There are some necessities in life that you just cannot go without. One of these is liquid detergent to wash your clothes. It is the easiest way to wash your clothes if you’re putting it in the washing machine. Even otherwise, liquid detergent is a good option since the formulation is ideal to get off dirt and grime.

Here are some brands of Liquid Detergents that are available on Amazon Pantry


Colour blooding and colour fading is a real problem. You don’t want to wash your clothes once only for it to look like you’ve been wearing it for 10 years. Genteel is easy on your clothes and has a conditioning formula that is effective in washing the dirt off. Buy it now using Amazon Pantry Offers from CashKaro and save!

Surf Excel

Surf Excel is a truly tried and tested brand that is reliable. Their liquid detergent has a formula that will dissolve quicker in water and fight the stains off quicker. They have products that are suitable both for machine wash and for if you’re washing it by hand. Buy the one that suits you using Amazon Pantry Promo Codes.

Safewash Liquid Detergent

If you want a product that will go easy on your clothes, then it’s Safewash. Their formula is pH neutral, meaning your clothes won’t be subjected to harsh bases that are usually present in detergents. This will protect the colour and the softness of your clothes. Additionally, Safewash also gives your clothes a pleasant fragrance. Use your Amazon Pantry coupons to buy it now!


This is the Amazon Brand of detergent that will clean your clothes in a jiffy. It is meant to deal with tough stains while leaving your clothes looking and feeling soft. There are products that are used for the machine as well as a bucket wash. Buy the one that best suits your needs using Amazon Pantry coupons.

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