14 Best Sneakers for Men In India

Sneakers are some of the most versatile types of shoes. From walking and jogging to exercising and making bold fashion statements, sneakers are a perfect blend of design and superior comfort. While numerous brands bring forth classy designs, only a few can provide comfort and easy wearability. Check out the best men’s sneakers from popular brands here.

These sneakers are available in various colors, fits, materials, and designs. Though you can never have enough of them, having at least one good pair is a must for every man. Read on as we share our personal favorites with you and maybe find the right pick for yourself here.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Pick the Best Sneakers for Men?

Sneakers are some of the most important fashion accessories for men going to college, office, school, or parties. You should definitely check out a few factors before taking the final plunge. In India, you can get good-quality men’s sneakers ranging from Rs 599 to about Rs 4,000, depending on your need and budget. Here are the factors we took into consideration before making this list.


Design is a big factor when purchasing a new pair of sneakers. The best pair of sneakers should match most of your outfits and still reflect a unique style statement. Most people usually go for a white base with art on top. However, with white sneakers, you need to make sure you maintain them by regularly cleaning and wiping them if you move around in dusty or dirty areas.


Support is an important factor when buying any pair of shoes, irrespective of style. Given you spend several hours in your shoes on a daily basis, the support they offer for your feet is of paramount importance. Pick a pair that offers good support for your heels and ankle, preferably one with a cushioned base. If style is the priority, at least go for the one that offers a slight bit of cushioning and ample room.


Apart from design and support, the fit is an important consideration while picking your next pair of sneakers. If you have wide feet, always go for one that offers ample space at the front. The narrow ones are fine for those with narrower feet. If you feel the size you are wearing is tight, always pick the next size. Sneakers, especially those of the canvas kind, tend to shrink slightly and adjust to your foot shape when you wear and wash them regularly.

The products mentioned below have excellent customer reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 3.5-4/5, so you can invest in them without any worries.

List of Top 14 Sneakers for Men in India

Adidas NEO Pace VS Leather Sneakers

Best Men's Sneakers
Adidas NEO Pace VS Leather Sneakers

Adidas brings you this impressive pair of leather sneakers that are much more durable and versatile. They have a casual appearance and can be worn every day with ease.

Notable Features of the Adidas NEO Pace VS

  • The iconic 3 stripes on these Adidas shoes make them a complete style statement.
  • This pair has a lace-up closure to adjust how loose or tight you want them to be.
  • The outer layer of these sneakers is made of vulcanized rubber which increases durability and elasticity.


  • Iconic brand design
  • Durable outsole makes it a good choice for different terrains
  • Leather-like upper area looks good and stays good for long


  • Size runs large for some
  • Leather-like material could wrinkle

Why We Picked these Sneakers?

Adidas is one of the best brands in the world to buy shoes. The NEO Pace VS is one of the most all-purpose pair of men’s sneakers money can buy. While slightly premium in pricing, this could be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Amazon Brand Symbol Men’s Blue Sneakers

Amazon Brand Symbol Men's Blue Sneakers
Amazon Brand Symbol Men’s Blue Sneakers

Amazon also sells good-quality shoes through its Symbol brand. These canvas shoes offer good comfort and a modern design, all at a great price point.

Notable Features of the Amazon Brand Symbol Men’s Sneakers:

  • One of the best men’s sneakers, Amazon Brand Symbol shoes are made with canvas and have lace-up closure.
  • This pair of round-toe shoes can complement casual outfits and is perfect for mild outdoor sports and activities.
  • The sole is made with rubber and offers comfort, making them the best sneakers for men.


  • Value for money
  • The Colour combination is top-notch
  • The ordered sizes perfectly match


  • Shoe bite is very common

Converse Unisex Sneakers

Converse Unisex Sneakers
Converse Unisex Sneakers

Converse is one of the pioneers of canvas sneakers across the globe. Its sneakers are defining standards in style and comfort.

Notable Features of the Converse Men’s Sneakers:

  • This premium-ranged pair is perfect for outdoor play and sports activities.
  • Made with canvas, these sneakers are best for those looking for low-ankle-length shoes.
  • They are light in weight and comfortable to wear.
  • The pair is designed with a vintage vibe.


  • Classic lace-up closure and rubber sole for ease of wearing and comfort
  • Superb canvas quality that lasts you years


  • Given it’s made of canvas, it requires very frequent cleaning and care
  • Initial shoe bite reported
  • Why We Picked these Sneakers?

The converse is synonymous with sneakers across the world. If you are looking to buy a quintessential pair of sneakers, your search should stop at Converse.

Lotto Men’s Sneakers

Lotto Men's Sneakers
Lotto Men’s Sneakers

Lotto is known for designing sneakers fit for playing sports. The brand keeps the comfort of sportspeople in mind while manufacturing shoes.

Notable Features of the Lotto Men’s Sneakers:

  • These are the best men’s sneakers if you’re looking for comfortable shoes for a daily commute or field job where there is a lot of running involved.
  • The pair has a lace-up design and medium shoe width, making them easily adjustable.
  • One must allow them to air and deodorize regularly and store them in a shoe bag to prevent possible stains.


  • The dark grey and white combination of these sneakers make them a classic piece
  • No lace mechanism makes them super convenient to wear outdoors
  • Lotto products usually last a long time, making them superb value for money


  • Size usually runs slightly large
  • Sole quality is not the best

Why We Picked these Sneakers?

Much like Spark, Lotto also offers value-for-money sneakers with top-notch quality at affordable price points. You also get a wide range of designs and colors to choose from.

Centrino Men’s Sneakers

Centrino Men's Sneakers
Centrino Men’s Sneakers

Centrino sneakers are offered in several colors to complement your casual outfits. These are the most lightweight, comfortable, and the best sneakers under Rs 2,000. You can also check out the best sandals & running shoe brands in India.

Notable Features of the Centrino Men’s Sneakers:

  • The pair has a sturdy sole, and the material is comfortable and breathable
  • Some of the best men’s sneakers for playing mild sports.
  • With a synthetic outer fabric and a lace-up style closure, these shoes are suitable for rough usage.


  • These sneakers have anti-skid soles that help improve the grip
  • They are easy to wear for long hours without discomfort
  • Great quality for the price


  • Usually runs slightly small in size
  • Sole quality is not the best

Why We Picked these Sneakers?

Centrino men’s sneakers are known for their sturdy sole and breathable material, which allows you to wear them for hours at a stretch without tiring out.

Skechers Men’s Bounder Sneakers

Skechers Men's Bounder Sneakers
Skechers Men’s Bounder Sneakers

Skechers is a trusted name when it comes to the world of shoes, especially comfortable sneakers. The Bounders by the brand is no different; you get the cool style accompanied by the comfort of a proper walking pair of shoes.

Notable Features of the Skechers Bounders Men’s Sneakers:

  • These shoes have a sleek, sporty look with athletic flexibility.
  • The synthetic sole and flat knit mesh fabric with synthetic exterior make these the best sneakers for soft training activities.
  • These sneakers have a slip-on bungee-laced design making them easy to wear.


  • Choose Skechers for good ventilation, comfort, and a fashionable look
  • Comes with a heel overlay panel, a pull-on instep tab padded collar, and a soft fabric shoe lining
  • Has air-cooled memory foam cushioned inner sole
  • Superbly lightweight product


  • Size runs larger than usual

Why We Picked these Sneakers?

Skechers is a premium shoe brand known for making shoes that are ultra-comfortable. While premium in pricing, Skechers offers shoes that feel super lightweight and comfortable.

Sparx Men’s Sneakers

Sparx Men's Sneakers
Sparx Men’s Sneakers

One of the best men’s sneakers out there, this pair is designed keeping in mind the trends that the new generation likes and follows. These Sparx sneakers are sturdy, stylish, and exude confidence.

Notable Features of the Sparx Men’s Sneakers:

  • Sparx Men’s Sneakers are made of high-quality material.
  • The upper exterior is PVC, and the sole is made of PVC injection.
  • These sneakers have a lace-up and striped design.


  • These sneakers are designed to last long while providing comfortable wearability
  • They are ideal for those who hustle hard each day due to their good durability
  • Available in a wide variety of color options


  • The material can attract dust frequently
  • Size might run larger than usual

Why We Picked these Sneakers?

Sparx makes some of the most value-for-money shoes in the Indian market. Their sneakers offer top-notch value at an affordable price point, making them accessible across user bases.

Fila Men’s Pergo Sneakers

Fila Men's Pergo Sneakers
Fila Men’s Pergo Sneakers

Fila’s Pergo Sneakers are the best sneakers for men who prefer no-fuss with laces. These slip-on sneakers are best for running, aerobics, and other physical activities.

Notable Features of the Fila Pergo Men’s Sneakers:

  • The pair has a classy appearance, thanks to its unique color scheme.
  • With these shoes, you will experience comfort and ease, thanks to their soft footbed.


  • Great fit for most
  • Contemporary design language
  • Build quality is great for the price


  • Sole quality might not be the best

Woodland Men’s Sneaker

Woodland Men's Sneaker
Woodland Men’s Sneaker

Woodland shoes are designed for stability and durability. They are suitable for outdoor as well as casual usage and have a young vibe.

Notable Features of the Woodland Men’s Sneakers:

  • The pair is available in elegant colors and a round-toe style with lace-up closure.
  • We love this variant because of its comfortable cushioned footbed and patterned sole.
  • These high-quality shoes will go well with semi-formal attire and holiday attire.


  • Several color options to choose from
  • The groovy outsole offers excellent traction to the heel
  • The suede finish gives the pair a premium look


  • Stitching might be an issue for some users

Reebok Men’s Royal Rally Sneakers

Reebok Men's Royal Rally Sneakers
Reebok Men’s Royal Rally Sneakers

Reebok shoes are popular among people owing to their classic designs and high-grade build. We particularly love their Royal Rally LP Sneakers. The brand also manufactures sports-inspired apparel, including t-shirts, shorts, jackets, tracksuits, etc.

Notable Features of the Reebok Men’s Sneakers:

  • The sneakers have a faux leather sole that feels comfortable while walking.
  • Their synthetic leather outer provides it with the much-needed classy look
  • Ample breathing space for the foot


  • Pair this footwear with casual outfits and nail your look
  • The synthetic leather look adds a premium feel
  • A round toe design helps with a comfortable fit for most feet sizes


  • The product might not be too durable

Bacca Bucci Men’s Sneakers

Bacca Bucci Men's Sneakers
Bacca Bucci Men’s Sneakers

Bacca Bucci is an affordable brand that manufactures subtle and elegant footwear for men and women. It aims to make fashion available to all and has a range of sneakers that are made with high-quality material.

Notable Features of the Bacca Bucci Men’s Sneakers:

  • If you’re looking for a pair of rugged-looking men’s sneakers, go for Bacca Bucci White Men’s Sneakers.
  • They have a street-inspired design and a comfortable fit.


  • These sneakers have anti-collision and shock-proof cushioning to protect your feet
  • You get an anti-slip outsole made with EVA and rubber that adds to the overall protection
  • The material is very breathable


  • The color scheme might not please everyone’s eyes.

US Polo Association Men Clarkin Sneakers

US Polo Association Men Clarkin Sneakers
US Polo Association Men Clarkin Sneakers

USPA is the official brand of the Polo Association of the United States. It is popular for its collection of apparel and accessories like footwear.

Notable Features of the USPA Men’s Sneakers:

  • If you’re looking for an elegant pair of shoes for yourself, pick USPA’s Men Clarkin Sneakers.
  • USPA’s iconic multi-colored tapes and lace-up design adds to its classy look.


  • They are made with a synthetic upper and a groovy outsole that ensures stability
  • Trendy design
  • Iconic brand


  • Tough to maintain and clean regularly

Nike Men’s VTR Sneakers

Nike Men's VTR Sneakers
Nike Men’s VTR Sneakers

Nike is a popular sneaker brand that has a loyal customer base across the globe. It is known for manufacturing durable and comfortable shoes for men and women.

Notable Features of the Nike Men’s Sneakers:

  • We recommend you try Nike Men’s VTR Sneakers that have a synthetic sole with a lace closure.
  • These sneakers are ultra-light in weight and have an athletic design.
  • The pair comes in a lovely black color with a Nike logo.


  • Perfect fit for most customers
  • Superb support for your heel
  • The outer material requires minimal maintenance


  • The sole is slippery on tiled/marble surfaces

Red Tape Men’s Sneakers

Red Tape Men's Sneakers
Red Tape Men’s Sneakers

Red Tape is an Indian footwear brand that designs stylish and trendy shoes. It also has a line of apparel and clothing for men, women, and kids, along with a range of accessories, including bags, belts, wallets, and socks.

Notable Features of the Red Tape Men’s Sneakers:

  • We particularly love its RTE 309 Sneakers which are available in a clean white color and are ankle-high.
  • The pair has a synthetic upper and a cushioned footbed to maximize comfort.
  • Team these durable sneakers with your casual attire or trekking outfits to make the most out of this pair.


  • Great high-ankle design for youth
  • Rubber sole helps in a great grip
  • Synthetic leather provides a premium look


  • The shoes are quite bulky

Final Word

Sneakers are available in several fits, designs, and price points. While Adidas and Skechers are our top picks for this category, being the most premium and durable options on the list, we have listed the ones we feel are the best across these categories, and the ones with the best reviews online. Do go through our curated list and make an informed buying decision.


Which is the best brand for sneakers?

Adidas, Amazon Brand Symbol, Lotto, Converse, and Woodland are the best brands for sneakers. However, you can pick anyone as per your choice from the options we have listed here.

What is the most popular sneaker brand in the world?

Nike is the most popular sneaker brand in the world. It has been developing cutting-edge technologies that make its footwear comfortable and lightweight to wear.

What is the difference between sneakers and walking shoes?

Sneakers are often referred to as running shoes and are more suitable for rugged use than walking shoes. Both these footwear variants differ in a lot of aspects, including sole, heel, motion, and weight. While sneakers have a stiff sole with more cushioning support and are light in weight, walking shoes are much more flexible and heavier than running shoes.

Why You Should Trust CashKaro Reviews?

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