11 Best Bread Brands in India for a Wholesome Breakfast

From morning teas to lavish dinners, bread is a staple in India. Some people like to toast them for their pasta, while some enjoy plain toast with peanut butter as an energy snack. Over the last few years, many brands have shifted to making healthier bread as the Indian population has become more health-conscious. If you’re curious to try out different brand bread, here is a list of the best bread companies in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Bread Brands for You?

Bread is common on the Indian dining table for how versatile they are and served for the perfect breakfast when in a hurry. In India, you can buy good quality bread ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 350 or more. Here are some basic factors that we considered before choosing the best bread brands for you.


We have added bread that is made with healthy ingredients such as whole wheat, soy, barley, maize, oats, and all-purpose flour. Choosing wheat-based bread can be great for people who are health conscious.

Taste & Freshness

Bread should be fresh before anything else. Here, we have added brands that make fresh bread every day that can last for upto 3-5 days.

List of the 11 Best Bread Companies in India

Britannia Bread

Britannia Bread

Britannia is one of the largest bread manufacturers in India. It was founded in the year 1892 and is headed by the Wadia Group. The brand produces great quality cakes, bread, and biscuits that are supplied in almost every part of the country. The company generated revenue of a whopping Rs 11,878.95 crores in the year 2020.

Prominent Features of the Britannia Atta Bread:

  • Baked using whole grain fibre to make this bread rich in health and taste
  • It is loaded with Vitamin B
  • Has a super soft texture and sweet taste, which makes it one of the best bread options
  • Comes in multigrain and maida variants as well


  • Fluffy bread
  • Great nutritional profile
  • Filled with multivitamins


  • Some people might not like the taste

Why we pick the Britannia Atta Bread?

This Atta Bread by Britannia is made with 51% wheat flour and multiple vitamins that are essential for your health. The bread has a soft and fluffy texture and a little sweetness to it. If you don’t like wheat bread, you can also try its multigrain or milk bread.

Harvest Gold

Harvest Bread

Harvest Gold is an Indian food company that is very prominent in the north Indian region. It was founded in 1993 and is owned by Grupo Bimbo from Mexico. The brand makes bread and related products in India, which are loved by millions here. With headquarters in Delhi, Harvest dominates the Indian bread market and continues to grow its customer base every day.

Prominent Features of the Harvest Gold Bread:

  • Made with wheat and yeast to give it a nice and fluffy texture
  • Has some sugar to make it sweeter and richer
  • The bread is soft and quickly melts in your mouth
  • It can be used to eat as toast, sandwiches, etc
  • Weighs 450 grams


  • Sweet and pleasant taste
  • Has an appetizing fragrance
  • Lasts for a few days

Why We Picked the Harvest Gold Bread?

This white bread by Harvest is made with wheat, yeast, and sugar to give it a soft texture. Their bread is super light and fluffy, making it very pleasant to eat. You can use it to make your favorite sandwiches at home.


Kanha Bread

Kanha is a massive FMCG company in India that majorly earns off its sweets and catering business. The company has several restaurant chains and sweet shops spread across the country. It was launched in 2008 and has its headquarters in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Over the last few years, Kanha has ventured into baked goods, which has worked quite well for them.

Prominent Features of the Kanha White Bread:

  • Made with a blend of wheat flour and soy flour
  • Has yeast and sugar to add to the sweetness and fluffy texture
  • The pack weighs 175 grams


  • Great taste and fragrance
  • Comes in multiple size variants


  • It might not be easily available everywhere

Why We Picked the Kanha White Bread?

Its white bread is made with wheat, grain, and soy flour, making it a healthier snacking option. You can easily toast, grill, or fry the bread as per your needs. The bread is very soft and has a natural sweetness to them. You can also try Kanha’s brown bread and cakes. Looking for nutritious Cereals? here is our list of must-try cereal brands in India. Do have a look, and if you find it helpful, then don’t forget to share your top pick with us.


Modern Bread

Modern Food Industries was launched in the year 1965 and was owned by the Indian government. The brand was handed over to Hindustan Unilever in the year 2000 and has spread across the Indian market today. With headquarters in Gurgaon, the brand supplies food products to various parts of the country and has gathered a solid clientele.

Prominent Features of the Modern Hi Fibre Bread:

  • Healthy bread made with a blend of wheat fibre, oat fibre, and wheat bran
  • Contains sugar and yeast that makes the bread sweet and fluffy
  • Filled with fibre which is a great addition to your diet
  • Comes in 200-gram and 400-gram packs


  • Rich in fibre
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Has no artificial colour


  • It might not be easy to find in stores

Why We Picked the Modern Hi Fibre Bread?

This white bread by Modern Foods is super high in fiber which helps you manage your health in a better way. It’s made with wheat fiber, oat fibre, and wheat bran which are very beneficial for your health. With this bread, you get not only good taste but also great health benefits. You can also try Modern’s brown bread, pizza bread, cakes, and rusks.


Amul Bread

Founded in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel, Amul is one of the largest FMCG companies in India. The brand is known to produce high-quality dairy products and baked goods that entire India lives by. The brand has its headquarters in Anand, Gujarat and generated a revenue of Rs 38,600 Crores in the year 2020.

Prominent Features of the Amul Bread:

  • Baked using an all-purpose flour that makes the bread super tasty
  • Has added sugar to give it a subtle and pleasant sweetness
  • The bread is fresh, fluffy, and smells great
  • It can be used to make sandwiches or eat plain


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Has a pleasant taste

Why We Picked the Amul Bread?

Amul’s Sandwich Bread is made with all-purpose flour, yeast, and sugar. The bread is made in very hygienic conditions, which ensures that you only consume the best. You can quickly toast it or make your favourite sandwiches as well.


Fresho Bread

Fresho is a leading food brand owned by Big Basket that majorly sells fresh fruits and vegetables. The brand is set to open multiple outlets across the country by 2023 and already has a booming online business.

Prominent Features of the Fresho Whole Wheat Bread:

  • Made with wheat flour, milk, and soya flour that makes it rich and tasty
  • The bread is freshly baked and has a natural sweetness to them
  • The soft and fluffy texture makes them a delight to eat
  • The perfect bread for health-conscious people
  • Weighs 400 grams


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Good choice for everyday meals


Kalory Bread

Kalory is a bread brand run by Metro Bread which is one of the leading food companies in India. It was founded in the year 1993 and has garnered a solid customer base with its exceptional quality products. You can find top-notch dry cakes, bread, rusks, and cookies under this brand which deliver great taste and amazing quality.

Prominent Features of the Kalory Maska Bun:

  • This maska bun by Kalory is perfect to kickstart your mornings and make them delightful
  • The soft, thick, and fluffy bun is made with maida and sugar
  • All you need is a dollop of butter on top and a cup of tea on the side to complete your tea time
  • Has a light brown crust and soft white bun inside that’s a delight to eat
  • Comes in a pack of 2


  • Fresh and soft texture
  • Tutty fruity adds a subtle sweetness to the bun


  • It might not be easily available online

English Oven

English Oven
English Oven Bread

Owned by Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd., English Oven is one of the largest premium bread producers in the North Indian region today. The brand was founded by Rajni Bector as a home bakery in Punjab and later developed into a massive business. English Oven produces more than 1,20,000 bread loaves per day and has a massive demand in the country.

Prominent Features of the English Oven SUB Bread:

  • The SUB Multigrain by English Oven is one of the best bread by the brand
  • It is made with a blend of various grains that are super healthy for you
  • Its texture is lightweight and soft, unlike multigrain bread from other brands
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Weighs 200 grams


  • Healthy bread for everyday meals
  • Soft and fluffy texture
  • Loaded with 5 nutritional grains


Bonn Bread
Bonn Bread

Bonn Bread supplies some of the best bakery products in India. It also owns several other brands, such as S.S. Food Industries, Choice Agro Private Ltd., and Prime Packaging. The company has emerged to be one of the most successful bakery brands in Punjab.

Prominent Features of the Bonn Frooty Bread:

  • This Frooty Bread by Bonn will make your kids enjoy every bite of it
  • The delectable blend of fruits with flour gives them a nice sweet taste that is very pleasant to eat
  • It has a soft and fluffy texture that adds to its taste even more
  • You can also buy multigrain, brown, and wholewheat bread from this brand


  • Has a subtle sweetness
  • Very fluffy texture
  • Good quality and affordable bread


  • It might not be available in every part of the country


Theobroma Bread

Founded in 2004, Theobroma is one of the finest bread brands in India. It supplies brownies, cakes, chocolates, and bread that are to die for. The brand’s state-of-the-art innovations are appreciated across the country. You can simply order your bread online and buy them from stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Prominent Features of the Theobroma Wheat Burger:

  • These wheat burger buns are perfect for eating with your favorite meat patties
  • They are made with wheat and contain no eggs so that everyone can enjoy them
  • All you need to do is toast them in butter to enhance their taste even more
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Weighs 175 grams


  • Fresh and well-baked buns
  • Has great taste


  • Limited availability

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the most trusted ghee brands in India. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful.

The Health Factory

The Health Factory
The Health Factory Bread

As the name suggests, The Health Factory is no less than a haven for health-conscious people. The brand makes top-quality baked products while ensuring that it’s high in protein and fibre. With several healthy products under its label, the brand has emerged to be one of the fastest developing in India. You can snack on its high-protein bread and cookies that as tasty and healthy.

Prominent Features of The Health Factory Multi-Lite Protein Bread:

  • This Multi-Lite Protein Bread is perfect for people who like light yet high-protein foods
  • It’s a vegan bread made with wheat flour and pea protein isolate
  • Gives you around 20 grams of pure protein
  • Each pack weighs 250 grams


  • High in protein
  • Vegan bread
  • Has a shelf life of 4 days


  • Dense on carbs

Final Word

Bread is a staple in Indian breakfasts for its versatility and taste. In this article, we have listed some of the best bread brands in India that offer great taste, texture, and longevity. While we really enjoy having bread from Amul, Britannia, and Kanha, let us know which brands you prefer the most.


What are the best bread companies in India?

Brands such as Britannia, Harvest, Kanha, Amul, and English Oven produce some of the best bread in the country.

Which breads are healthier?

Maida-free bread which is made with grains and whole wheat is much healthier than other breeds. Additionally, those devoid of preservatives should be preferred.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of qualified researchers who study and try several products to understand what makes them better than the rest. For the bread blog, we considered factors such as freshness, taste, and texture to create a reliable list for you. Our goal is to offer you the best suggestions so you will never find a shady product here.

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