch is powered with wear OS by Google and works with iPhone and Android smartphones. It has several battery modes that help extend battery life. This trendy smartwatch by Fossil features Google Assistant with an in-built speaker. The 5th-generation improved heart-rate sensor is battery efficient, so you can check your heart rate anytime you’re on the move. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the phone and displays notification pop-ups on the wrist.

Source: Gogi Tech

What’s Good:

  • Extended battery life
  • Swim-proof
  • Built-in GPS

What’s Bad:

  • The smartwatch only sends notifications for messages. One cannot reply via the watch

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8. Samsung Galaxy Active 3 Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Active 3 Smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Active 3 Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Active 3 sports a 45mm customizable screen with AMOLED display. An ideal pick for sports enthusiasts, it has a specific tracking mode for 7 exercises to track your movements so you can just slip it on and get working out. This smartwatch features 50M water resistance and supports Bluetooth tethering. It is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher, it is one of the best android smartwatches that one can buy. What is even better is that it is also compatible with iOS 9.0 or above.

Source: Tech Bar

What’s Good:

  • Precision rotating bezel for App Navigation
  • 2 days battery life
  • 50M water resistance

What’s Bad:

  • The ECG tracker is not yet functional

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9. Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Smartwatch

Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Smartwatch
Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Smartwatch

Fastrack Reflex 3.0 smartwatch boasts a touch-button display and has a battery that lasts up to 10 days in a single charge. It is compatible with iOS 8.0 or above and Android 5.0 or above. This smartwatch helps track activity regimes such as distance, steps and also has a calorie counter. It features mobile messages pop-up on the screen and also alerts on incoming calls. One of the best and most unique features that it has is the camera control which acts as a remote control to take pictures on your phone.

Source: Sharmaji Technical

What’s Good:

  • WhatsApp and SMS display
  • Up to 10 days battery life
  • Water resistant

What’s Bad:

  • It does not have in-built speaker

10. GOQii 4.0 Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch

GOQii 4.0 Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch
GOQii 4.0 Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch

GOQii smartwatch features a blood oxygen monitor that helps monitor your Sp02 levels. It boasts a 1.3” colour display with full touch screen, and tracks all daily activity like steps, distance, calories burned, and active time. The device also works as a 24×7 heart-rate monitor and features auto sleep tracking. A waterproof smartwatch, it has in-built 18 exercise modes  and enables smart notification pop-ups on the screen.

Source: Gizmo Times Hindi

What’s Good:

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Hands-free music player
  • 18 exercise modes

What’s Bad:

  • It does not feature in-built GPS 

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Top 10 Smartwatches in India – Full Comparison with Ratings

Best Smart Watches in IndiaBest Features
Apple Watch Series 6 SmartwatchCalorie Counter
Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch24×7 Heart Rate Monitor
Noise ColorFit NAV SmartwatchIn-Built GPS Fitness Tracker
Huami Amazfit GTS SmartwatchHeart Rate Tracker
Honor Band 5 SmartwatchReal-Time Sleep Monitor
Fitbit Versa 2 SmartwatchBluetooth Calling
Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Men’s SmartwatchGoogle Assistant and Speaker
Samsung Galaxy Active 2 SmartwatchTouch Bazel For Quick Control
Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Uni-Sex SmartwatchCamera Control
GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch18 Exercise Modes
Best Smartwatch in India with Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Smartwatches in India (FAQs)

Which is the best smartwatch in India?

Some of the trendiest and best smartwatches in India are:

  1. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch
  2. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Men’s Smartwatch
  3. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch
  4. Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch
  5. Apple Watch Series 6 Smartwatch

Do smartwatches really work?

Based on several studies, it has been stated that smartwatches and fitness trackers are reliably good at measuring fitness activities. Smartwatches can be used to track the heart-rate,monitor  sleep, and daily steps amongst other trackers that vary for each smartwatch.

Are smartwatches worth it in 2021?

Smartwatches are worth it more than ever and the need does not seem to change in the near future. Due to an increase in its popularity, several brands are now coming up with levelling up the features of their smartwatches to suit the needs of the public.

Are smartwatches safe to wear?

Wearing a smartwatch is not likely to cause harm to your body. However, privacy and security concerns need to be looked after. Smartwatches collect and transmit data via wireless connections. It is best to have optimal security enabled on your smartwatch to prevent harm from any potential threats or robbery.

How is the battery life of a smartwatch?

Smartwatches typically have a good and durable battery life. Most smartwatches last between 5-8 days on a single charge with low usage. In case your usage includes power-hungry features then the battery life can be between 2-3 days. However, this varies for each product.

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