Best Men's Sneakers
Men's Sneakers (Image Credits - Alones)

Sneakers are some of the most versatile types of shoes out there. From walking and jogging to exercising and making bold fashion statements, sneakers are a perfect blend of design and superior comfort. While numerous brands bring forth classy designs, only a few can provide comfort and easy wearability. Check out the best men’s sneakers brought to you by popular brands here.

These sneakers are available in a range of colours, fits, material, and designs. Though you can never have enough pairs of sneakers, having at least one good pair is a must for every man. Read on as we share our personal favourites with you and maybe find the right pick for yourself here.

7 Best Sneakers for Men

1. Adidas NEO Pace VS Leather Sneakers

Best Men's Sneakers
Adidas NEO Pace VS Leather Sneakers

Adidas brings you this impressive pair of leather sneakers that are much more durable and versatile. They have a casual appearance and can be worn every day with ease. The iconic 3 stripes on these Adidas shoes makes them a complete style statement. This pair has a lace-up closure to adjust how loose or tight you want them to be.

The outer layer of these sneakers is made of vulcanised rubber which increases durability and elasticity, making them last longer.

2. Sparx Men’s Sneakers

Sparx Men's Sneakers
Sparx Men’s Sneakers

Sparx Men’s Sneakers are made of high-quality material. The upper exterior is PVC, and the sole is made of PVC injection. These sneakers have a lace-up design and striped design that makes them an attractive piece. One of the best men’s sneakers out there, this pair is designed keeping in mind the trends that the new generation likes and follows. These Sparx sneakers are sturdy, stylish, and exude confidence.

These sneakers are designed to last longer while providing comfortable wearability, and are ideal for those who hustle hard each day.

3. Converse Unisex Sneakers

Converse Unisex Sneakers
Converse Unisex Sneakers

One of the best white sneakers for men, this premium-ranged pair is perfect for outdoor play and sports activities. Made with canvas, these sneakers are best for those looking for low-ankle length shoes. They are light in weight and comfortable to wear. Designed with a vintage vibe, this pair has a classic lace-up closure and rubber sole that ensure ease of wearing and comfort.

4. Lotto Men’s Sneakers

Lotto Men's Sneakers
Lotto Men’s Sneakers

Lotto is known for designing sneakers fit for playing sports. The brand keeps the comfort of sportsperson in mind while manufacturing shoes. While this brand is not limited to sports enthusiasts, these are the best men’s sneakers if you’re looking for comfortable shoes for a daily commute or field job where there is a lot of running involved. The pair has a lace-up design and medium shoe width, making them easily adjustable. To maintain the high quality of this pair, one must allow them to air and deodorise regularly and store them in a shoe bag to prevent possible stains.

The dark grey and white combination of these sneakers make them an ultimate classic piece.

5. Centrino Men’s Sneakers

Centrino Men's Sneakers
Centrino Men’s Sneakers

Centrino Sneakers are a beautiful pair of tan coloured shoes to complement your casual outfits. These are the most lightweight, comfortable, and the best sneakers under 2000. The pair has a sturdy sole, and the material is comfortable and breathable, making them the best men’s sneakers for playing mild sports. With a synthetic outer fabric and a lace-up style closure, these shoes are suitable for rough usage.

These sneakers have anti-skid soles that help improve the grip and make them easy to wear for long hours without discomfort.

6. Skechers Men’s Bounder Sneakers

Skechers Men's Bounder Sneakers
Skechers Men’s Bounder Sneakers

Men’s Bounder Sneakers by Skechers have a sleek, sporty look with athletic flexibility. The synthetic sole and flat knit mesh fabric with synthetic exterior make these the best sneakers for soft training activities. These sneakers have a slip-on bungee laced design making them easy to wear. Choose Skechers for good ventilation, comfort, and an ultimate fashionable look.

These sneakers have a heel overlay panel, a pull-on instep tab padded collar & a soft fabric shoe lining with air-cooled memory foam cushioned inner sole.

7. Amazon Brand Symbol Men’s Blue Sneakers

Amazon Brand Symbol Men's Blue Sneakers
Amazon Brand Symbol Men’s Blue Sneakers

The best men’s sneakers in the market, Amazon Brand Symbol shoes are made with canvas and have lace-up closure. This pair of round-toe shoes can complement casual outfits and is perfect for mild outdoor sports and activities. The sole is made with rubber and offers comfort, making them the best sneakers for men.

8. Fila Men’s Pergo Sneakers

Fila Men's Pergo Sneakers
Fila Men’s Pergo Sneakers

Fila’s Pergo Sneakers are the best sneakers for men who prefer no-fuss with laces. These slip-on sneakers are best for running, aerobics, and other physical activities. The pair has a classy appearance, thanks to its unique colour scheme. With these shoes, you will experience comfort and ease, thanks to their soft footbed.

Best Men’s Sneakers Right Now – Prices Compared

Best Men’s SneakersPrice*
Adidas NEO Pace VS Leather SneakersStarting from Rs 1,405
Sparx Men’s SneakersUp to Rs 999
Converse Unisex SneakersStarting from Rs 1,632
Lotto Men’s SneakersUp to Rs 999
Centrino Men’s SneakersStarting from Rs 688
Skechers Men’s Bounder SneakersUp to Rs 3,739
Amazon Brand Symbol Men’s Blue SneakersRs 949
Fila Men’s Pergo SneakersUp to Rs 2,699
Best Men’s Sneakers

**Prices are subject to change.

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