Pizza has become an integral part of our social life and it won’t be wrong to say that it is the ultimate comfort food for most of us! If you are the type of pizza lover who instantly picks up the phone to order these heavenly delicacies, then you should probably make use of these Dominos offers to order one and read on to know which all weird yet fun combinations you can try some time!

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Chicken Tikka Pizza

The entire United Kingdom has gone crazy after this combo for a very long time

now. And it’s slowly expanding its fan base in India as well! We all know that

several pizza places like Dominos, offer a variety of pizzas but we hardly try out

several of those! So the next time you want to try something unique and fun then

do try a chicken tikka pizza to have a yummy experience!

Taco Pizza

Most of us foodies would agree that pizza and tacos are the best snacks for every party and gathering. But what about the actual combo? Well well, if you are interested, then take out some time and try out this unique combination of pizza and tacos which is bound to leave a lasting taste and an unforgettable experience for sure!

Chocolate Pizza

Dominos is synonymous with pizza as they are the ones we call the moment a reunion or movie night is planned! But have you ever thought about the huge variety of pizzas Dominos offers? Well, if you haven’t. Here’s your chance to check out their chocolate pizza which might sound like a bad idea in the beginning but it isn’t that bad for most of the people who wanted their two very favourite things at the same time.

Canned Tuna

If you are a sea-food lover, then this combination might be something you’d like to try! It is very popular in Germany and is locals’ favourite! Paired with other veggies like onion, olives etc, it serves as the ultimate delicacy that you should definitely try when you get the opportunity!

So try out these combinations if you haven’t already and several other pizza combos that Dominos offers, without spending a fortune and add some uniqueness, taste and fun in your life! Don’t forget to make use of Dominos coupons listed on CashKaro to earn cashback and discounts on every purchase!

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