12 Best Butter Brands in India for a Scrumptious Meal

Butter is a traditional dairy product manufactured from cow or buffalo milk and is a popular product especially in the Indian market.  It has a rich flavour and is frequently used in cooking as well as in the form of spreads on bread and otherwise. It is made using milk fat that has been isolated from bovine milk. Usually, butter is made by processing milk or cream to extract fat particles from the buttermilk.

Converting butter from milk requires the removal of the water and milk particles. Because of its rich aroma and greater taste, butter is ideal for cooking as well as can be used as a spread. It has a traditional connection with food items in India. It is universally regarded as healthful if used as a balanced diet. Here are some of the best Butter brands available in India offering the best quality products.

List of the Best Butter Brands in India

1. Amul


Amul is an Indian milk and dairy product brand founded in Gujarat. It is the brand of Anand Milk Union Limited, India’s largest dairy cooperative. Tribhuvan Das Patel launched the firm in 1946, and it has since become one of India’s leading milk and milk product brands.

In India, Amul is synonymous with butter. For the last six decades, several generations of Indian customers have grown up with the flavour of Amul Butter. Amul Butter’s totally utterly delicious flavour is a necessity on practically every Indian household’s morning table. Since 1950, Amul Butter Girl has been a favourite of Indian consumers. Amul Butter topical is regarded as one of the world’s longest-running advertising campaigns.

2. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy
Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is an Indian milk and dairy products brand that was established in 1974. It is a section of the National Dairy Development Board, which is part of the Indian government’s Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying. Mother Dairy produces, distributes, and markets milk and dairy products such as milk, butter, paneer, ice cream, and more.

Mother Dairy Butter is tasty, creamy, and easy to spread. It contains just the right amount of salt, which everyone enjoys. It has a creamy texture and is so simple to disseminate. Mother Dairy Butter is made under completely hygienic settings with Mother Dairy’s healthy milk.

3. Britannia


Britannia is one of India’s leading processed food firms. It was established in 1892 and is led by the Wadia Group. The company makes high-quality cakes, bread, and biscuits that are distributed throughout the country. Britannia India makes some of India’s favourite dairy goods such as cheese spread, cheese slices, milkshakes, and more, with the goal of producing fresh and healthy products.

Cow’s milk is used to make Britannia butter. It’s a thick, creamy butter with just the right amount of flavour and salt. Britannia Butter has a bright yellow colour and excellent spreadability while having no added colour. When chilled, it remains solid and melts at room temperature. 

4. Verka


Verka is an Indian dairy firm that was founded in 1983. Punjab State Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited operates it as a division. Verka’s headquarters are in Chandigarh, a Union Territory of India. The brand offers good quality milk, butter, lassi, ghee, dahi, and other dairy products. 

Verka butter is a delectable bread spread that is a staple in every Indian family and a well-known flavour enhancer for a variety of foods. This smooth, creamy butter from Verka may be used in Indian meals, gravies, and baked goods.

5. Gowardhan

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Gowardhan is a dairy product brand offered by Parag Milk Foods. Devendra Shah established the firm in 1992. It produces, distributes, and sells milk products. According to Forbes India, it is India’s second-largest cheese manufacturer. Go, Topp Up, Pride of Cows, and more brands are available from Parag Milk Foods.

Gowardhan pasteurised unsalted butter is prepared from pure cow’s milk and is manufactured from clean and nutritious cream. It has no preservatives or artificial flavours.

6. Patanjali


Patanjali Ayurved Limited, an Indian consumer packaged goods corporation, was founded by Swami Ramdev and Balkrishna Acharya. It is now one of India’s leading Ayurvedic product firms, offering a diverse range of cosmetics, food, and Ayurvedic medicines.

Patanjali butter is created from cow milk and consists of butterfat enclosing microscopic droplets mostly composed of water and milk proteins. It is very nutritious, flavorful, and free of oxidation. This collection contains 100 percent pure cow milk cream that is used as a spread.

7. Nandini


Nandini is the Karnataka Milk Federation’s Cooperative milk and dairy products brand. With more than 280 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), the brand serves more than 86 milk products. Nandini primarily markets butter, liquid milk, curd, cheese, ghee, and other value-added items. 

Nandini unsalted butter is in its purest form. As a result, the shelf life of unsalted butter is less than that of salted butter. Unsalted butter has a more noticeable soft sweetness than salted butter in terms of taste.

8. Kwality


Kwality Ltd is a New Delhi-based Indian dairy products firm that was started in 1992. Butter, milk ghee, dahi, cheese, and other dairy products are produced by the company. Kwality is a public limited company that is traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange. With its creative and high-quality dairy products, it has become one of the fastest-growing private dairy enterprises. 

Kwality offers Pasteurized Table Butter and White Salted Butter. Kwality Ltd. has created a new product. White salted butter is created from pure cream generated from 100 percent cow’s milk. There are no preservatives or flavours added in it.

9. President


President is a dairy products brand from the house of Lactalis of Laval, Mayenne. André Besnier founded the company in 1933. The brand offers a variety of butter as well as a range of traditional cheese. The brand is available in India offering good quality butter, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella. President offers premium quality internationally acclaimed butter.

10. Omfed


Omfed is an Orissa based Indian milk products brand that was created on the same model as other milk co-operatives in India. Omfed is also a Milk Federation associated with the National Dairy Development Board. The brand offers various milk products.

11. Milma


Milma is a Kerala based Indian milk and dairy products brand. It is another well-known dairy cooperative in India, selling dairy products in practically every district of the southern state. Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation is one of Kerala State’s most successful milk cooperatives.

12. Aavin


Aavin is a Tamil Nadu based Indian milk union, which manufactures a variety of milk products including butter, yoghurt, coffee, ghee, and chocolate. Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Limited is a prominent milk producer and Distributor in Tamil Nadu State.

Best Butter Brands in India – Price List

Butter BrandsPrice*
AmulStarts at Rs 48
Mother DairyStarts at Rs 225
BritanniaStarts at Rs 261
VerkaStarts at Rs 235
GowardhanStarts at Rs 238
PatanjaliStarts at Rs 48
NandiniStarts at Rs 198
KwalityStarts at Rs 225
PresidentStarts at Rs 247
OmfedStarts at Rs 240
MilmaStarts at Rs 47
AavinStarts at Rs 52
*Prices are according to packs and subject to change.


What brands of butter are real butter?

There are various brands offering best quality real butter such as Amul, Mother Dairy, and more.

What is the highest quality butter?

Butter made from cow milk is the highest quality butter, although some brands offer high quality buffalo milk butter as well.

What is the healthiest brand of real butter?

Butter offered by above mentioned brands are ISO and FSSAI certified and are healthy to consume.

Who makes the best butter in the world?

India has one of the highest quality butter brands in the world. European countries like Denmark and Finland also have good options to choose from.

Which is the best selling butter brand?

According to various media and statistical reports, Amul is the best selling butter brand.

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