What To Order From Pizza Hut Apart From A Pizza

Sounds weird right? But guess what – you can still have amazing food from Pizza Hut even if you don’t feel like having a pizza!

Yep! Pizza Hut sides menu is an entire meal menu on its own! From cheesy pastas to perfectly baked chicken wings, there is everything that can fill your tummies if you are not in the mood to eat a whole pizza. They also have yummy desserts and beverages to complete the meal.

Explore their amazing choice of delicious sides to have a quick meal or choose one to simply complement your pizzas! You can save up to 40% on your order with their super saver offers. Also get CashKaro cashbacks on ordering your meal using our exclusive Pizza Hut coupons.

Checkout your options other than pizzas on the Pizza Hut menu:


  1. Garlic bread – Try out the Cheese Garlic Bread with 100% mozzarella cheese or their Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme with veggie toppings. You get 4 pieces per serving, good enough for a light snack
  2. Breadsticks – Pick freshly baked buttery garlic bread sticks, or the same topped with creamy cheese sauce and thank us later!
  3. Pastas – Their pastas are packed with cheese are served in filling helpings. The options available include Spanish Tomato Veg Pasta with veggies in creamy tangy tomato sauce, and Spanish Tomato Non-Veg Pasta topped with chicken sausage, black olives and creamy mayo! Mouth waters at the sound of it, doesn’t it?
  4. Chicken wings – Get 6 pieces of spicy, tender chicken wings as a side and we bet it’s going to be a regular in your orders thereafter.
  5. Stuffed pockets – Another light snack. Don’t forget to check out these freshly baked pockets abundantly stuffed with fillings, which come in two options: Tandoori Pocket Paneer and Stuffed Non-Veg Pocket.

Remember, these delicious sides come with their share of Pizza Hut offers as well!


Well, you are never asking for another dessert after you taste this one. So Pizza Hut has just one winner of an option for you. And that is… the Choco Volcano Cake!! Get this chocolatey delight with a gooey volcano centre filled with chocolate syrup!


What goes down better with your pizza like some chilled soft drinks? Choose your pick from a list of popular soft drinks available in customisable quantities.

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